Hydroviv Reviews: The Shark Tank Water Filter Review

Hydroviv is a water purification company that enhances water quality in sinks, fridge lines, and showers. The brand claims to use a unique filtration system to help remove lead and other severe contaminants at a fantastic capacity. Hence, eliminating the chances of one falling ill or getting their skin damaged due to contaminated water. 

Currently, the Hydroviv company offers: Under Sink filters, Shower filters, and Refrigerator Line filters. And they all assist in improving the natural water supply that users receive. Nothing extra requires to be mounted, and users can turn on their faucet for the cleanest water possible.

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What is the Hydroviv Water Filter?

The Hydroviv water filter compares greatly with Woder, the leading product in the water-filtration sector, as they both leave important minerals intact. In addition, both filters are third-party tested to get rid of the identical range of contaminants, including Chromium 6 elimination.

However, the Hydroviv filter is different from all the other alternatives, including Woder, the market leader, because it is “city-specific.” The team behind Hydroviv gathers and studies data on water quality from local to federal databases to pinpoint contaminants – beyond what a water sample can do. Hence, they optimize filters depending on the users’ location.

So, how was Hydroviv conceived? In 2014, Flint, Michigan, swapped its drinking water supply which led to a cataclysmic case of water contamination hardly witnessed in the United States. And it triggered Dr. Eric Roy to go out of his way and design a water filtration system, which was readily customizable to the specific needs of the incoming water. And that is how the Hydroviv Company was born.

In addition, to get a glimpse of how the product fairs in the market, take a look at the following merits and demerits, according to the users.


  • The system meets and surpasses filtration performance standards as dictated by the National Science Foundation Standard (NFSS)
  • Easy to install
  • Decontaminates water to the very last bit of impurity
  • It does not take up a lot of space.


  • It is pretty expensive, especially with the frequent expense of filter media.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Water Filtration System

Installing a water filtration system makes sure that you are consuming and using clean water, and pure water directly translates into healthier and better-tasting water. Although taking contaminated water is dangerous for your well-being, it is also unhealthy to bathe. And that is why we suggest buying the Hydroviv water filter.

I know you probably wonder if Hydroviv is suitable for your home. And if not, what product should you purchase instead. Well, Hydroviv is wonderful for every American home, mindful of the water they drink and use in their everyday activities. The water supply from the municipal is only filtered to a given level and does not explain several other impurities found in it. Thus, by deploying Hydroviv, you can eliminate all impurities found explicitly in your locality’s water supply.

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But before making yourself to the nearest plumbing shop, there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a Hydroviv water purification system, including:

  • Do you need a water filtration system?
  • What properties should you pay attention to while purchasing a water filtration system?
  • Where can you test the water?
  • Is it appropriate to deploy Activated Carbon filtration?
  • What are the different water filtration systems deployed in your location?
  • Which is the most amazing water filtration system for decontaminating municipal water?
  • Lastly, how recurrent does a water filtration system demand any service?

Features and Benefits

  • Performance

Hydroviv filters brag about two major certifications: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Certification 42 means that these water filters will get rid of “visual contaminants.” In a nutshell, they remove odor and sour taste. And Chlorine is the most well-known example of this.

Certification 53 assures that the Hydroviv water purification system will get rid of impurities with recognized health negative impacts. And this means heavy metals, including lead, viruses, cysts, bacteria, and many more.

Plus, third-party testing has proved that Hydroviv filters do wonders in getting rid of PFAs. These artificially-made impurities are proven to bring about adverse health impacts, but at the moment, they are not controlled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Multi-Stage Filtration System

Filters are the crucial components in cleaning your water in a water filtration system. And every system entails water filter cartridges, with each cartridge in principle matching a particular water purification step, which means that each cartridge is exceptionally conceptualized and fabricated to get rid of particular impurities from your water supply.

And Hydroviv achieves this by integrating different filter materials in multiple cartridges in the water purification system. The filter gets rid of 94 percent of fluoride, 98 percent arsenic, and 97 percent of lead from the water supply. And to prove how effective Hydroviv’s water purification is, it outperformed major brands and generated water with untraceable levels of per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAs).

  • Customized for your home’s water

Customization is a single attribute that makes Hydroviv strike out among other purification systems. Furthermore, Hydroviv customization goes beyond improving the taste of water. Eric, the founder, and his team of experts design a water filter by taking into consideration the “impurities” in the water supply of a given place. 

When you order a Hydroviv water filter, the experts ask about your exact location. They even deploy their wide-ranging database to understand the water quality supplied to you.

  • Under Sink Water Filter Installation

Deploying the usual household tools, you can install a Hydroviv water purification system in roughly 10 minutes. That’s about as easy to mount as a water purification system gets.

  • Discharge

Since it connects to your current faucet, the Hydroviv system can generate a decline in water pressure. If the faucet’s water pressure is below 20 psi, you will demand a boost to better use the system. But you will not notice much of a decline after mounting the system if the pressure is already average.

  • Hydroviv Shower Filter Fits onto any Shower Head

Nearly all the showerheads in the United States have the same connection, ½ inch NPT. This is the standard! You have the shower arm plumbing hailing from the ceiling or the wall, so you can sufficiently fit the Hydroviv Shower Filter on whichever shower head you desire.

  • Hydroviv Water Quality

To assure the masses that the brand is geared towards improving people’s lives, Hydroviv assures that you can return the filter and get a refund if their purified water does not taste any good. The brand remains true to its word because you will notice a huge improvement in taste by taking the first gulps of their system’s purified water.

In addition, many online reviews attest to the taste improvement of consuming Hydroviv’s purified water. The water you will drink from a refrigerator tastes much better than water directly from the faucet. In a nutshell, the Hydroviv water purification system showcases the differences between tap and purified water.

  • Shower Filter Installation

Installing the Hydroviv Refrigerator fitter is pretty easy. You can mount it on the backside of your fridge, an activity that is simple to carry out.

Lacking space at the back of the refrigerator might sound like a hurdle, but there is an answer. One alternative is to preserve space within the fridge to install the filter in a storage vessel. And the vessel can sit on top of the refrigerator. It can be black or any other color that matches your refrigerator’s background so that the filtration device will not be outstanding.

  • Build Quality

The build quality for Hydroviv’s products is high-quality. The metal fittings are long-lasting and accurately fabricated. The tubes are fashioned from top-notch polymers, which are available in abundance for installation purposes. The outer shell is a long-lasting, rigid plastic. And it is all covered by a great warranty. Hence, there is nothing to fear about the build quality of Hydroviv’s three products.

  • Warranty and Support

Eric, Hydroviv’s founder, and his team offer their esteemed clients a 30-day full refund. If you happen not to like their water filter in the first thirty days, you can take it back for a complete refund.

Once the first month comes to an end, the water purification system is covered by a fantastic half a decade warranty. If the filter is defective or was poorly made, the company will repair or replace it. If you need any assistance from Hydroviv, it is pretty easy to get a hold of them.

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Customer Testimonials

After scouring the internet looking for information concerning Hydroviv, we stumbled upon reviews and testimonials that highlight the strengths of the water filtration system. The beauty of online reviews is people are not afraid to speak their minds due to the existing veil of anonymity. Hence, they tend to lean on the truth’s side. As a team, we took the liberty of taking screenshots for your sake, our reader. And here they are:


If price isn’t an option our go to water filtration device would be the Tyent Water Ionizer. But if you are looking for solutions on a budget here are some decent alternatives to Hydroviv:

Frizzlife Water Filters

Frizzlife Water Filters are products from a young and fast-growing company. Nonetheless, they have more than a decade of experience providing home water solutions to clients.

The Frizzlife Water Filters are top-notch, and they have a different technology, which gets rid of 99 percent of impurities while leaving behind essential minerals. Just like the Hydroviv water filtration systems.

Frizzlife vs. Hydroviv

  • They both have a multi-stage filtration system
  • They are easy to install
  • Frizzlife has a better flow rate compared to that of Hydroviv

You can visit frizzlife.com to learn more about the product.

Woder Water Filtration System

Woder is a water filtration system that helps eliminate contaminants in drinking and the clean home usage water.

And just like Hydroviv’s filtered water, the water derived from Woder is pure and healthy, and it is free of 99.9 percent of impurities while preserving important minerals. Look at the section below to understand how Hydroviv and Woder compare.

Woder versus Hydroviv

  • Both filters do not interfere with important minerals
  • They are third-party tested to eliminate the same range of water impurities
  • One benefit of buying the Woder is the addition of silver within the activated carbon filter media

You can visit the woder webpage to learn more about this filtration system however, I highly recommend the only water filter featured on Shark Tank!  Hydroviv’s Latest Pricing

iSpring Water Filtration System

The iSpring is a several-layer filter system that can eradicate more than a thousand pollutants.

The iSpring is NSF certified and brags about a multi-stage filtration system like the Hydroviv. However, unlike Hydroviv, it uses reverse osmosis technology. Check out the list below to see how Hydroviv and iSpring compare.

ISpring versus Hydroviv

  • They are both NSF and ANSI certified
  • They have a multi-stage filtration process
  • iSpring deploys reverse osmosis, but Hydroviv does not

To learn more about the iSpring water filtration system, click here.


In 2014, Hydroviv’s founder noticed a disastrous water pollution case: discolored water that gave out an odor, exceptionally high blood lead levels, and skin rashes. To solve it, Hydroviv’s founder partnered with other experts and developed consumer-grade filters, which could eliminate heavy metals, eradicate poor taste and odor. And due to all these benefits, the product is considered by many revolutionary. If you wish to learn more about Hydroviv, click here: Shop Hydroviv’s Current Promotions. And you will understand the vision behind this project.

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