Is The CBD Oil You See Peddled On Social Media Legit?

Social media may be one of the most confusing places on the Internet. Among all the cat videos and big stories shared by our friends, there are also a lot of bold claims made about potential health supplements. Among them: claims that CBD oil can treat or cure any condition online made by so-called “influencers.” But can their statements – without medical verification – truly be trusted? 

When it comes to CBD oil – or anything you may ingest, for that matter – it’s always better to do your research. While “influencers” can be fun to follow, they are also often paid by companies to promote brands. Thus, what you see on CBD oil in social media may not be legit, and here’s why. 

CBD oil “influencers” aren’t always sharing their sources

As noted above, social media “influencers” have large followings, often through sharing stories about their lifestyles and day-to-day actions. But like any celebrity, what you see on the surface may not be the real story. 

In many situations, social media influencers are often paid for product placements or advertisements on their social media channels. And while they are supposed to clearly tag any ads with either a recognizable hashtag or another statement that suggests a paid relationship, the lines are often blurred. 

In addition, these influencers may not have all the data on the products they share. As a result, they could be sharing claims about low-quality CBD oils without even knowing it. 

When it comes to CBD oil, don’t trust an influencer to do your homework for you. Instead, read the certificate of analysis to better understand the products. Producers of pure CBD oil will always make their certificates of analysis available for inspection so that you can rest assured of the purity of your products. 

CBD oil “influencers” are not medical professionals

Social media influencers can be a lot of things, from makeup artists to writers or highly skilled gamers. However, influencers are rarely medical professionals, with degrees from accredited colleges and universities. 

If an influencer has medical training, they will often incorporate it into their content. In addition to their credentials, they will often discuss research or case studies on the subject. Medical professionals will also talk about both the pros and cons of any product – not just promote the benefits. If an influencer doesn’t have a medical background, they could be making dangerous claims without even knowing it. 

With matters of health or personal wellness, never trust a CBD “influencer.” Instead, talk to your doctor about any product you plan on taking, as they can help you decide if it’s right for you, along with any conflicts you may have with your medicine. 

CBD oil “influencers” are often not citing data

Finally, influencers may be very good in one area of information. But it doesn’t mean they are great researchers or know how to read a certificate of analysis. Because of this, their claims could only come from marketing papers, not actual data from studies. 

A medical professional will often cite peer-reviewed research or double-blind, placebo-controlled data when making a claim about any product. If an influencer can’t use independent studies to back up their claims, their comments may not be based on actual facts. 

When it comes to choosing a CBD oil for your lifestyle, don’t take the word of an influencer. Instead, always do your own research and discuss the potential benefits of any CBD oil regimen with actual medical professionals. 

Should I buy a CBD oil brand from an “influencer?”

Social media influencers can do a lot of good in the world. Their knowledge is very useful and can help others get a better quality of life. However, their claims about CBD oil – or anything revolving around medicine or healthcare – may only be paid lines from a smart marketing manager.  Before you buy CBD oil, promoted or not, do your own research and purchase a product that you are comfortable with. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make about your personal wellbeing now and into

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