Innate Passion And Determination To Create Content Have Helped Zachary Neil Tarnopol, Aka Poke Evolve As An Artist and Entrepreneur

by Romy Johnson

Zachary Tarnopol transformed the gaming space and garnered a dedicated following by working as an actor, singer, and influencer.

Due to the boom of social media, there has been a huge rise in content creation online. This has led to the emergence of content creators and online entrepreneurs who crafted a dedicated following for themselves, with their passion and love for their content. One such generation Z content creator who garnered fame by becoming a robust social media influencer is Zachary Neil Tarnopol, aka Poke or Pokediger1.

Zachary Tarnopol, hailing from the US, is YouTuber, actor, and singer who has grown massively in the content creation industry. As a child, he was influenced by online gaming and dedicated his time to being a pro at it. His determination to make amends in the online gaming sphere made him open his YouTube channel at the age of 9. His channel, called Poke or Pokediger1, attracted a massive following in a short time. His avid gaming skills and commitment to try new and different games brought him many sets of viewers and now has over 4.5 million followers, with more than 1 Billion views. 

 Photo: Poke’s YouTube Golden Play Button and Silver Play Button Awards 

Zachary Tarnopol’s career as a content creator started as fun but has now catapulted him into the big leagues. Slowly and steadily, he learned the intricacies of growing as a content creator and experimented with different content on his channel. He even started singing along with posting videos of funny pranks. After gathering experience, he launched his firm called Poke Media LLC, which offers a platform to budding gamers, for expanding on their ideas of generating the content, providing them astute guidance on the challenges of the industry, etc. Zachary then ventured into many other fields of entertainment; he did media production and professional editing. His passion for the music and entertainment industry made him launch his own Amazon Prime series, which was received very well by the audience. The series consists of a total of 36 seasons, which is one of Zachary’s career high-points. 

In 2017, He also launched his music video and album Ant, Poke- PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX, SeeDeng, and Wallet so Fat in 2018. These helped him make more contacts, which led to him doing a voice cameo for the character Poke Bacon Soldier, in the sci-fi animation film The Last Guest. Zachary Tarnopol’s unconventional work ethic and passion to generate content be it on the reel or online, has made the GenZ influencer, actor, singer, evolve as a robust content creator at only 22 years of age.

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