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How Petroteq Energy’s State-of-the-Art Oil Extraction Method Is Accomplished Without Emissions


We’re a world on the move. Traveling is now an everyday part of life, whether it’s a drive to a new neighborhood or a flight around the world. With all of this movement, there need to be sources of energy.  At present, most of the energy used in the world is produced from fossil fuels. They are a necessary part of society, helping us do everything from traveling to heating our homes. Experts estimate that will still be the case for another 100 years or so. With the climate changing rapidly, oil and gas industries must reduce emissions and choose more environmentally-friendly methods to accomplish their goals. Petroteq Energy is taking the lead in the market by providing a technology that does exactly that.

Petroteq Energy is an oil company that extracts oil from sand and sells it. Its mission is to “develop socially responsible practices that ensure environmental integrity while creating shareholder value.” Petroteq is not looking to branch into the renewable energy field but to revolutionize how the oil industry runs, making it still part of life but in a greener way. To that end, it has worked hard to develop oil extraction technologies that are leading the way to a healthier world.

Its proprietary technology, CORT, is leading the way in protecting and restoring the planet. CORT (Clean Oil Recovery Technology) ensures the recovery, recycling, and reusing of almost all solvents used in extracting oil from sand. While 100% of the solvents may not be recycled, the remaining fraction remains within the oil. The system is closed-loop and continuous, ensuring no hydrocarbon emission into the atmosphere.

By the end of the extraction process, CORT also ensures no hydrocarbons are left in the sand. This leaves it viable once again for agriculture. The end product is clean soil and high-quality oil. The clean soil and sand are remediated, allowing for new plants to grow there. Since it consumes no water during the entire process, the technology also saves water and ensures no water contamination occurs.

Additionally, Petroteq is at the forefront of developing innovations that will stop and ultimately reverse the carbon emissions associated with oil and gas production in the long run. These innovations include launching a series of carbon neutral and carbon negative initiatives. A carbon-neutral approach means a company emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as it removes. This is an important step in the right direction because it allows companies to still function properly, without creating any further harm. A carbon-negative company removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits. Carbon-negative technologies will be hugely beneficial to the environment, potentially reversing the damage that has already been done.

Petroteq Energy’s strategies and technologies are already serving as the gold standard for economically viable approaches within the oil and gas industry. CORT’s success is proof that successful carbon-negative practices are feasible within the oil and gas industry. Petroteq assures that their CORT technology is versatile and can be used to remediate other natural resources too.


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