How Long Does a Background Check Take?

When you need to gauge someone’s nature and general trustworthiness, a background check is your best friend. Although, a thorough background check is a time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true if you use a private investigator or agency. 

How long does a background check take? The short answer is it depends on where you get it from. A private investigator may take a few days or a few weeks. An online background check service, on the other hand, is much faster. Sometimes it’s instant. 

In this article, we cover how long background checks take typically and how to perform a quick one. 

Part 1: Why Do You Need to Do a Background Check?

Before we get into the time aspect, here are some top reasons why you might want a background check: 

  • Personal reasons: When you’re suspicious about a person you know and are worried about your (or your family’s) safety. 
  • Employment reasons: These days, almost every employer screens a potential new employee, especially for sensitive positions. 
  • Gun purchase: Before you can officially purchase a gun in the US, you must undergo a gun background check. 
  • Government stipulations: Some government agencies and law-enforcement agencies require background info. Example: airports and public schools. 

Background Check Services

Part 2: How Long Does a Background Check Take?

How long a background check takes depends on the kind of check you’re performing and where you’re doing it. 

  • If you hire a private investigator, it could take a few weeks. 
  • If you do official federal, fingerprint, and employment checks, it can take 1 to 5 days. 
  • If you do a full background check on CocoFinder, it’s as little as 5 minutes. 

What is CocoFinder? It’s a well-known people search and background search engine. It allows you to conduct a full background check on any US-based person in quick time.  

CocoFinder has access to billions of public records. Further, it has tie-ups with specialized private data brokers that regular people typically can’t access. As such, the service can dig up up-to-date information on anyone. 

How long does a background check take on CocoFinder? 

It only takes a few minutes. Compared to other mediums, CocoFinder is lightning-quick. And it can bring you the same data you’d get otherwise. 

Here is what a typical background check report on CocoFinder contains: 

  • Personal details: You will see the person’s full name and any known aliases. You will also receive their birth date, age, current address, known associates, email address, and other listed information. 
  • Public records: The CocoFinder engine can trawl through all sorts of records, including county, state, municipal, and federal. You will learn about the person’s civil status, marriage history, court proceedings history, and more.  
  • Criminal history: Does the person have a shady background? Were they ever involved in any criminal activities? You will receive their mug shots, criminal records, sex offender history, and other details. 
  • Internet history: If the person uses social media profiles, owns websites, or has posted information on forums, it will all be collated and shared with you. This includes photos too. 
  • Other info: Some of the other data you receive includes their assets, property status, employment status, and education history. 

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Part 3: Run a Quick Background Check with CocoFinder

Why CocoFinder? Not only does this site offer a wealth of data, but it’s also more accurate than most. It’s also reliable. 

1. It’s fast and straightforward

A background check doesn’t take very long on CocoFinder. Usually, it’s only a few minutes. You enter the person’s basic details and wait for the results. The server will fetch the information and put it in a report for you. The whole process is intuitive and the report is easy to read.  

2. It’s useful 

You can do a lot with a background check report: 

  • Find an old flame you haven’t seen for a while. 
  • Check up on the family that you’re out of touch with. 
  • Vet a new date to see if they’re trustworthy. 
  • Verify the employment status of a new roommate. 
  • Get peace of mind by checking up on anyone. 

Be aware that you must comply with the FCRA rules when using the data you obtain from a CocoFinder report. 

3. The data is reliable 

Unlike some people search engines, CocoFinder offers up-to-date information. Not all services can fetch up-to-date data, mostly because public records don’t get updated all that often. CocoFinder has access to private sources with more reliable information. 

4. It’s private and safe 

Running a background check on CocoFinder is private. The person you’re checking won’t know you’ve researched them. Further, using the site is safe. It doesn’t store your personal data, which is a risk with some other people search engines. 

You can carry out a background check on CocoFinder on your phone or laptop. There is no limit on the number of background checks every month, so you can research everyone you know if you like. 

CocoFinder Official Website:


Now you know how long a background check takes – it all depends on the type of check and where you’re getting it from. CocoFinder allows you to conduct background checks quickly, in a hassle-free way. It’s effective and you receive a truckload of accurate, up-to-date info.

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