Interview with Snowboarder Jordan Siberry

A theme that seems to develop with Jordan Siberry is not just active, but adrenaline seeking. Besides being a 10x Ironman finisher and competitive triathlete, he finds his other outlet to be snowboarding. A seasoned traveler, he’s been able to tackle some of the best mountains in the world. A deep dive into his snowboarding lifestyle, Jordan opens up with some insight and it’s easy to see why he’s attracted to another extreme sport.

So from the water, to the asphalt, to the snow. What’s the attraction of this one?

Jordan: You know, they are quite different but the mindset is pretty similar actually. It’s a challenge, and depending on the route, the degree of difficulty varies. So that’s the approach I take, if i’m going down an easy hill or a difficult hill. You have to mentally be prepared and take it as it comes, not overthink it. I try to study the routes before I go down them, get myself familiar with them. Same thing I do for triathlons.

Is the risk part of the attraction?

Jordan: Not really. Obviously, you can get hurt at any time or moment. But if you’re prepared and ready for the hill, then you should be ok. There’s a sense of pride in accomplishing the run well. When you look up and think, “I came down that”, there’s definitely a good feeling there.

Does one sport help the other? What kind of Boards do you ride?

Jordan: Physically, no not really. You use your legs primarily but even then you’re using your legs in different capacities. Perhaps the endurance helps you do multiple runs but I wouldn’t think one helps prepare for the other. As for which Boards do I ride, I only ride Jones Snowboards with Jones Bindings. I really love the product Jeremy Jones has created and currently own 4 of their boards.

Is it weird that you’re into a snow sport living in Miami? It’s not like you can do it year round:

Jordan: True, but even the good mountains don’t have snow year round so you wouldn’t really be able to practice it all year. Growing up In Canada, I always had access to world class mountains and I am always looking for an excuse to visit home for an extended snow season but at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade the Miami weather for anything.

Talk about some of the mountains or hills you’ve been on:

Jordan: I’ve been very fortunate to go down some of the best mountains in the world. Zermatt, Telluride, Snowmass, Whistler, Breckenridge are the main ones that stick out to me. Zermatt was one of my favorite ones. It’s in Switzerland, and the backdrop is beyond beautiful. You’re hitting jumps and runs that are set against landscapes that are breathtaking. It’s also not as crowded, it’s a bit bigger and seems to have more runs for people. So you’re able to really get in a lot of time on the mountain.

    Domestically, Colorado is hard to beat. Places like Breckenridge and Telluride, easy to get to, and are basically made for this type of thing. They’re a bit more crowded, but they are efficient and a good time. Also, even though there is snow, it just doesn’t feel as cold as the Canada snow mountains I’ve been on. There’s been a day where I’ve gone down in a tshirt. It’s really crazy to think about. I definitely recommend Colorado for snowboarding to friends, and they are also good for beginners with a lot of variety of runs there.

Is there an area or mountain on your list that you want to hit?

Jordan: I want to do Austria. A lot of the Olympians train there. While I’m not at their level, I think it’d be cool to use their training grounds to get a feel for what they go on. Also I imagine it’s like Switzerland with the backdrop and landscape. I have an Epic Pass which gets you unlimited access to over 56 mountains all over the world, so I have a lot of places I still want to check off my list.

Is there anything you listen to on the mountains to motivate you? Music or Podcasts Etc.

Jordan: I don’t listen to much music as it can be distracting but I definitely listen to some podcasts. I really enjoy the Motherish Moments podcast for obvious reasons. I think Pamela Silva and Karen Comas have done a great job making it one of the Best Mom Podcasts in my opinion and I love that a big part of it is based around my son Ford Liam Siberry.

What sport is up next? Assuming it’s another extreme one:

Jordan: I don’t think I have anything else at the moment that I want to try or do. I’ve had my hands in a few things and stay quite busy, I currently do Jiu-Jitsu In Miami with the Valente Brothers. In My Opinion they are the best Miami Jiu Jitsu School

How Could Someone Reach You if They Had Questions about Snowboarding or any of your other Hobbies? 
They Can reach me on my Jordan Siberry Linkedin or my Jordan Siberry Quora or even my Instagram or Twitter

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