How to Be a Psychic: Best Psychic Jobs and Where to Find Them (Tips, Tricks, Courses, Books, and More)

Today, there are countless online jobs you can do. But have you ever thought about being a work-at-home psychic?

You got that right!

If you could, would you help predict people’s futures and analyze their past and present situations, online? Would you help provide love, money, success, or career advice to folks who need to find clarity in life?

Then you might be the right candidate for this article!

But what are online psychic jobs, even?

Good question!

It’s simply being able to monetize your psychic expertise online – by helping give answers to people’s pressing questions. Psychic expertise entails dream interpretation, tarot reading, astrology, to name but a few.

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But first things first.

How Can You Become a Psychic?

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have the other-worldly sense.

Ever felt someone was staring at you, then you turned around only to confirm your fears? Or, ever had a random thought of someone cross your mind, only for you to bump into them later in the day?

These are signs you might be an advisor, but let’s explore this work-at-home career further.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Psychic?

If you want to be one of the best psychics out there, some of the expertise you need to become an advisor include:

  • Predicting the future
  • Seeing the invisible (aka remote viewing)
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Contacting your spirit guides
  • Reading people’s energies
  • Hearing things beyond the physical world

How to Learn Psychic Skills

Learning psychic reading can be daunting. But to make the thing a breeze, you can enroll in top online courses, such as these:

1. The Psychic School

One of the best sites when it comes to learning psychic skills, The Psychic School offers tools to help awaken your natural clairvoyance. They help unlock your ability to find answers to the biggest issues, read the spirit of the folks around you, communicate with angels, etc.

This “global classroom” offers their services online or via phone. They also offer clairvoyant meditation classes and you can use this coupon to get 50% off: CRYSTALGAZER101 

And if you want to check out their readings before you sign up as a student, you can get a free reading and use this coupon for your free reading: CRYSTALGAZERFREE

The Psychic School offers a wide array of professional readings and healings which you can learn through their services or even get a reading as a customer interested in their future, past, and present.

2. Portland Psychic School Online

This site offers training, workshops, classes, community events, and more, so you can harness your expertise.

Courses range from healing (astral body, etc.), readings (aura, past life, etc.), and meditation. 

They offer their services via phone or video.

3. Clairvoyant Centre of Hawaii

Practice your spiritual abilities on this site that offers tools to help you connect with your inner divinity.

Here, you’ll learn clairvoyance readings and healings, and the various meditation techniques you can employ in your clairvoyance journey.

This school offers all of its training, workshops, and classes via teleconferencing. Meaning, you can use their assistance wherever you are.

4. Udemy Psychic Courses

At Udemy, you can enroll in a wide array of courses – remote viewing, energy healing, spirituality, intuition, and more – to help hone your expertise. Their top courses include psychic tarot coaching, love readings, how to be a medium, etc.

They help you find the right courses; you only need to answer a few questions.

Plus, in case you aren’t satisfied with a thing in your first 30 days of training, they’re happy to give back your money. It’s how serious they are! 

Which Books Are Good for Psychic Learning?

1. Clairvoyance

This book, by Tabitha Zalot, helps you develop your psychic intuition by being able to see the invisible. Among the things you’ll learn include:

  • How to boost your intuition
  • The various categories of clairvoyance
  • How to see the world with a clairvoyant’s eyes
  • How you can be of help with your psychic abilities

2. Psychic Development for Beginners

Written by William W. Hewitt, this book helps you harness your psychic senses. By reading it, you can master a variety of psychic techniques, including:

  • Divination
  • Psychic healing
  • Astral projection
  • Communicating with spiritual beings

3. Psychic Empath

In her book, Kimberly Moon teaches about psychic and empath secrets. She delves deep into intuition, aura reading, clairvoyance, and more.

The first part of the book digs into key factors, including:

  • Psychic healing
  • Connecting with spirit guides
  • Connecting with the spiritual realm
  • Dream interpretation

The same holds for the second part of the book, which dives into things such as:

  • Signs of an intuitive empath
  • The attraction between empaths and narcissists
  • The various empath categories
  • The common empath myths

4. You Are Psychic

Debra Lynne Katz helps you master the art of clairvoyance and healing – she even shares her own readings in her book. Some of the topics you’ll bump into include:

  • Protection techniques
  • Psychic readings
  • Clairvoyant healing methods
  • Communicating with your spirit guides

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What Types of Psychic Readers Are There?


These advisors give a psychic reading by sensing or feeling things. Often, clairsentients get messages in the form of a sound, taste, or feeling. Which explains why the psychics can pick up on people’s emotions – and sense a change in energy around them. 


Once they’ve tapped into someone’s energy, clairvoyants can see visions and images that relate to the person’s life – past, present, and future – directly. It’s how the psychics are able to give psychic readings online, helping give answers to people’s most pressing concerns.


These work-at-home advisors can hear paranormal messages, even while dreaming. Which explains why the psychics can help pass information (from departed loved ones) to someone from the spiritual realm.

Medium Psychics

A medium gives a psychic reading by contacting the spirit world. The psychics tap into the spirit energy around you, connecting with the non-living beings – angels, spirit guides, the dead – to deliver messages to you.

Tarot/Card Readers

Psychics give tarot readings to help you gain insight into your past, present, and future. Analyzing cards can help provide deep information about someone. Even if you need help on whether your current partner is the one or not, these psychics could help.


Astrology has to do with planetary positions. The psychics in this area also make use of your time, date, and place of birth to analyze your present – and predict the future. It’s how astrology helps solve the unsolved mysteries in your life.

Pet Psychics

These readers communicate with animals to let you know what the creatures are thinking. If your cat is scared of someone, or your dog seems agitated prior to going out on a trip, it could be time you sought a pet reader.

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How Much Do Psychics Earn?

Some psychics take home more than others. Yet, averagely, work-at-home psychics earn an hourly rate of $99, according to PayScale.

While seasoned psychics earn more than beginner ones, the amount you’re going to take home is dependent on many factors.

How large of a client base do you command? Are they even loyal to you? But repeat customers ensure a consistent revenue stream.

Accuracy can make you earn more than others, too. If your psychic readings are accurate enough, you stand a good chance to increase – and maintain – your client base.

It’s also important to note that different ports charge differently for their services, and so do the various independent psychics on these sites. Which can affect your earning power.

Which Is Better: Psychic Phone Jobs, Psychic Chat Jobs, or Psychic Video Jobs?

As a psychic, you can communicate via various modes, including phone readings. It depends on two things: what customers prefer the most and how much money you’d like to make as you work at home.

Let’s dig in a bit.

Most clients prefer readings by video call. Flipping the same coin, video readings are costlier than other contact modes. Consequently, people on a budget might prefer cheaper alternatives to a video session.

This takes us to the psychic chat jobs. These are the cheapest of all the psychic reading jobs, probably because no visuals are involved in a chat session. 

Phone reading jobs, on the other hand, are neither expensive nor cheap – most phone readings are priced reasonably. They can be a good deal, as many people prefer them to other advisor jobs.

Should I Have My Own Psychic Company or Join an Agency?

Good question!

But let’s start by asking these… What are your goals? How heavy is your wallet? How knowledgeable are you in the psychic (and marketing) field?

It’s just that while either owning your business or joining an agency is going to allow you to exercise your expertise, for money, the two are different to some extent.

Of course, by owning a business, you’ll likely enjoy a decent revenue stream, provided you’ve got an established customer base. With an urgency, your profit margins could be limited, considering the agency takes away a certain amount from your earnings.

Owning your own company comes with a sizable chunk of responsibilities. You’ll need to deal with almost everything, including marketing and advertising. Meaning, if your pockets are heavy, and you know what you’re getting into, owning your own company could work for you.

Do I Need Experience to Get a Psychic Job?

While psychics with experience are more likely to get a job opportunity, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a job without experience. Don’t we all need to start from somewhere, and experience doesn’t have to lock us out? Being a work-at-home reader is no different. 

You can get started by offering your services for free, or at a lower price, to attract customers on a given psychic site. People like freebies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the various contact modes (chat, phone, video), either.

Once you’ve earned the trust of a reasonable number of customers, you’ll want to increase your price, depending on the psychic site you’re using. The best way to earn new customers’ trust is to encourage previous customers to leave feedback, especially if they’re satisfied with your readings.

New customers like reading feedback from previous users before using a service.

What Are the Best Psychic Jobs Out There?

Learning how to be an advisor isn’t enough. You need to exercise your expertise out there. And here’s why you might want to try out a site like Kasamba.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into numerology, astrology, love readings, tarot readings, horoscopes, etc., but this site may have a job opportunity for you.

Register with your email address – the process costs $50, and ensure your account has a strong password.

You’ll need to create an online profile page, too. This is where you’ll show off your specialties (tarot cards, rune casting, numerology, etc), qualifications, and even experience.

You’ll also state your availability and how you’d like to connect with clients – email, live chat session, or phone call; the choice is yours. If you want, you can include your phone number.

Finish up by uploading a photo – your profile information is incomplete without it.

Finally, your profile page is ready to be listed among available ones. And users can find you by various metrics, including specialty and per-minute rate.

Whether you’re looking to work at home full- or part-time, this site lets you choose your working hours. You get to set your own fees as well, which is a plus.

The large member base means you might never run short of clients. And the fact that you can acquaint yourself with other readers via the site’s expert forums is a bonus.

The customer service at Kasamba is open 24 hours a day. You can call or email them (or even chat with them) whenever you have any questions or need more information on something.

Did we say Kasamba boasts a thorough screening process? But it’s with reason that they offer their customers a satisfaction guarantee.

In case you want to check out first how their psychics work to see if you’re a good fit, you can get three minutes free with each new psychic you choose. Read more about Kasamba in this detailed review of Kasamba.

Is Psychic Reading Stressful?

Yes and no. Psychic reading can be stressful for beginners, which makes sense. And it can be less stressful for professionals, depending on how long the psychics have mastered the art.

Also, understand that being an advisor is something that’s going to need patience, discipline, persistence, and practice. You’re not going to take shortcuts here and there and expect to succeed in this field.

You need to go through the steps!

Recap on How to Be a Psychic: Best Psychic Jobs

Learning how to be a psychic (and related work) need not be a daunting task, especially if you do it right. The same thing goes for when it comes to finding the best advisor-jobs online. Leading sites hiring psychics seek top talent, and they could offer you a job.

How to Give Psychic Readings Online: Evaluate Your Progress

The most important thing is to evaluate your progress. Ask your customers if your predictions are accurate or near-accurate – and if they prefer chat, phone, or video-call readings. If you’re way far from accuracy, it could be time to go back to the drawing board.

Nevertheless, we hope you explore your career (aka psychic readings online) hassle-free – considering we’ve provided answers to your most pressing questions.

Still, if you’re here and are professional, please share with us your journey as an expert in the field.

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