How Accurate is RDR 2 – Historically?

Rockstar seems to have a knack for making historically accurate video game titles, we have been seeing games like GTA San Andreas and GTA 5, where Rockstar has managed to recreate some of the events from history and while they are not completely exact (for many reasons) they are still as close to history as it gets.

Rockstar’s last big entry in the gaming universe, RDR 2 seems to follow the same trend. Many of the critics and fans just can’t help but notice these little (and not so little) details about how Rockstar has followed the history. So, how exactly accurate Red Dead Redemption 2 historically is? Well, Let’s find out:

History vs RDR 2

Now there are many events in the game that closely follows the events from the history and for the most part it goes hand in hand. Stating the history, in the late 90s, Butch Cassidy and his gang robbed a Union Pacific train while, the Van Der Linde gang robbed a private train of Leviticus Cornwall in Ambarino.

They both managed to get a handful in cash, jewelry, expensive bonds and other valuables. But neither gang was completely out of trouble. As the American railroad executive and the chairman of the Union Pacific railroad’s executive committee, hired the Pinkerton detective agency to track hunt these gangs down. And the same thing happens in RDR 2 as well, when Leviticus Cornwall hires the Pinkertons to track down the gang.

RDR 2 even managed to make the Pinkertons as real as they were in the real life, totally brutal! The Pinkertons stopped at nothing to reach their targets, they would kidnap, torture, and kill those affiliated with the gang, leaving not a single soul behind, not even the most young and innocent guy.

Then there are some NPCs in the game, like the Aberdeen siblings from the pig farm. In the game, when the player goes to the house of the Aberdeens, they invite the player over to get some meal and if you accept the offer, you would end up getting hallucinating and eventually wake up in mass grave beneath a dead body. And to my surprise, there actually was a Bender family in real life that offered travelers to come inside their house, rest and have a meal with them, only to later get killed and thrown in graves.

RDR 2 takes the whole accuracy thing to a whole new level with its attention to details. The player can kill as many wildlife without having any negative impact, for instance you can kill as many birds for meat and feathers as you like and that’s also historically accurate as well because back then people used to hunt them down and use the feathers for all sorts of wearable fashion thing-ys. However, in the game, you can’t harm a pet animal and if you do, there will be repercussions, whereas this is not historically true.

There are so many accurate representations of history in the game, that it would take us a whole new article solely focused on these events and it would take you hours to get to the end of it. But that doesn’t make the game totally accurate but if we were to rate this for accuracy, I would say RDR 2 is essentially the most historically accurate games in the history of gaming!

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