How to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number for Free

Mobile phones are an essential part of our lives, but their excessive use brings many serious issues to our society. It is common to receive unknown calls every day. Although, it can be quite an annoying act if someone keeps spamming you for no reason.

Therefore, a reverse phone lookup tool is the ultimate solution for how to find someone’s name by phone number for free. This article will cover the most effective and straightforward phone lookup tool explaining how to find someone by phone number for free.

Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number for Free?

Most people have moved to online lookup services that are comprehensive and accurate. FastPeopleSearch can be your best lookup tool to find someone by phone number. It is specifically designed for employers, businesses, or personal purposes. An effective searching platform- that gathers your target’s information within no time. 

The tool has an extraordinary reputation among all the lookup tools to find a person by phone number. It provides exceptional features that help you get a person’s full name, address, alternate phone numbers, or email ID. All of the details are combined in a comprehensive report which is authentic and trustworthy. 

Following are the easy steps that you need to follow to find a name from a phone number. 

1.1 How to Find Someone By Phone Number?

FastPeopleSearch is integrated with a simple interface, therefore, you don’t need any technical skills to run a lookup. It brings ease in our searching for any person. Following are the understandable steps to find a name by phone number.

Step 1: Access the Official Site

From the official site of FastPeopleSearch, go to the ‘Phone Lookup’ tab.

Step 2: Begin Your Phone Search

Here you will be asked to add a target’s phone number, then click the ‘Start Search’ button. Wait for some time to get the results.

Step 3: Check Out The Results

Now you are able to choose the relevant profiles that give you clues to find names by phone number. Tap the relevant profile and check out the results.

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1.2 Why Is FastPeopleSearch a Good Option to Find Person by Phone Number? 

FastPeopleSearch provides an ultimate solution on how to find someone’s name by phone number for free. Here are the top reasons to choose it.

  • Massive Database & Public Records

Due to its association with huge databases and public records, this lookup service provides all the available details. You can access almost every record just by entering the target’s phone number.

  • Secure & Safe Results

FastPeopleSearch has a secure data policy that does not keep track of your data. The tool allows the user to search for any phone number anonymously.

  • Authentic Results

As this platform fetches the details from valid and credible data sources, you are guaranteed to get authentic results. All of the information is accurate and doubtless.

  • Super-Fast Speed

To get a comprehensive report on your target’s number, you don’t need to wait for a long time. FastPeopleSearch has the fastest searching power to find someone by phone number. 

FastPeopleSearch Official Website:

Part 2: How to Find Someone with Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Many phone number lookup sites are available that offer a suitable solution for finding a name from a phone number. Besides FastPeopleSearch, you can opt for the following reverse phone lookup sites. 

2.1 PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders serves you as a reverse phone lookup tool to find a person by phone number. It allows you to perform an in-depth search on any person. You are allowed to do a hassle-free phone number search with its powerful directory. 

With its reasonable price, the user can do unlimited searches without any limitations. PeopleFinders provides the simplest interface that does not require any technical skills to operate. It has end-to-end encryption that does not track the users’ data and information. 

2.2 Instant Checkmate

For the straightforward interaction, you can go for Instant Checkmate that extracts the history of the targeted persons. It assists its users to go through the deep search without paying high costs. 

Instant Checkmate offers valuable data to find a person by phone number. It is able to uncover the details in public records of any person. Hence, the user can achieve a full report in a matter of seconds. 

The platform has the ability to perform an extensive search on any of the phone numbers. With its simplest approach to get the person’s name, residential address or email ID, one can opt for this reverse phone lookup tool without any doubts.

2.3 TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a reverse phone number lookup platform that helps you in finding any person. With its affordable price and effective service, you can instantly perform a lookup on your target phone number. 

The tool has a massive database that combines data through various credible sources. It gives ease in searching for any particular person without even knowing them. TruthFinder is an industry-leading lookup tool that offers sufficient and reputable features to its users. 

Part 3: How to Find Someone by Their Phone Number with Social Media 

Social media has become a suitable option to search for any person by giving relevant details. You can check the background information of any person as long as their phone number is attached to their social media account.

Following are some of the social media apps that guide you on how to find someone by their phone number for free. 

3.1 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular business-related networking site that permits different people to connect. It allows you to search a phone number through any person’s contact information. Enter a full name of an individual you want to contact. Go to the relevant profile and scan his details. 

This is how you can approach the person’s home, cell, or work phone numbers. Many people choose to hide their contact information from the public. The user can also send a message to their target persons in case they could not get a chance to access phone number information. 

3.2 Facebook

Facebook is a widely used app worldwide to connect with your friends or family. From the mobile app of Facebook, tap the Search icon to begin the search for your relevant person’s phone number. Entering a phone number in the search option will provide you all the matched results. 

If you do not get a phone number, then probably the profile is set to private, which would not show any result. 

3.3 Twitter

Just like other social media apps, Twitter lets you add a phone number while creating an account. On your Android or iOS Twitter app, go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ and lookup for the ‘Discoverability and Contacts’ option. 

After activating the ‘Sync address book and contacts’ toggle, you will see a list of individuals from your contact list on Twitter.

Part 4: Find Name by Phone Number FAQs

4.1 Can I Use Google to Search Someone’s Name with His Phone Number?

To find someone by phone number can be a simpler process if you go with Google’s basic search. It is a free online search that brings a lot of information against a single search. Google has many registered public records and records that provide all the details, social media accounts, or court records to you.

Entering a phone number in a search bar will list the results including, the website, blog, job, or dating profile. One can access plenty of updated information to find a person by phone number. 

4.2 What Can I Get from a Reverse Phone Lookup?

FastPeopleSearch has an extensive database that gives us all the important details on any person. From basic to job information, one can get in-depth data to find name by phone number. 

The platform will provide an individual’s identity, current or past residential address, and some useful insights on friends and family. You can also get alternate phone numbers, social media profiles, and email IDs of your targeted person. If he is indulged in any court or criminal records, FastPeopleSearch will list that details too.

4.3 How Long Will It Take to Find Someone by Phone Number?

In the past, people had to check bulky phone book directories to find names from phone numbers. This approach took many days to fetch the relevant details against any phone number. Therefore, with the development and inventions, many effortless ways are there to find your target person. The methods include social media search, Google, or reverse phone lookup sites like FastPeopleSearch. 

You need to enter a phone number, name, city, or state in a given space. So the rest of the work will be done in a matter of seconds with super fast speed. Therefore, these recent websites have greatly reduced the efforts to search for reliable information on any individual.


The above article has discussed the solution on how to find someone’s name by phone number for free. The advent of technology has brought several efficient methods to search a phone number. However, FastPeopleSearch is a web-based service that offers the accurate searching ability to its users. This approach definitely lists crucial details that will help to find your target.

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