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Hong Kong Designers in California for a nine-day Exchange Tour enriched with inspirations in design and technology


Co-creating artistic excellence through design

By Liane M. Roth

A dozen up-and-coming Hong Kong designers are contributing to the mission of the Hong Kong Design Centre to establish the Pearl of the Orient as a creative hub of artistic excellence throughout Asia and beyond.

The HKDC’s fourth Design Exchange Tour co-sponsored on Sept. 14-22 in San Francisco and Los Angeles presented opportunities for these 12 inspirational designers to connect with the Bay Area to explore future co-creations in design. Events included visits to design studios in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as the “Co-Creating Hong Kong” exhibition in San Francisco and the “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” conference in Los Angeles.

Henry Chu

Designer, programmer and new media artist Henry Chu, founder of pill & pillow, an independent digital studio, has won more than 150 local and international awards. His iPad music app, Squiggle, was exhibited at MoMA New York. pill and pillow,

Fiona Lau

Creative director Fiona Lau, co-creator of FFIXXED STUDIOS, a contemporary men’s and women’s ready-to-wear label brand, brings together the founders’ diverse backgrounds in art and fashion. FFIXXED STUDIOS,

Clement Tien

Clement Tien, founder and CEO of Arical, a start-up focusing on optimizing property development and architectural design processes using artificial intelligence, has devoted himself to improving the quality of people’s lives through design and technology. Arical,

Mazing Lee

Mazing Lee, director of the Contact Design Group and co-founder of The Contact Store, a lifestyle experience center in Milan and Hong Kong, has a passion for beauty, lifestyle and wellness. Lify Company Ltd,

Roy Lo

Roy Lo, co-founder of Creote Studio, a leading Augmented Reality and Virtual Realty solutions design company in Hong Kong, is dedicated to integrating design into technology to create new and intuitive applications to benefit different industries. Creote Studio Ltd,

Kat Luk

Kat Luk, general manager of eMotionLAB LTD., a holistic video solutions company, is committed to the profession of motion design to animate clients’ messages and orchestrate them into compelling stories that touch their audiences. eMotionLAB Ltd,

Alan Cheung

Hong Kong-registered architect Alan Cheung, co-founder and managing director of One Bite Design Studio and One Bite Social, advocates for building places through interconnecting people and is involved in various placemaking events in the ASEAN region. One Bite Design Studio,

Emily Tang

Emily Tang, a product designer and co-founder of Studio Doozy, a healthcare and lifestyle product design studio which creates age-friendly safe and beautiful homes, designed an award-winning toilet Parkinson’s patients can use independently and safely. Studio Doozy,

Nicholas Tsao

In 2017, Nicholas Tsao, now an architectural assistant at Hong Kong’s Foster+Partners, received the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award, a 12-month internship at James Corner Field Operations in New York.

Michael Leung

Co-founder of a studio in the Netherlands and recipient of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award and Perspective Magazine’s 40 under 40 Award, Michael Leung’s works explore different aspects of design in a variety of levels and disciplines, from 2D to objects and spatial works; and from crafts and industry to local culture and sustainability. Studio AA,

Bodin Hon

Chinese-American industrial designer Bodin Hon, co-founder of Hong Kong’s Yellowdot Design, works in the field of product design and new retail concepts. Hon’s works have been exhibited in museums in Milan, Barcelona and Dresden. Yellowdot Design,

Ian Hau

Chinese-Australian Ian Hau is a founding member of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design and founder of XLMS, a studio focused on creating innovative environments for new, emerging “knowledge-based” communities, including the new workplace, lifestyle and experiential retail. XLMS,


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