How to tell if your Spouse is Cheating?

Your husband can easily meet tons of women on online dating apps and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder.

And if you notice a sudden change in their behavior like not talking to you like they used to do before, being engaged with their phone for hours and hours, using phone late at night, it means something is fishy.

Just by keeping a track of their phone with apps like pcTattletale, you can easily know what’s the real problem.

So if you think your husband is cheating on you, then here’s how you can track them with the best app to catch a cheating spouse.

How To Catch Your Cheating Husband With pcTattletale

pcTattletale Installation

For using the pcTattletale app on their Android phone successfully, you need to install the app on their phone. To do so, you need to take physical access to their phone first.

Once you have their phone handy, you need to install the app on their phone and make some changes in the phone settings and at the same time, you need to give a plethora of permissions.

After the successful installation, your husband’s phone is ready to be monitored with pcTattletale.

Tracking Your Husband’s Phone With pcTattletale

To check their mobile activities, you need to head to your PC again and select their Android device which is now appearing on the dashboard of the app.

1. Live Viewing

This is the most important and the best feature of pcTattletale. Using the Live Viewing feature, you can take remote access to the phone screen of your husband.

To use this feature, you need to click on the LIVE option that you see at the bottom. In a few seconds now, their phone screen will start to appear on the app portal and now you can check all their phone activities in real-time.

If your husband is checking Instagram messages, talking to them on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, or anywhere you can possibly think of, the app will show you the accurate results.

The only failure of this app is that it’s not powerful enough to show the searches made in an incognito window, videos played on the target phone get stuck, and any chat done in private mode cannot be seen.

Keeping these downfalls aside, this feature will do wonders in your tracking.

Recorded Activities

You obviously don’t have a whole day to check their phone screen. In order to give you some rest while still tracking their phone screen, pcTattletale has come up with the Recorded Activities feature.

Just click on the Calendar option that you see on the top and select the date to see the video. For your feasibility, you can download those videos as well.

Click Activities

If you think your husband is using their phone more usual, then you can confirm that with the Click Activity feature.

This little graph will show you the clicks made each hour on the target phone. Based on the number of clicks, you can well assume if the phone use is actually more than usual or not.

Location Tracking

Location tracking can be a great tool to know where your spouse goes after saying that they are going for an office meeting.

With the accurate location tracker of pcTattletale, you can check the current location of your husband anytime you want.

The location can be checked with the map mode and also with the satellite mode. A little pegman when dropped on a particular store or a shop can let you know how the place looks like where they usually visit.

pcTattletale Pricing

pcTattletale has 3 different plans to offer you. These three plans are FAMILY, FAMILY PLUS, and BUSINESS.

The FAMILY plan can be used by paying $99 and it provides a data storage capacity of one week. Then there is the FAMILY PLUS plan which is available for $147 with a data storage capacity of 30 days. Finally, we have the BUSINESS plan which can be purchased for $297 and it has a data storage capacity of 1 year.


If you have serious doubt about your husband’s commitment then it becomes necessary to see who’s intruding in your beautiful relationship.

But make sure your husband is not able to know about the pcTattletale installation on their phone. Although the app works in hidden mode, you should install the app when they are not around.

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