Instant knockout Reviews – Does It The Best Fat Burner 2022?

In recent times, there have been very few fat burners that have been designed for rapid fat burning. The ones that do promote fast fat loss, are generally crammed with stimulants that can often leave users feeling anxious and jittery.

However, a new fat burner on the market has been receiving rave reviews for its ability to help dieters achieve rapid fat loss without any of the negative side effects.

Instant Knockout is a new thermogenic fat burner that has quickly become a fan favorite among those looking to lose fat fast.

Promising rapid fat loss, improved energy levels, and no jitters, Instant Knockout reviews have been excellent with many customers swearing by the product.

But we all know how supplement manufacturers like to make outlandish claims. So we generally take any new fat burner with a large pinch of salt, until we analyze it ourselves.

That’s exactly what we did with Instant Knockout and this is what we found in our fat burner review.

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What is Instant Knockout Cut?

Instant Knockout Cut, also called Instant Knockout in short, is a fat burner that was designed for use by professional MMA fighters.

As you’d be aware, most sporting organizations now have stringent rules about dietary supplements, and every now and then, we hear tales about an athlete who got busted for using a supplement that they ‘thought’ was clean.

But turns out that it contained a banned ingredient or chemical. That’s why a group of MMA fighters decided to team up with scientists to create a fat burner that would help them get shredded without any risk of failing a drug test.

The result is Instant Knockout Cut, which is now available to the general public as well.

MMA fighters and other professional athletes have very unique requirements from a fat burner. They need something that works fast and that doesn’t cause a dip in energy.

That’s exactly what Instant Knockout delivers. You will lose weight fast and you will not even realize that you are on a weight loss plan.

Benefits of Instant Knockout Cut

Instant Knockout Cut is created to allow fitness buffs to lose weight fast, without ever having to deal with the negative side effects of most other fat burners.

It is packed with organic ingredients and very few stimulants, so it’s safe to use and extremely effective at helping you lose weight. Also, this leaves you with ample room for your daily stimulant intake.

Here are some of the ways in which it can help you lose weight.

1- Rapid Fat Loss

Instant Knockout was created with a blend of rapid absorbing ingredients that begin working in a span of days. Most other fat burners take days to increase the metabolic rate and boost fat metabolism because metabolic management to increase energy expenditure, is not easy to achieve.

But that’s where Instant Knockout shines. The ingredients in Instant Knockout work in just a few days and most users start to see results in just a few weeks. It starts off by dislodging the stored fat which is burnt because of the increase in energy expenditure.

Simultaneously, the amplified metabolic rate ensures that your body does not gain fat anymore because it’s constantly burning fat for fuel.

2- Blocks Fat Production

A fat burning supplement that will increase energy expenditure may not be enough to produce the desired results because it may not stop fat production.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you need something that will increase energy expenditure and stop the production of new fat cells at the same time.

That’s where Instant Knockout Cut comes into play again. It contains a blend of selective ingredients that prevent your body from producing new fat cells from the food you consume.

Call it nutrient parting, or the ability to better use the carbohydrates you eat, users on Instant Knockout often comment about the increased fat oxidation and the reduced body fat percentage, even when their diets are off the mark.

3- Increased Energy Levels

Instant Knockout Cut contains a blend of potent ingredients that help increase your energy levels and your mood as well. This is not always the case with other fat burners.

When you are losing weight, you tend to feel lethargic because your calorie intake is closely connected to your energy balance. A negative energy balance is probably the worst thing for your mood because it will cause mood swings and make you feel down.

Instant Knockout Cut contains ingredients that help maintain a positive energy balance so that you can continue to stay motivated throughout the weight loss journey, and also function normally in all other walks of your life.

4- Strong Appetite Suppressant

Another vital aspect of successful weight loss is the ability to curb your calorie intake. If you are unable to keep those cravings in check and reach out for that sugary snack more often than not, then you are going to find it tough to lose that unwanted fat, regardless of how good the fat burner is.

That’s why Instant Knockout comes with a strong appetite suppressant blend that ensures that you are able to stick to your diet and lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Also, we like the fact that it does not use harmful chemicals to achieve appetite suppression. More about this in a bit.

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How Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout is one of the best combination fat burners that we have come across in a long time. Like any other combination fat burner, it will attack your body weight from different directions.

This means, that regardless of what your biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss might be, Instant Knockout can help. If you have a slow metabolism, then it will increase your metabolic rate so that you start burning more calories.

If you are struggling with cravings and an inability to stick to your diet, then the appetite suppressant ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut will help you to keep your calorie intake under control.

Here’s a closer look at how it works.

I. Increases Metabolic Rate

Metabolism is a catchall phrase that’s used to describe a process that occurs in all living cells. The metabolic process is the chemical reactions that occur within the cell to produce energy from food molecules. So, the amount of calories that your body burns, utilizing the food you eat, is roughly an explanation of your metabolic rate.

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories your body burns at rest. This means when you are not exercising or performing any physical activity. This is determined by a variety of factors, including muscle mass, age, and genetics, to name a few.

Instant Knockout works by increasing the BMR so that your body burns more calories even when you are not working out. So, even when you are busy lying on the couch, for instance, Instant Knockout is working in the background to burn more calories than what that task demands.

II. Appetite Reduction for Losing Weight

Appetite suppression for weight loss is a tricky thing to achieve. What works for some people, might not work for everyone else. This is because our biology and emotional state vary from person to person. This is especially true for chemicals that alter neurotransmitter levels in our brain for weight loss.

That’s something that we steer clear of because once you stop using the weight loss supplement, you might regain all of the lost weight and maybe even more. So, we like what Instant Knockout Cut is doing with appetite suppression.

It doesn’t rely on synthetic chemicals, but natural extracts that work naturally to curb those cravings and suppress your appetite naturally. The main ingredient, in this case, is glucomannan which is a proven water soluble fiber. Glucomannan basically absorbs water in your stomach, making you feel full for longer.

It doesn’t just curb cravings though, it also decreases the absorption of fat and carbohydrates after a meal. This is again due to the fiber in glucomannan that pulls in more fats and carbs into the cells in your intestinal wall, which prevents them from being absorbed by the body.

So, not only does glucomannan help you to feel full for longer, but it also helps to prevent any excess calories from being stored as fat in your body.

III. Fuels Energy Levels for Weight Loss

Energy is the driving force behind everything that we do. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and it keeps us going throughout the day. So, it’s important to have a weight loss supplement that can help to maintain your energy levels. This is the secret to losing weight sustainably.

Remember what we told you about Instant Knockout being designed by professional athletes? One of the prerequisites for athletes is that they have plenty of energy to train and perform. Instant Knockout was designed with that in mind, and it contains a range of ingredients that help to fuel your energy levels.

The caffeine content, for instance, is enough to give you a good boost without making you feel jittery or overly anxious. Then there are the B Vitamins which play an important role in ATP synthesis. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is used by your cells to create energy so that the cell can carry out its tasks.

Rather than feeling lethargic, cranky, or irritable, athletes feel amazing on Instant Knockout, which allows them to meet their weight loss goals easily.

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Instant Knockout Ingredients

The ingredients are what separate fat burners. An effective fat burner should contain clinically researched ingredients that have been shown to help with weight loss.

There shouldn’t be an over reliance on stimulants because they make the entire weight loss experience unpleasant. What’s surprising is that no Instant Knockout review mentions this. Here’s a look at the Instant Knockout ingredients in detail.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplements these days. This is because it’s been shown to help with weight loss in a number of ways.

Firstly, green tea extract contains caffeine and catechins which are both known for their ability to help with weight loss. Caffeine helps to boost your metabolism while catechins, namely EGCG, helps to suppress your appetite.

Secondly, green tea extract helps with thermogenesis which is the process of creating heat in the body. This helps burn fat by increasing overall calorie expenditure from the body.

Studies have shown that EGCG in particular can help speed up weight loss in a short time frame.

Cayenne pepper seeds

Cayenne pepper is a hot chili pepper that’s been used for centuries as a folk remedy for a range of ailments. More recently, it’s been shown to help with weight loss.

Cayenne pepper helps to boost your metabolism and increase overall calorie expenditure from the body. It does this by increasing the amount of heat that your body creates. This is part of the thermogenic blend in Instant Knockout.


We already spoke about Glucomannan in detail. This is a water soluble fiber that expands after you take a dose. When it expands, it forms a thick jelly that moves slowly through your intestines. This makes you feel full and reduces the amount of food that you eat.

Glucomannan also helps to absorb fat and carbs from your meal, preventing them from being absorbed by the body. This is another way that it helps with fat oxidation. It is so safe that it is also used in overweight or obese children.

B Vitamins

The B Vitamins are essential for energy production and metabolism. They also help to keep your energy levels stable throughout the day and maintain cognitive performance, which is important when you’re trying to lose weight.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Instant Knockout also contains caffeine anhydrous. But don’t let that deter you from trying this out. The difference with Instant Knockout is that it’s got a very tiny bit of caffeine, which works in synergy with other ingredients to create thermogenesis and burn fat.

The tiny concentration means that there’s ample room for you to include your caffeinated drinks at other times of the day, without feeling jittery.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea. Green tea, as we all know is a very healthy beverage. But what most people do not know is that Green Tea also contains L-Theanine, which helps negate the side effects of caffeine such as jitters and anxiety.

It does this by helping to calm the mind and promoting a state of relaxation. This allows you to focus on your weight loss goals without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. So, even if Instant Knockout contains green tea extract, L-Theanine is added separately.

Overall, the Instant Knockout ingredients are a well-rounded and effective blend that can help you lose weight quickly and safely. With a combination of thermogenic ingredients, appetite suppressants, and fat absorption inhibitors, you’re sure to see results with this supplement.

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Instant Knockout Pros and Cons

How does Instant Knockout fare when you look at it objectively and try to analyze the pros and cons? Let’s find out.


Rapid Fat Loss – If you read any Instant Knockout review, you’ll notice one common aspect. They all lost weight fast. Instant Knockout is one of the few rapid acting diet pills that work.

Natural Ingredients – This supplement contains all-natural ingredients like caffeine anhydrous, glucomannan, green coffee bean, and green tea extracts. There are no harmful chemicals or banned ingredients.

No Excessive Stimulants – Unlike other diet pills that contain harsh stimulants, Instant Knockout is gentle on the system. It does not contain any harmful stimulants that can harm your health in the long run.

Multiple Benefits – Instant Knockout works as a weight loss supplement, but it also has benefits that are not directly related to weight loss. We have already talked about one such benefit- antioxidant activity due to green tea and green coffee beans.

There are other benefits too like decreased LDL cholesterol levels, boosted cognitive performance, and increased energy levels.

100% Money-Back Guarantee – If you are not happy with the results, Instant Knockout offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


Only Available Online – Instant Knockout is only available online and there is no retail store that sells it. This might be a disadvantage for some people.

Mostly Sold Out – The popularity of this supplement has resulted in it being mostly sold out. So, if you want to buy it, you might have to wait for a while.

Price – Instant Knockout is not the cheapest weight loss supplement on the market. But, considering the results that people are getting, it might be worth the price.

Instant Knockout Pricing

Instant knockout fat burner is available in 3 different packages:

  • 1 bottle for $59.99
  • 2 bottles for $119.97
  • 4 bottles for $179.95

It’s not the cheapest supplement on the market, but it’s definitely not the most expensive.

Plus, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this supplement. With ingredients like caffeine anhydrous and glucomannan, you know that you’re getting a quality product that works as an appetite suppressant, boosts fat oxidation, and gives you more energy for your tasks.

So, we certainly don’t think that you are being overcharged, considering what Instant Knockout Fat burner brings to the table for rapid fat burning.

P.S – You can only buy this supplement on the Instant Knockout website or on licensed vendor websites. You can access the Instant Knockout website below.

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Instant Knockout – FAQs

Q. Is instant knockout safe?

A. Instant Knockout is a safe and natural supplement that does not contain any harmful stimulants or chemicals. None of the ingredients are known to cause adverse effects. So, to answer the question, yes. It does appear to be a safe supplement.

Q. What are the side effects of fat burners?

A. The most common side effects reported are nausea, jitters, and headaches. However, these are generally seen in body fat burners with high concentrations of stimulants. Also, they usually go away after a few days of use.

Q. Is there a fat burner that works?

A. We just showed you one that does. Instant Knockout is a fat burner that’s used by professional sportsmen. The reason is that it works like a charm. There are tons of Instant Knockout reviews that also confirm the same.

Q. Is Instant Knockout suitable for women to lose weight?

A. It absolutely is. Many women reach out to us after seeing the website as they are unsure of whether to take Instant Knockout or not. Well, we don’t see why women cannot take instant knockout.

The marketing might be centered on professional MMA athletes. But if you see real Instant knockout results, there are many Instant Knockout reviews that talk about how women were able to amplify fat burning with it.

This is a very women-friendly supplement. It contains overall healthy ingredients like green tea extracts, green coffee bean extract, black pepper extract, and B Vitamins. It will suppress appetite, give you more energy and amplify fat oxidation.

It does not contain too many stims and is gentle on the hormonal profile for women too.

To Sum it all up – Our Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout has helped thousands of users lose weight in a short time. The increase in metabolic rate, antioxidant activity, and energy levels makes this one of the most well-rounded fat burners.

The ingredients are all natural. The stimulants are limited. To top it off, there’s a money-back guarantee too. Hard to find a better combination.

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