How Water-Soluble Cannabinoids are Expanding the Hemp Market

The global hemp market is forecasted to be worth more than $26 billion by 2025, but hemp product categories are currently limited by the intrinsic traits of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. By expanding the range of potential cannabinoid-infused products, the hemp industry can grow at an even faster rate and create a wider range of entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. In this guide, we’ll explain what water-soluble cannabinoids are and explore how water-soluble hemp extract could catalyze the industrial hemp industry into an unprecedented period of growth.

What is water-soluble hemp cannabinoid extract?

Cannabinoid-rich hemp extract is oil-based by default. Cannabis sativa flower contains hundreds of different active ingredients including flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, which are all lipids.

As a result, hemp extract mixes well into lipid-based product types such as tinctures and capsules. Hemp extract does not mix well, however, into water-based product types like drinks.

Invariably, cannabinoid-rich hemp extract separates from aqueous bases, which has historically made it hard, if not impossible, to produce CBD-infused bottled water, energy drinks, and other water-based product categories. Water-soluble cannabinoid extract, however, solves this issue by dispersing evenly throughout aqueous bases.

What types of water-soluble cannabinoid extract are there?

There are currently two different types of water-soluble cannabinoid extract on the market. The first, water-soluble powder, comes in a powderized form that looks similar to CBD isolate powder.

This type of water-soluble cannabinoid extract isn’t limited to isolated cannabinoids, however; it can be made with practically any type of cannabinoid-rich extract. This means that industry leading suppliers like GVB Biopharma are now able to  transform broad-spectrum CBD extract, full-spectrum CBG extract, or any number of oil-based cannabinoid extracts currently offered on the wholesale market into substances that are fully soluble in water.

Water-soluble cannabinoid extract is also offered in liquid form. Like water-soluble powder, water-soluble liquid can be made with practically any type of cannabinoid extract that is initially oil-based.

This extract is already in liquid form when it arrives at your production facility, which might save time during the manufacturing process or afford other advantages. A trustworthy supplier of water-soluble cannabinoid liquid and water-soluble cannabinoid powder, like GVB Biopharma, will offer thorough lab reports and total transparency regarding their credentials and processes.

Benefits of water-soluble cannabinoids

Water-soluble cannabinoid extracts simplify the process of adding cannabinoids to water-based product types. While these types of cannabinoid extracts are most obviously ideal for drinks, they even have the potential to make formulating water-based topicals easier.

It would be one thing if water-soluble hemp extract was only available with isolate CBD, but this innovative type of extract runs the gamut in terms of the types of cannabinoids it can contain. If you want to include multiple cannabinoids in a water-based product type, it’s easy to combine full-spectrum CBD with isolate CBG or isolate CBN, and it’s even possible to make water-based products with water-soluble CBG-rich distillate.

As a result, you can use water-soluble cannabinoids to capitalize both on the novelty of water-based cannabinoid-infused products and growing consumer interest in non-intoxicating cannabinoids other than CBD. Diversification is key in the modern hemp market, and there aren’t many brands out there that currently offer organic energy drinks infused with CBG-dominant broad-spectrum distillate, for instance.

Water-soluble cannabinoids also have the potential to greatly simplify certain production processes. As an example, figuring out how to suspend even simple cannabinoid ingredients like isolate CBD in water-based topical serums used to be a nightmare.

With water-soluble cannabinoid liquid or powder, however, this process is dramatically simplified. All you need to do is formulate your serum base, add your water-soluble cannabinoids, and mix the solution once. Water-based cannabinoids remain equally suspended throughout aqueous solutions once they are mixed.

Water-soluble cannabinoids are opening new product categories

The hemp market is currently facing a crisis of oversaturation. It’s becoming harder for new cannabinoid brands to make their marks using existing product lineup models, and even established companies are starting to crowd for space. The hemp consumer base continues to grow, but once this growth rate recedes below the rate at which new products are introduced into the market, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid industry could face major contraction.

One way to overcome this hurdle before it arrives is to invest in novel product types. Cannabinoid-infused beverages of all types are currently either relegated to fringe positions within the hemp economy or shunned by educated consumers with doubts regarding the water-solubility of oil-based hemp extracts. Developing new, trustworthy water-based cannabinoid products using water-soluble cannabinoid extracts from reputable suppliers opens new opportunities for hemp entrepreneurs while also removing some of the pressure from the oversaturated hemp market.

Best products for water-soluble cannabinoids

Water-soluble cannabinoid extract is ideal for any product application in which oil-based cannabinoid extracts would separate or otherwise provide undesirable results. Here are a few examples:


From craft beer to 12-packs of soda, dozens of beverage categories are crying out for the benefits of non-intoxicating cannabinoids. Beverages are one of the primary targets of water-soluble cannabinoids, and it’s only a matter of time until CBD-infused beverages will become plentiful in convenience stores, food co-ops, and even bars.


Energy shots have maintained a steady level of popularity around the world, and infusing these products with cannabidiol or other non-intoxicating cannabinoids adds further appeal.


Certain types of water-based topicals are much easier to make with water-soluble cannabinoid liquid or powder. Water-soluble cannabinoids may also offer greater skin permeability.

The future of cannabinoids is water-soluble

Oil-based cannabinoid extracts will always have a place within the hemp economy. From vape cartridges to tinctures, Cannabis sativa extract in its natural lipid state is a vital component of many top cannabinoid product categories.

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids will, however, have a better chance of entering the mainstream of society if they’re included in soda, beer, sparkling water, and other common items consumers pick up at the grocery store every day. High-quality water-soluble cannabinoids from reputable suppliers like GVB Biopharma are taking non-intoxicating cannabinoids a major leap closer to true evolution into ubiquitous components of contemporary life.

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