Hakar Mahmoud Suggests 5 Skills Every Personal Trainer Should Possess

Why do you think people spend thousands every year on personal trainers? It’s because they know how to keep their clients fit by judging their body structure and making actionable changes to their lifestyle choices. In addition to the knowledge of fitness and nutrition, personal trainers also motivate their clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

But these are not the only skills that a personal trainer should possess. Hakar Mahmoud, a Swedish fitness influencer, believes that personal trainers should have five essential skills. These skills show elements of leadership, credibility, commitment, and passion.

Hakar has had the experience of working with various Hollywood actors, helping them get and stay fit for their roles. According to him, all personal trainers should have the following qualities: 

1. Empathy and emotional intelligence

Emotional empathy is crucial to handle various types of clients. It is a quality that puts you in your client’s shoes. You will develop a sense of why your client is feeling frustrated, disappointed, or unmotivated. Just because working out is easy for you doesn’t mean your clients will feel the same way. That’s the time you need to use your empathy to deal with your client’s issues. Turn their negative thoughts into positive opportunities so that they can achieve their fitness goals.

2. Leadership skills

Changing your diet and then going to the gym to work out is a daunting task for many. But a personal trainer with good leadership skills should be able to motivate the client to follow his instructions. It’s his duty to show what the client can achieve if he can meet his fitness goals. 

Managing different clients isn’t easy. No two clients are exactly the same. But just like a football team with multiple players, the captain must be able to lead all of them toward the same goal. If you can motivate them, they would feel eager to win.

3. Marketing skills

Knowledge of fitness and nutrition isn’t enough if you don’t have enough clients. If you want to become a full-time personal trainer, you should learn how to promote your fitness programs. Hakar, for one, not only knows about fitness and nutrition but also has experience in digital marketing. He used social media marketing strategies to develop a vast client base, which helped him become successful by sharing positive feedback about his fitness programs.

4. Energy and commitment

It doesn’t matter whether you deal with one client a day or ten. You must look energetic and enthusiastic. Remember, if you don’t feel good, your client may not want to work out also. You may also encounter struggling clients who need more cooperation than others. Negative body energy rubs off quickly on clients. Don’t let that happen if you want to become a successful personal trainer.

5. Patience

Again, not every client is the same. Hakar suggests that you remain patient with everyone in the beginning. This should give you enough time to figure out who needs more motivation. You can accordingly show patience to those clients because the others would be cooperative enough to follow your instructions.

It takes years to become a successful personal trainer. But if you develop these skills as Hakar Mahmoud mentioned, you can have the edge over your competitors.

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