How to Build a Thunderstorm-Proof Pallet Crate for Your Dog

Many dogs are scared of sudden loud noises. Thunder is the most common issue that can make dogs anxious, but it can also be things like fireworks or even just nearby construction. If you have a dog that gets anxious from thunder, there are a few steps you can take to help. If you’re planning on building them their own dog house, kennel, crate, or bed to lie in, you can turn it into a sound-proof refuge for them to hide in comfort. These tips below can be used no matter what shape, size or design you want to use to build this project. 

#1) Acoustic Blankets

For the bed lining, a good idea is to use acoustic blankets. One good idea is to install the blankets along the very bottom of the bed, and cover them with another kind of cushion or bedding. The more comfortable it is, the more likely your dog will want to use it, which will encourage them to go there during a thunderstorm.

#2) Soundproof Panels

You can also choose to install soundproof panels on the walls. These are sometimes called acoustic form panels, and they’re even better at absorbing sound than acoustic blankets. You can install them on the exterior or interior of the walls, or both for even better sound absorption. These are popular among musicians and streamers who want to keep sound from getting outside of a particular room, and they can work just as well for your dog crate.

#3) Install Insulation

Despite the name, soundproof panels don’t actually block out all sound. They’re good at drowning some of it out, but you may want to take it a step further. When you’re building your pallet crate or bed, you can try building it with insulation. Make two layers of the wood paneling, with the insulation in the middle of the walls and roof. Adding the soundproof panels and acoustic blankets as additional layers will help further drown out the noise from thunder or fireworks.

#4) Built-In White Noise Machine

Sometimes, the above suggestions aren’t enough. This may be because your home is not efficient at blocking out noise, or because your dog is particularly anxious. You may have already tried premium CBD dog treats to help relieve their anxiety, but there’s one more addition to your dog pallet crate that can help. You can install a built-in white noise machine, or a speaker that can be used to play white noise. White noise is a sound at a specific frequency that cancels out other sound waves. 

The wood from pallets are not very good at blocking out sound by themselves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a dog house, kennel or crate for your dog that helps them hide from the thunder and fireworks that make them so anxious. All of the above tips for additions to the build to soundproof the kennel do not have to be very expensive or complicated to include. In the end, your anxious dog will thank you for it.

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