Hemper: Re-shaping the way we think about online headshops

Within the last decade, new industries have seen the type of blockbuster success that Cannabis and CBD have experienced. Catalyzed by decriminalization, state-level legalization and exponential consumer demand, the legal cannabis and CBD market has been a literal gold mine.

All of which has translated into something never before seen for consumers: an equally impressive level of accessibility, affordability, and product selection.

As with any rapidly evolving industry, the status quo and old ways of doing things often quickly become inadequate for meeting the changing demands and needs of the market. With the anticipation of nationwide legalization on everyone’s minds and projections for the legalized marijuana market expected to reach a cool $146+ billion in the US alone, companies need to evolve fast in order to keep pace.

One such company that has stepped up to the plate is Hemper. Not long ago this “budding” (pun intended) company was nothing more than a literal pipedream created by a few passionate friends who saw an evolving need and worked passionately to fill that gap for smokers.

From Humble Beginnings to Blazing their Own Trail

Not many years ago, college was coming to an end for Bryan Gerber, an avid smoker and purveyor of all things ganja. Yet finding local product and accessories was a chore, especially finding high-quality rolling papers. As a way to make sure he never ran out, Bryan turned to ordering directly online. Soon after more and more friends asked if they could buy a pack off of him for their own personal use.

At this time, you couldn’t find a local headshop or store that sold decent rolling papers within a 10 block radius, making easy access a popular notion among his peers. Bryan began selling packs of the papers for a nominal fee of $5 each. Before long, word had spread and he was the “go to” on campus for papers.

It was around this time when more than just his joint lit up, so did the lightbulb in his mind, sparking the idea that would transform his life forever, leading him on a fulfilling and impressive career path he had never anticipated.

He had demand, local availability of product was virtually non-existent, and the “big box” online and local retailers generally prohibited these types of products anyway.

Out of this, Hemper was born. Founded by Bryan Gerber along with co-founders Henry Kochnar, and Ravjot Bhasin (RJ), what started out as a small home-based business quickly exploded into a household name among smokers worldwide. Inspired by a vision to make available affordable, high-quality and unique smoking accessories and subscription boxes the company took a bold stance and approach that has paid off in dividends for them and their subscribers.

Melding Innovation with Quality and Selection

Blazing their own path, Hemper sought out early on to break the mold and do things a bit differently, bringing to market something never before done (or done well at least), subscription-based smoking boxes full of all the goodies a smoker could ever want, each customized to each individual’s unique needs.

Increasing popularity and demand for cannabis and related products nationwide in the United States brought with it a flood of consumers who found themselves unsure of where to turn for the supplies they needed to properly and safely enjoy their herb.

With the introduction of Hemper, smokers could now get everything they need, safely, discreetly and delivered right to their front door monthly (or on-demand). From accessories and tools, to bongs, rolling trays, pipes and everything in-between, Hemper has their subscribers and shoppers covered.

An Online Headshop Like No Other

Hemper’s online head shop is unique in that it was built from the (digital) ground up with smokers in mind. As avid aficionados of the green herb themselves, they looked at what it was that they themselves found lacking among other providers both locally and online and how they could do better for their customers.

Their selection of items is hand-curated in-house by their own team of experts, ensuring any products that make it onto their digital store shelves are representative of the best value, quality and experience for their customers.

The brand also has their own research and development department dedicated to creating innovative, unique and creative products their customers love. From inspirationally themed bongs and pipes, to Hemper’s very own line of smoking essentials and products, there is something to fill virtually any need. They even carry herb vaporizers – check it out.

Subscription Boxes – delivered right to your doorstep

Forget having to put on pants and drive down to the local headshop, only to be disappointed with shoddy selection, lack of quality control and steep prices. Hemper built their brand around convenience, discretion, selection and low prices….all online.

With Hemper, the goods come to you the subscriber. Their fun and unique subscription boxes can be customized to suit any smokers needs, and can be scheduled to show up regularly or only when you need them to.

There’s nothing worse than running out of what you need to enjoy your herb, and with Hemper, that is no longer an issue. From basics like grinders, filters and rolling papers, to decorative pipes and showpieces, the sky is the limit.

Industry Firsts

With an in-house R&D team, Hemper is always looking for that next big breakthrough in the market, innovating, designing and manufacturing Hemper-branded products to better serve their customers. Recent examples include developing and launching products like the Hemper A-Dab-Ter and The Keeper By Hemper.

Themes and Collaborations

Engaging, fun and sure to impress, Hemper regularly rolls out themed and collaborative products.

Past Collaborations Include:

  • Cypress Hill
  • Rico Nasty
  • Dabbing Granny
  • Adam Ill
  • Strain Central
  • Chef Henny
  • Lil Debbie
  • Kimmy Tan
  • Silenced Hippie
  • Madzilla
  • CustomGrow420

Past Themes Include:

  • UFO bong box
  • Gamer themed box
  • Snow globe bong box
  • And more…



Transforming the Smoking Supplies Industry one Box at a Time

Smokers have a lot of choices as to where they get their smoking essentials and supplies, but Hemper has demonstrated that customer service, care, support and a hefty helping of innovation and convenience go a long way in earning a loyal following and building a household brand.

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