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How to renew your passport if you are in San Francisco


You make plans, do your research, and set dates to travel only to find out that your passport has expired. You hit a dead end.

Forgetting to renew a passport is in the top 10 list of the things that most Americans fail to attend. And you are not to be blamed this time. Ever since the pandemic came along, international flights have been restricted, and the pandemic would’ve forced you to postpone your travel plans. The chances are that you would’ve left your passport in the drawer without taking it out until recently.

This year, there is renewed hope. Travel destinations are slowly opening up, and you are back making travel arrangements for your summer getaway or a short holiday in Mexico.

Last year, there was a massive surge of passport renewal applications as Americans were back at airports. The Great Resignation also has a little part to play in this whole surge of renewals as more and more individuals are quitting their jobs and are re-evaluating their priorities in life. Most of them consider finding a new life elsewhere – in a world free of chaos and calamity, leading to a brand new wave of travelers.

The massive numbers in renewal saw passengers needing to reschedule their travel plans entirely – some who had planned to travel during thanksgiving had to postpone their itineraries until Christmas.

While the backlog has slowly reduced, the State Department still notifies that the process is not as it used to be. However, if you are in the San Franciso region and have already made plans only to find out that your passport needs renewal, you have a handful of options for the renewal.

Here are two primary options that you can consider in getting your passport renewed in due time so that you can continue planning that vacation you’ve been waiting for since 2020.

1 Applying at the nearby passport agency

San Francisco residents who need a quick renewal of their travel documents in less than four weeks can apply for the renewal at a Passport Agency nearby. There are 26 passport agencies to forward your application around the country. While there is no walk-in service to renew it, it needs to be with an appointment in advance.

With more populated states such as Texas and California having more than one agency, San Franciso is left with a single location for the entire state. The San Francisco Passport Agency at 450, Golden Gate Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite #3-2501 is the place you’ll need to be going if you want to get the renewal.

But for most individuals, making the trip to the agency might be the best option if you are needed to drive a long distance or don’t have the time.

That’s where a third-party agency comes in to help you out.

2 Applying via a third party to renew the passport

A third-party agency is a team of professionals who will handle the entire passport renewal process. They will take ownership of the whole process and get it done to you without you having to do anything. For someone in San Francisco, rather than thinking of making a trip to the local agency, the best route will be to get help from an agency.

In such a scenario, an ideal service provider that could handle your passport renewal can be Travel Visa Pro. Based in San Francisco, the team at Travel Visa Pro will handle everything and ensure that you get your renewed passport in due time.

Usual passport renewal services take up to a week, and it will require you to stay abreast of any developments or any verification constantly. But with Travel Visa Pro, the team ensures that they control all the actions and get you the completed passport on the set date.

Here’s the advantage that Travel Visa Pro provides you:

  • Emergency passports – at a time of emergency to visit a patient or if you completely forgot about your passport renewal until the day of your trip.
  • Detailed checklists to prevent any delays ensure nothing gets missed and the renewal gets delayed.
  • Expert consultants available 24X7 – ability to reach out for help at any time of the day
  • Visa help

Time to get help!

If you’ve not checked if your passport has expired, let this be a reminder to check up on it. If it has or is reaching the end, it is time to reach out to the Travel Visa Pro San Francisco office.


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