How Tobacco-Free Dip is Using E-commerce to Disrupt the Chewing Tobacco Market

Back when there were no more than a few tobacco products to choose from, it was a simple deal for consumers to find what they wanted. They could count on their preferred selections to be in stock, and they could get in and out quickly at any local convenience store or gas station.

These days, though, an overwhelming number of brands and thousands of options for both traditional and alternative tobacco products are out there. Different locations carry different items, and specialty smoke shops dedicate their entire retail space to tobacco products without even scratching the surface of the variety on the market today.

Consumers who are loyal to a specific product know that not every brick-and-mortar location will carry what they want, and their preferred items may not always be in stock at their regular shop either. Calling ahead to check isn’t necessarily a practical option and convenience stores don’t keep their inventory online, so sometimes a trip out can lead to settling for something else. Customers may visit several different locations trying to find that one specific product—a hassle that could easily be avoided through an e-commerce platform.

Companies in the tobacco industry would certainly benefit from moving their inventory to an online platform so people can order without having to leave the comfort of their home. Not only would companies be able to consistently provide their customers with their favorite products, but they could introduce consumers to new suggestions as well. They could offer subscriptions and special notifications, resulting in a more engaged and loyal audience. And finally, instead of relying on busy store clerks to verify age, automatic systems would guarantee consistency and accuracy every time a purchase is made.

Black Buffalo is one company disrupting the industry with its modern approach. Its tobacco-free dip appeals to a more health-conscious market full of consumers who love their tobacco but want something different; and it is offering that something different on a convenient e-commerce platform that makes it simple for customers to make sure they never run out of the smokeless tobacco alternative they love. 

Keeping Up With a Shifting Market

Let’s face it. Big Tobacco and the way things are done in the industry are outdated. Consumers no longer want to navigate store hours, spotty inventory or indifferent clerks. Not only is forgetting a form of ID a pain, but now there’s the potential hazard of COVID to worry about with every trip out of the house. People want products that change with the times; and these days, convenience is key.

In addition to desire for easier access, consumers want products that address their concern for personal health. We have known for a while now that the roasting and fermenting process tobacco goes through in order to make dip leads to a buildup of dangerous carcinogens. There are plenty of alternatives for smokers who want to substitute their habit with something that does not contain tobacco. But for tobacco chewers, these products do not replicate the routine and ritual, and they do not satisfy the demand for exciting flavors.

Tradition for the Modern Customer

Black Buffalo is charging ahead by creating the kind of shopping experience consumers are looking for with their tobacco alternatives. Customers can browse the substantial selection of products by clicking through the online catalog—meaning they can view everything Black Buffalo makes, not just what is in their local store. If an item is out of stock, the platform will notify customers when an out-of-stock item has been added back into the inventory.

All of Black Buffalo’s products are made with today’s dip-users in mind. The company knows how important authenticity is, and its team has worked for years to develop a brand that honors tradition while offering something completely different. Its smokeless tobacco alternative products are made with edible leaves and medical-grade nicotine—and no tobacco leaves or stems. They carry the traditional flavors consumers love like wintergreen and mint; and they also carry juicy, fruity flavors like blood orange and peach. And no worries about forgetting ID when shopping from home. The site’s secure software screens and verifies age before checking out.

E-Commerce is the Future of Tobacco and Tobacco Alternatives

In recent years, e-commerce has been growing at an astounding rate. Online shopping overtook in-person shopping for the first time in 2019, and the coronavirus pandemic has solidified consumer habits for the foreseeable future. People are buying furniture, makeup and even corrective eyeglasses online. 

Tobacco and tobacco alternative companies offering their products through an e-commerce capable website are reaping the benefits by keeping customers engaged, offering restock notifications and introducing new products to website visitors as they browse. Long-term brick-and-mortar shoppers are converting, too, due to the ease of consistently finding their favorite items without ever leaving home. As shopping habits change and consumers seek out more convenient options, e-commerce is expanding the future of tobacco and tobacco alternatives.

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