How To Get Tarot Card Reading For Career And Business Online

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Quite a lot of people do tarot spread for work to gain insight on whether all is okay with their work life right now or something needs to change to create a better future. Professional career tarot reading helps you believe more in yourself, get guidance at your professional life, and embrace new opportunities you’ve never noticed before. Plus, business tarot spread is a great way of relaxation and focusing on what indeed matters.

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If you’ve never tried a career tarot spread, this article will help you decide whether it’s the right thing for you, what to be aware of during your first tarot reading, and where to find profound answers for your career and business success. Professional psychic advice will definitely facilitate decision-making regarding your career, show you perspectives you’d never think of to improve your working life.

Best Online Services For Career Tarot Card Reading 

Service Top Features
  • ✅50% OFF and Free 3 minutes
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Large variety of spiritual tools (graphology, tarot, picture readings, etc.)
  • Ratings and reviews on each expert
  • ✅First 3 minutes for free
  • Matching system to find best career tarot advisors
  • Call and chat options
California Psychics
  • ✅$1 per minute for 1st session
  • Convenient mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Career oracle cards spreads
  • Introductory offers
  • ✅100 free credits to try site’s features
  • Automatic balance refilling
  • Range of psychic services
  • ✅10,000 coin giveaways for registered users
  • Awards section with the most popular and skillful experts
  • Free videos available
  • ✅Special deal: $30/30 minutes or $20/20minutes
  • Free questions answered by a live career tarot advisor
  • Advisor ratings and testimonials
  • Expert schedules publicly available

If you’ve decided to search for professional help online, there are valuable career tarot reading platforms where you’ll choose the most suitable experts. They’ll solve on-the-spot issues or help with large-scale inner conflicts you might be facing.

Here are some of the best tarot websites with all sorts of experts to order anything from a standard career check spread to a more sophisticated Will I Get The Job tarot spread.


Over 200 psychics making tarot spreads for careerOutdated website
Regular promos and discountsNo fixed fee for email readings
Money refund
Affordable prices
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Kasamba possesses a large base of experts in various fields, including:

  • Career tarot 3 cards spreads.
  • Fortune telling insight.
  • Love and relationship advice.
  • Zodiac sign astrology readings.
  • Career forecasts, and so on. 

You may join the platform for free and browse advisors in the desired field. For now, Kasamba has almost 200 career experts who’ll answer all the questions regarding choosing a career path. All you need is to create an account and choose a preferred payment method to enable instant communication with the advisors on the website. Prices here start at $5-$6/minute for a call or chat with a career tarot reader.


Free daily horoscopesNo video sessions
Professional tarot reading
Informative psychics profiles
Large base of experienced advisors
Mobile app
Free tarot spreads
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Keen is a free-to-register platform where you may look for a career fortune telling advisor to solve various important disputes in your life. It offers a wide range of pricing options (from $1.99 to $9.99+ per minute of the session), depending on the advisor’s experience, skills, and area of expertise. On Keen, you also see all reviews on every advisor so that a customer can hire the best tarot card reader.

Read detailed Keen Review

California Psychics

Professional career fortune teller adviceLack of search filters
Cheap tarot reading services
Detailed profiles
Reward system
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California Psychics is an excellent option for those seeking accurate tarot card reading for career and life. Advisors are carefully tested before being hired so that a customer gets professional help and the best experience with the website. 

Whenever you need to plan ahead your future and get valuable insight or a sign, choose one of the categories presented on the platform:

  • Love tarot spreads.
  • Career fortune telling.
  • Life path psychics.
  • Pet advise.
  • Financial readings.
  • Lost objects.
  • Missing people psychics.

When looking for an answer about your job, you can contact a reader via online career advice chat or phone. Prices range depending on the package you select:

  • $1 per minute – Affordable.
  • $2 per minute – Popular.
  • $4 per minute – Premier.

No matter which plan you prefer, you’ll get accurate tarot reading for business on the California Psychics website.


Large database of gifted psychicsNo phone calls or video chat
Convenient personal profile
Matching experts suggestions
Selection of areas of expertise
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AskNebula is a popular solution for people seeking business advice from professional advisors. With the selection of parameters, a user can find a psychic who will make an accurate career tarot spread for them. You may choose experts with more than 10 years of experience, their area of expertise, or a number of consultations they’ve provided. 

Here are other spheres in which you can get accurate predictions:

  • Romantic relationship.
  • Family.
  • Finances.
  • Health.
  • Dream interpretations, etc.

Upon signing up, a new user is offered to have a free trial. Besides, the first 3 minutes of business tarot reading are also non-paid. To keep on enjoying AskNebula, you’ll have to fill your balance with at least 150 credits that cost $19.99. Such awesome promos and flexible payment options make this service an excellent choice if you want to get professional psychic advice at a reasonable price. 


Video callsPaid premium videos
Lots of business tarot reading expertsLack of information in some profiles
Informative video content on advisors’ pages
Free tarot reading spreads
Top 100 list of the best psychics
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Oranum is a platform where you’ll find various career tarot spread experts to seek solutions to various work-related issues. It’s not only about career readings but also any other aspect of your life, including:

  • Family and relationship matters.
  • Advice on astrology.
  • Numerology.
  • Sound baths, etc.

Compared to other websites, Oranum shows you psychic professionals making tarot spread for work through a webcam right away, so you may see everyone go live. Check experts’ ratings and find the most appealing one who you′ll be comfortable to work with. You need to buy coins for communicating with advisors, and you receive bonus coins every time you purchase a pack except for the cheapest one. 

For instance, you may get the best tarot cards for career if you buy:

  • 3,700 coins for $11.99.
  • 12,700 coins for $35.99.
  • 22,700 coins for $59.99, and so on. 

A price per video chat with an expert may also differ by the price set by an advisor and duration of the career tarot reading session. On average, most sessions go for 1,000-2,000 coins/minute.


Accurate search filtersNo video chat
A large number of advisors offering tarot card predictions for careerExpensive Master advisors
A range of prices
Appointment schedule option
Detailed customer reviews
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AskNow is another platform where you may order tarot spread for job search and define your spiritual career paths with experienced advisors and various types of readings: 

  • Astrological insight.
  • Tarot spreads.
  • Horoscope, etc. 

Here, you get access to a dashboard of experts making career tarot 3 or 5 cards spreads you can browse to search for a suitable category (e.g. related to work). 

Professionals post fees per minute which may depend on the type of expert you’re working with to get tarot spread for career. All are divided into:

  • Top ($3.99-$9.99/minute)
  • Elite ($10-$12.99/minute)
  • Master ($13+/minute) advisors. 

AskNow also offers phone or chat communication with those tarot reading career experts you find using search filters.

Let’s reveal some unknown aspects of your job and what you should be aware or cautious about.

Why to get a tarot spread for career?

Career fulfillment is way more important than just working for a paycheck, so achieving it in your current job or trying to get more of it by switching to a new position is not as easy as it sounds. Tarot card reading for career allows you to realize whether there are any hidden or not obvious reasons that somehow hold you, force you to stay at this place, or change something about it. A tarot spread for a career path will help you see if you should keep going or probably, you’re not using your full potential and should change the job or even your profession.

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What are other reasons for doing a tarot spread for work? Below, you’ll see the main motives to order a career path tarot spread.

Thinking of a long-term perspective of your career and setting goals

Use a career fortune teller to help you define your main goals and decide on how to achieve them step by step. Such tarot card reading for career and business is useful for those holding middle positions at large corporations but thinking of transitioning to a senior position within the same or another company. Sometimes, you get distracted by all the prospects, and you can’t set proper goals. Hence, a career advice will set your mind at ease. 

Finding positive moments about your job and dealing with problems

Don’t rush to ask for a tarot spread for job search if you’re not fully satisfied with your current situation. Better have a standard career tarot card readings instead to see if you could do anything to improve your work environment and feel happier with what you already have. This career psychic reading diagnostics will likely overcome your negative emotions about the job and focus on its positive sides and possibilities for growth. And sure, it’ll tell you whether it’s really time to move on and go find something better for yourself. 

Realize the need for a career change

Career readings won’t always tell you to stick to your current job and always find a bright side in something you don’t like at all. Naturally, we all are looking for new opportunities and it’s fine to have doubts about what you’re doing right now. That’s when a question about changing your area of expertise or switching to a new company arises. A new job tarot spread may be quite a decisive factor for anyone wondering whether it’s the right choice. Owing to this, you’ll explore what your prospects can be if you take a new position someplace else, and whether it’s a better option to change it right now.

How tarot reading for career and business works

If you want to do a current job check, you’ll need to pull five career oracle cards from a stack. The order of the cards matters too since each unit of the sequence symbolizes a different aspect of your job:

  • The first card explains the current situation.
  • The second tells about obstacles.
  • The third describes colleagues.
  • The fourth one reflects your chances for improvement and development.
  • The last one is about the general outlook of tarot reading. 

After you pull the cards, an expert will give you detailed feedback on what these cards represent. In each career tarot reading, every card combination is unique and has a different sign and meaning.

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to find a solution that works for you. Verified experts can do daily career tarot spreads online to give clients constant support. Some people are too overwhelmed with their day-to-day work, and a less time-consuming option like an online career advice chat or calls works better for them. 

The accuracy of a tarot card reading for career

No career and business tarot spread can predict your future in any way, but it reveals much information on personal circumstances. With understanding online tarot readings, you’ll discover:

  • New ways of how to live a better life.
  • How to cope with work issues better.
  • How to define your future goals and achieve them eventually.

Tarot cards show the right direction to improve your finances right now. They also may point out potential victories or threats you have not even thought about. It’s like the third eye looking at everything from a different perspective and searching for new ways of becoming happier and more fulfilled. You can even try daily career tarot spreads to know what to expect.

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Pricing for a tarot reading for business and career

The prices for tarot card predictions for career differ from expert to expert and depend on the length of a session (if that’s online). However, there are professionals who simply set a fixed price per spread, no matter how much time you both spend reading it. While looking for an advisor online, you may stumble upon those charging less than $2/minute of a call or text chat, and this can go far over $20/minute. 

Also, the price of tarot card reading for career may differ depending on whether there’ll be after-session consultations, any feedback meetings, and so on. The best experts will offer you:

  • The best tarot cards for career.
  • The place with the best vibes 
  • Relaxation before a tarot reading, which will also cost you something. 

Nowadays, many successful experts in tarot spreads for career earn money on their reputation too, so the fee might be slightly more expensive compared to an average yet experienced advisor. With this in mind, be ready to pay around $100-$150 per 1-hour session for a premium reader and around $50 for working with an average advisor.

What questions to ask tarot cards about career?

Once you’ve decided to ask a professional to make a career tarot spread for you, it’s necessary to prepare a little so that you get clear answers and insight. 

Formulating career success questions

First, let’s discover how to compose questions and which one to choose to receive helpful spiritual career paths guidance from tarot reading:

  • Focus on your situation and how you can improve it, not on trying to set control over someone. For example, a phrase, like “How to make my boss pay me more money?” isn’t the best choice for career psychic reading. “How to improve my current financial situation?” is much better.
  • Don’t use yes/no questions. If you strive to get important insight from a major arcana card, find out whether your hard work is worth it, or you need a new job tarot spread, formulate more complex phrases. 
  • Start with “How” and “Why.” Such questions allow a career fortune teller to get a complete picture and interpret tarot card meanings accurately. 

The best questions for career tarot readings

Here are the examples of questions you can use when asking a psychic to make a tarot spread for work:

  • What job will be the best for me? If you’re at a crossroads at the moment, it’s important to uncover some insight to define the right direction. A career path tarot spread will help you pick the profession you’ll really enjoy.
  • When is it better to look for a new job? Sometimes even getting the position at the company of your dreams doesn’t bring the desired happiness just because you’ve chosen the wrong period. A tarot spread for career change will show you when you should switch to a new firm. 
  • How can I get the job offer? This question disturbs everyone. A psychic will make a job interview tarot spread and explain what cards represent and what you should do to get the best career opportunities in the future.
  • How to resolve current complex situations at work? If you have issues with your co-workers or boss, just ask for psychic career advice.
  • What to do to achieve success? When working on some project or looking for new ways for further development, you might need some help. A tarot spread for career path will open lots of new information for you.
  • Why should I accept or decline the received offer? In case you’re a boss, it’s necessary to be careful with your decisions. Order a business tarot spread to make the right choice and achieve great results in future.

Whether you need the will I get the job tarot spread or want to know how to reach career goals, you’ll get essential insight from a professional reader. 

Time to try a career tarot reader!

A career fortune teller can be of great help when you feel stuck. It’s important to work with a real professional who can guide thorough psychic career advice and assist you in staying in your best mental shape and energy in the workplace. The more experienced a person you find, the more insightful tips on your tarot spread for career change you’ll get, and the more concentrated you’ll become on things that indeed matter. There are various online sources where you may meet reputable professionals who’ll conduct a job interview tarot spread, do a thorough analysis of your career paths, and help you establish your career priorities at the moment and in the future. Why not try a career psychic reading and get the weight off your shoulders?

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