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Starting your own business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Inc Authority is designed to take on the hassle of paperwork so you can focus on the other aspects of opening your business. 

In this Inc Authority review, we will look at pricing, customer reviews, and alternatives, so you can find the best way to start your business

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Overview of Inc Authority

For new corporation owners searching for a business formation service, Inc Authority is bound to appear as a top choice in their search. At its core, this company exists to improve the lives of business owners by taking the tedious paperwork off of their hands.

Inc Authority has been in business since 1989, having aided over 250,000 customers in the filing process of LLCs and other related services. With features similar to LegalZoom and ZenBusiness, this organization walks alongside new companies to file and form the LLC under the applicable state. 

After a thorough Inc Authority review, we have determined that this is one of the few services to provide a free service option before state fees. While there are other services that a client can choose to purchase through Inc Authority, its baseline LLC formation option contains zero service fees beyond state registration fees.

The free LLC formation process includes a business name check, state filing, yearlong advising with a free registered agent service, state and federal tax consultation, business funding analysis, and other services.


  • A free year-long subscription to walk owners through the most challenging aspects of starting a business
  • Convenient filing service which saves time and confusion
  • Additional business services for those who need professional guidance
  • Easy to use platform that makes the process streamlined and simple


  • No renewal alert
  • Fewer customer reviews than similar companies
  • Some additions are costly
  • Not yet accredited with BBB
Inc Authority Reviews

100% FREE online LLC setup service. You only pay the required state fees.

Things to Consider Before Signing Up with Inc Authority

A partnership with Inc Authority is ideal for those unfamiliar with the process of filing for a limited liability company. With its low prices and available add-ons, this service is especially helpful to those who wish to customize the help they receive and maximize their value.

If you are considering forming an LLC but feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and paperwork that this entails, Inc Authority offers personal help that might streamline that process. 

While this service may not be as helpful for people who already have a strong grasp of how to form their LLC, it can still save time and effort for the business owner who would rather focus their attention on their passion rather than the legal background requirements. 

Inc Authority can walk customers through many facets of starting a business, so it is helpful to consider what areas you need to focus on, such as credit, taxes, marketing, or registration, before signing on to this service.

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Inc Authority Pricing: Features & Benefits

The primary service IncAuthority advertises is their free LLC formation assistance. It is the backbone of their system, and every purchase or bundle includes the formation of a new LLC. This makes the product especially helpful for people who are seeking to create their entity, possibly for the first time.

Though the LLC filing through Inc Authority is truly free, customers must enroll in a yearlong registered agent service. Customers can cancel before they are charged for the second year. 

Every bundle of Inc Authority services includes these baseline services with additional advantages included.

Free LLC Service

Inc Authority offers an outstanding deal that may be especially appealing to new business owners or people on a budget. With the free LLC formation service, Inc Authority charges no additional fees for the first year beyond the required state fees. 

While your state will still require some payment for creating your LLC, this is an appealing option to people who desire extra help for filing without hidden fees or services.

100% FREE online LLC setup service. You only pay the required state fees.

Check Name Availability

To begin this process, an individual can confirm the availability of the proposed business name on the Inc Authority website. Once your business name qualifies through the website, you can move through the other modules to complete the setup.

Paperwork Filing

Whether you are starting a business selling the Cesar Millan dog collar or car advertisements like Stickr Co, your primary benefit with an Inc Authority service is the free preparation and submission of your state filed articles. The website will guide you step by step through the information they need so that you can have confidence that your LLC filing was done correctly. 

States may differ on how high this filing fee is, but you can be sure that with Inc Authority, you will not pay anything beyond this.

Digital Storage and Certificate Delivery

The files created through your Inc Authority filing will be kept on your client portal within the company’s website. These important documents like the certificate of formation will also be delivered to you to replicate as you please.

Free Registered Agent Services

For this deal, a registered agent will offer their services for free for one year. Companies who do not have a physical address can especially benefit from this partnership since states require having a registered agent with regular business hours to accept mail and personal visits regarding the corporation.

Although this subscription will begin charging for the second year, it is a beneficial way for a business to get started quickly without a business address.

Optional Benefits

Before you complete this transaction, you will be offered other essential services which complement Inc Authority’s entry bundle:

  • Record book $99
  • Website registration $19
  • Inc Protection Advisor $197/yr

Starter Bundle

A Starter Business Bundle is a good option for business owners who might benefit from the added expertise of Inc Authority advisors. This package contains additional services beyond the free Inc Authority LLC formation services, such as the business name search and yearlong registered agent services.

Pricing and Value

For $399 before state fees, you can receive the extra benefits of an LLC operating agreement, ownership agreements, a federal tax ID number, and a record book with a company seal. This membership will also grant you yearly access to a success advisor from Inc Authority. 

The help of an expert goes a long way, and unlimited access to an advisor can give an owner peace of mind as they navigate the unfamiliar difficulties of ownership.

Tax Materials

This bundle includes the creation of your IRS Tax ID Number, or EIN, a 1-hour tax consultation with a tax professional, and ongoing notifications for annual compliance. 

Together, these benefits can keep you assured that you are up to date on your tax requirements and materials instead of having to gather these materials yourself. The consultation can provide you with legal or tax advice that can protect the business formation process.

Legal Documents

With this bundle, you will also receive a complete operating agreement and bylaws, which outlines the ownership and function of a corporation. Having these documents taken care of as soon as possible can prevent discrepancies later on.

Other legal documents that this bundle includes are ownership certificates, initial meeting minutes, a record book, and a company seal. Having these documents in one place can increase the legitimacy and transparency of your business.

Guided Support

This bundle includes personal tax consulting that you can rely on in moments of confusion or difficulty. Your Inc Success Advisor can provide phone or internet support for problems such as IRS Audits, accounting, legal services, banking, payroll, credit, and license questions. 

This unlimited support system can be an invaluable guide to a new business owner who needs the perspective of a seasoned expert.

Since the Starter Bundle creates documents that business owners can rely on in the future, this package could be a good investment for smooth and conflict-free management. If someone is opening a small business for the first time, they may find a great deal of help in creating these agreements, which might have been unfamiliar.

Executive Bundle

For companies with special interests in websites and licensing, the next level up from a Starter Bundle could be a big help. The third-tier Executive Bundle comes with every service in the lower-cost bundles, like business name search and tax advice, with the addition of some exclusive perks.

Pricing and Value

At $499 before state fees, you will receive aid in registering your website domain and a report on state licensing for your business. Having these two elements of a corporation taken care of can save an owner time and effort that may be worth an extra $100.

Website Domain

Taking the guesswork out of technical issues, this package automatically sets your business up to have a website domain with five email addresses to increase interaction and credibility with the public. For business owners who would like to increase their online presence, this package is a great way to kick start the process.

Business License Report

The license report can inform you of any state requirements for licenses that your business needs to run properly. Inc Authority gives you full access to their business license reporting software. If owners do not have the time or desire to keep track of these regulations on their own time, getting an instant business license search can cut down on stress and uncertainty.

If you purchase this bundle, you also have access to an advisor and other helpful documents included in the Starter Bundle to quickly get your business off the ground. Both beginner and seasoned entrepreneurs can benefit from these legal services taking much of the tedious work out of forming a limited liability company. 

Tycoon Bundle

As the top-tier bundle with Inc Authority, the Tycoon Bundle is perfect for those business owners who want to ensure the growth of their company. It focuses on the areas of business credit and speed to ensure that your business has the best chance of succeeding quickly.

Pricing and Value

With all the services included in the lower bundles plus more, this package costs $799 before calculating the state fees. The exclusive benefits of this bundle include special credit services, express processing, and additional Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureau registration.

Credit Benefits

The multi-tiered business credit building system can give businesses a head start on gaining business credit and validity. This package also provides access to the business Credit LaunchPad system to illuminate the exact steps owners can take to build their credit. 

Finally, a personal business credit coach can provide owners with advice and wisdom on maintaining business credit through the complicated processes of running a business. This 90-day access to a qualified individual can give an owner resources and support for their business income.

Express Processing

Finally, these LLCs receive priority attention from Inc Authority to help the filing process go as quickly as possible.

This package is helpful for owners who do not have the time or resources to generate these materials themselves. With so much help from advisors and business credit coaches, you can be sure that your new LLC will be well cared for.

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Social Proof

After investigating the most reliable sites for Inc Authority reviews, I have found common testimonials and experiences from users who have tried these business formation services.

With a rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot, this company shows impressive customer satisfaction with recurring stories of helpful advisors, professional service, and the successful formation of clients’ LLCs. Users report that the process was simple, quick, and helpful.

Inc Authority Cost

Alternatives to Inc Authority

Inc Authority is not the only service provider that commits to helping you through your LLC filing process. Other organizations such as ZenBusiness LLC and LegalZoom also offer packages that include a filing component. Of course, entities who prefer to formulate their paperwork can choose to file for an LLC on their own.

ZenBusiness vs Inc Authority

At the lowest level, Inc Authority provides better value to the customer than ZenBusiness since there is no free option for this company. However, ZenBusiness offers more packages at a mid-range price which totals to be lower than Inc Authority’s highest-priced options.

Inc Authority costs range from $0 to $799, while ZenBusiness costs range from $49 to $299.

Inc Authority

  • Lowest Package: $0
  • Highest Package:$799
  • Price of registered agent: $99/yr
  • Customers: 250,000+


  • Lowest Package: $49
  • Highest Package: $299
  • Price of registered agent: $199/yr
  • Customers: 300,000+

LegalZoom vs Inc Authority

Compared to the free LLC service with Inc Authority and the baseline option with ZenBusiness, LegalZoom has the highest service fees for the standard option. Again, Inc Authority’s fullest package is more expensive than LegalZoom’s most comprehensive service. However, Inc Authority maintains higher customer ratings than LegalZoom.

LegalZoom packages range from $79 to $349, while Inc Authority offers services from $0 to $799.

Inc Authority

  • Lowest Package: $0
  • Highest Package:$799
  • Price of registered agent: $99/yr
  • Customers: 250,000+

LegalZoom LLC Services

  • Lowest Package: $79
  • Highest Package: $349
  • Price of registered agent: $299/yr
  • Customers: 2,000,000+

Inc Authority vs Filing on your Own

Owners of a small business are not required to use a third-party service to file for an LLC. While choosing to file independently will likely cause the owner to spend more time completing and submitting the paperwork, they can rest assured that they will only pay for the state filing fees.

Comparatively, Inc Authority’s free service costs the same as filing on your own since the only quantity a customer must pay is the state fees. This service can save effort and confusion on the part of the owner by streamlining the filing process. However, additional services that are marketed to customers at checkout would increase the price.


Inc Authority can come alongside new business owners who struggle with the burdens and uncertainty of maintaining a lawful business. Offering simplified filing, qualified advisors, and extra benefits to boost the business, Inc Authority’s services strive to eliminate much of the stress that owning a business can bring.

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