How much exercise do Goldendoodles need?

Just the way you exercise your muscles to keep your body fit and your mood brightened, your furry friends need exercises too. And even more so if you’ve chosen a Goldendoodle for a friend. Of course, we know doodles are smart, trainable, and not prone to diseases. But even at that, there’s still a great need to work them out as much as possible so as to keep them energetic, alive, and much of themselves.

But the challenge that most Goldendoodle owners face is that they aren’t able to tell the number of exercises that their designer dogs truly need. Which is why many of them go online to ask Google, “How much exercise is right for my Goldendoodle?”

I know you’ve done that too, if not, you wouldn’t be here. In any case, you’ll learn all that is there to know about how you can exercise your Goldendoodle dogs in this guide.

So let’s get started!

How much exercise do Goldendoodles need?

It depends!

I know you were expecting to find “three times of street walk in a week,” “two-hours of light racing,” and “an everyday round of dog walk.” But on the contrary, when it comes to exercising your doodles, there is really no one-size-fits-all answer because the process depends on a lot of factors.

These factors, however, are what we’ll now be discussing in the next few sections to help you have a grasp of how much exercise your Goldendoodle actually needs.

Size of the Goldendoodle

If you’ve ever clicked a Goldendoodle for sale link anywhere before, then you must know already that Goldendoodles come in varying sizes. We have the Standards with an average size of 60 – 80 pounds, the Medium with an average size of 45 – 60 pounds, the Minis with a size range of 20 – 45 pounds, and the Petites which average less than 25 pounds. So, merely taking the weight of your adult doodle, you should be able to tell what size range it falls in. And with this info, you can know the amount of exercise that it needs. 

Just like traveling a mile to an ant is like a person walking clear across the state of Florida, mini Goldendoodles require far less room for exercise than a standard.

By and large, you don’t want to subject your F1 mini Goldendoodle to the kind of exercise that is designed for a Standard doodle. So, find out what is best for the size of doodle you have at home before you start hitting the “fetch the baseball bat” instruction button. 

Age of the Goldendoodle

Due to the genetic make-up of Goldendoodles, they naturally crave – and in fairness to them, need – exercises when they are at the “puppy stage (usually the first two years of life). So, for the first two years after acquiring your Goldendoodle pup from the breeder or foster home, be sure to aim for at least 15-30 minutes of exercise three times daily. At this age, they want to run around more, bark at the slightest of triggers, jump at anything thrown at them, and pick up every element of training available to them.

But as they grow into an adult doodle, their exercise regimen would change from playing “fetch and catch” to “strolling around the block.”

Personality of the Goldendoodle

At the end of the day, the goal of exercising your Goldendoodle is to help them live the life they’re supposed to live – which is a life characterized by a lively, sensitive, affectionate, and playful trait. So when exercising them, it is important to keep their personality in mind. Naturally, they’re eager to please, learn, and acclimatize well to any situation, so let your doodle live life with you.

My point being?

Don’t just limit or restrict them to an exercise routine. Instead, make exercise a part of their life because that’s what they truly love to do. For example, while you may term a constant racing around the compound as an exercise, your F1 Mini Goldendoodle is merely having fun and doing what it enjoys doing.

But when you limit their exercising to sessions, it feels like you’re “caging” them!

So when you’re going to the park, take them with you. Got a lake trip, beach weekend getaways, or heading to a dog-friendly restaurant? Never hesitate to let your doodle run around with you!


On a final note, there is really no need to limit your Goldendoodle exercise to “sessions” only. Of course, you want to keep their sizes and age in mind (so that you don’t subject them to exercises that are beyond them), but to keep them truly happy, fit, and active, you need to let them set the tone for their own routine. All they need from you is your “go-ahead” and supervision, nothing more!

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