Inno Supps’ T-Drive Boosts Testosterone, Supercharges Physical Performance, and Lowers Stress in Men

By Michelle Henson

The majority of males over 30+ who suffer from symptoms of low testosterone have pretty much been told that they either need to “deal with it” or are destined for a lifetime of hormone replacement therapy.  

But Cedars-Sinai Cardiologist Dr. David Filsoof has recently created a huge buzz in the medical community by sharing some extremely promising clinical studies for men who suffer from low testosterone and/or low fertility levels.  

According to Dr. Filsoof, the answer is in T-Drive, a testosterone booster made by the industry-leading supplement company, Inno Supps

Known for its wide range of high-quality products, the maker says it’s designed to boost testosterone and lower cortisol, which automatically makes this a win-win for men. Lower cortisol typically equals less stress, which may mean more testosterone and… well, that’s always a good thing.

In essence, the ingredients in T-Drive work together to support a man’s free testosterone levels, the hormones responsible for “masculine” traits. And higher levels of free testosterone may ultimately enhance physical performance at the gym, as well as amplified energy levels, muscle growth and definition, better sleep, and improved physical performance. 

T-Drive is chock-full of natural ingredients, including KSM-66®, an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to and respond to stress. 

T-booster with the best ingredients on the market

This testosterone booster is made with common supplements such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D, but it also contains ingredients that can only be found deep in nature, like fenugreek and ashwagandha. 

It stands head and shoulders above the competition, because it contains the right ingredients in the right doses. The star ingredient, KSM-66®, has shown results in clinical studies for reducing cortisol levels and increasing physical performance and endurance in men. 

How this testosterone booster helps thousands of men around the world

We believe T-Drive is so effective because it contains key vitamins, minerals, and herbs that support healthy male hormone production, particularly powerful herbs that can naturally ramp up the body’s testosterone production. 

It’s packed with key ingredients that help

  • Stimulate healthy testosterone production 
  • Boost energy levels
  • Build lean muscle
  • Maintain weight
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve body composition

Here’s a breakdown of each ingredient and how it enhances male vitality:

KSM-66® Ashwagandha – Considered a cure-all in traditional medicine, this super potent form of ashwagandha does everything from improving digestion to reducing body fat. 

Fenugreek – According to a clinical study, taking fenugreek daily both increased testosterone levels and improved body composition. And this study showed that in addition to increasing testosterone levels, fenugreek also enhanced mood and energy levels. 

Tribulus – This botanical is commonly used in testosterone boosters because it is known to naturally increase testosterone levels. 

Coleus Forskohlii – Clinical studies show that supplementation with coleus forskohlii may help aid fat loss and naturally increases testosterone production.

Epimedium – Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium is beneficial for improving bone health and cognitive function as well as increasing testosterone levels in men. 

Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps build lean muscle mass, which increases testosterone levels as well as energy levels. 

Niacin – An essential vitamin that supports healthy hormone levels, niacin also acts as a vasodilator to increase blood vessel size, which improves blood flow.

Magnesium – This vitamin is vital for healthy hormone production in men. This study showed a significant rise in free testosterone—on average an increase of 24 percent—in men who took magnesium for 4 weeks. 

Zinc – A deficiency in zinc may drag down your T levels, too. But this study found that when you supplement with zinc and magnesium, you’ll become a T powerhouse with an increase in free testosterone.

Boron – This helps free testosterone production because it decreases SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and blocks excess estrogen.

Why men all over the globe are choosing T-Drive over other testosterone boosters

There are other T-boosters out there that have ashwagandha, but even the most popular ones on the market don’t have as much as T-Drive, or they use sub-par extracts that don’t unlock the root’s full potential. 

This is important because high cortisol levels can actually block the production of testosterone. And one of ashwagandha’s superpowers is its ability to combat high cortisol levels, so having a supplement that both boosts T production and lowers cortisol may be extremely beneficial for men.

T-Drive boasts 675 mg of KSM-66® per serving—higher than any other supplement on the market. Plus, KSM-66® is the industry-leading ashwagandha extract, because of its unique ability to maximize the root’s benefits.  

The ingredients in T-Drive help amplify free testosterone levels, the testosterone that determines muscle development, mood, and physical performance, which means men will feel and see the results of optimizing T levels. 

There are thousands of reviews from real customers singing the praises of T-Drive and how it’s changed their lives, especially when it comes to physical performance.  

Even elite professional professional trainer Simeon Panda has been making serious gains since he’s added T-Drive to his supplement regimen. Click here to hear how taking T-Drive has ramped up his energy and taken his training sessions to another level. 

And, it is endorsed by a medical professional: “T-Drive contains the correct, clinically proven dosage of certain ingredients, which is why the men who take it report seeing incredible results, and why I highly recommend it,” said Dr. Filsoof. 

The bottom line: T-Drive is worth every penny

The mix of ingredients that all support hormone production in one way or another, the high dose of KSM-66®, and the fact that an overwhelmingly large number of users saw results in the first month make T-Drive a clear winner. And when compared to the competition, the price point is pretty reasonable.

If you are one of millions of men suffering from low T, this may be the testosterone booster to help get those levels balanced and in check. You can check it out on the official Inno Supps website

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