How Hybe Stands Out from Other Mystery Box Shopping Brands

Hybe, an online mystery box company focused on luxury fashion, recently hit the six million mark in their total number of mystery boxes sold to customers. Since its inception in 2018, Hybe has focused on delivering consistently exemplary services, products, and customer experiences. Hybe has collaborated with social media influencers to grow and expand their market and social media presence, and currently enjoys over 100k followers on Twitter and Instagram.

As a mystery box shopping brand, Hybe presents shoppers with a unique and exciting luxury shopping model that has helped the brand gain market dominance. Hybe has successfully managed to counter the challenges of the mystery box business and become the number one online mystery box platform for luxury fashion products, with over 1.5 million customers having used their services since they launched.

How is Hybe dealing with the challenges facing the mystery box business?

  • Lack of customer trust

One of the most critical challenges faced by mystery box businesses is the shoppers’ lack of trust and confidence. Many shoppers carry the belief that mystery box services are widely untrustworthy. To counter this, Hybe has incorporated a transparent and fair system where users can independently verify the outcome of their mystery box purchases. Users are also able to view every item available inside a mystery box, as well as the likelihood of obtaining them.

  • Fear of losing money

No one likes to invest money into an unknown product or service. An element of risk is commonly associated with buying products that you can’t physically see before receiving. To allay this fear, Hybe ensures that the value of every item in each mystery box equals or exceeds the price of the mystery box itself. This guarantees that shoppers get value for money, no matter what item they receive from their mystery box.

  • Undesired products

When buying a mystery box, a major pressure point for many shoppers is the possibility of receiving an item that they don’t want. Hybe counters this by allowing customers to unbox their mystery boxes online, enabling them to discover what item they’ve received before it’s delivered. Hybe also gives shoppers the option to exchange unwanted items for credit, which can be done instantly after unboxing.

  • Lack of support

For any online business to thrive, effective communication between the business and its shoppers is essential. All shoppers are discouraged by unanswered emails and a lack of assistance. Hybe boasts a dedicated customer service team that works to ensure shoppers’ queries and issues are solved quickly and easily, improving customer satisfaction across the board.

  • Fear of receiving counterfeit items

Fake goods are a major problem within the luxury fashion supply chain. They are invariably a huge disappointment to customers, whether they’re sold deliberately or in error. To prevent this, Hybe sources its products from certified suppliers, which carry out rigorous checks to ensure the authenticity of all high-value products.

With these customer-oriented features and safeguards in place, Hybe is poised for further success in the years to come. Claim your first mystery box for free when you create a new account on Hybe. To stay up-to-date on news and giveaways, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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