Hire A Portland Oregon Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyer

What Is A Catastrophic Personal Injury?

Any incident may cause serious injuries. So, what makes it catastrophic? Though there is no universally accepted legal definition, an injury that can create bad changes in your life, no matter temporarily or permanently owing to someone else’s negligence or fault, is considered a catastrophic personal injury.

If you are in Portland, Oregon, and looking for a better understanding of your legal rights for Catastrophic Personal Injury, you are on the correct page. Here in this article, we shall discuss a catastrophic injury and how you can seek legal options.

Defining A Catastrophic Injury

The most broadly accepted definition of catastrophic injury is when the consequences prevent an individual from doing any work and make income. In short, often, an injury that prevents the victim from doing a job that allows them to then enables them to support their life and also their family of people dependent on them.  

If you see this from emotional, financial, and legal standpoints, such an injury is devastating. The victim loses the capacity to income, and the purpose of living, and a feeling of completeness that meaningful work can bring and not to mention the rise in substantial medical bills.

Sometimes the victim can undertake retraining to learn a new skill that fits into their limited abilities. Still, most victims suffer from severe physical or cognitive impairments that completely stop them from earning a livelihood.

What Are The Common Types Of Catastrophic Injuries?

After getting an idea about what is near to fatal injuries, you may want to know about them specifically. Below are some of the common injuries that can be categorized as catastrophic.

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Organ damage
  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Severe burns

Also, injuries due to accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances are listed as catastrophic personal injury when someone else is responsible for the unfortunate incident.

Cause Of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Any kind of accident that results in a critical medical condition can be determined as a cause that leads to catastrophic injuries. The most common of the lot is any type of vehicular accident. Others include:

  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents in a swimming pool
  • Medical malpractices or negligence
  • Injuries caused by consumer products

Damages Under Catastrophic Injury Claims

The person who suffers a catastrophic injury is not the only one affected, but the lives of their family change forever.

Due to the severe and lifelong consequences of a catastrophic injury, the legal cases involve huge damages compared to a typical personal injury. The verdicts are given to offer some amount of financial stability and security in the face of crippling losses.

Hire A Personal Injury lawyer

So, if you are a victim of personal injury, speed dial an attorney with expertise. A lawyer can work as your investigator to collect evidence to prove the fault of another person or party involved. They can also gather all information from physicians and witnesses (if any) to create a stronger case.  

Your attorney is not just legal assistance, but he or she can offer you emotional support as well. When the victim can focus on treatment and recovery, the lawyer will take care of all the related paperwork and necessary court processes.

They can rightly evaluate and calculate the compensation you deserve and make sure that there is no unnecessary delay in receiving the money.

Lawyers are great at negotiating and will ensure that you do not just win a lawsuit but get the right amount of money.

If you or your loved one has suffered from a severe injury due to someone else’s negligence, get your first consultation with a reputed Portland Oregon Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawyer.

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