James Khuri Engages A Magical Gathering For Christmas

Remember all the trading cards that made the breaks in school even more enjoyable? More collectables than actually card games, some of the franchises are still handled as hot as ever. 

Which is why they still make amazing Christmas gifts. Whether it’s Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, or any other of the franchises. The same goes for all the Hasbro & Mattel merchandised toys. Ever wondered how they are distributed all over the world?

Well, James Khuri, the successful CEO Of Khuri Enterprises and FJ Holdings, is the official manufacturing and distributions partner for Amazon, Walmart & countless brick & mortar businesses for these exact products. 

One of his companies recently teamed up in an exclusive collaboration with Amazon worldwide to distribute the goods to over 136 countries. The collaboration sees the company part of the FJ Holdings group being taken care for by an Amazon representative assigned to the individual cause. The company is one of only ten in the world to enjoy this exclusive treatment by the online giant.

Indicators of an extremely successful year for the businessman. Not only Amazon, but also Walmart tightened their partnership with FJ Holdings in order to create a new fulfilment system.

Towards the end of the year, James Khuri and his team gave tons of toys and cards to children in need in Los Angeles. Not only that, he announced to turn his charity activities into a long term project. Under the name Beautiful Mind, his team is looking to fulfill children’s dreams to a further extend. Social media and the feeling of a community seem to have sparked a new passion in the entrepreneur, who knows success is best when shared. 

With the forecast for the next year looking more than positive for his ventures, the single father of a son can comfortably spend more time on projects of the heart. James Khuri has made it into a position where he can allow his success to be enjoyed by more than just himself and his family. So it seems in the near future, we can expect to see more heartwarming videos in-between family portraits and his impressive garage. 

There’s little doubt Beautiful Mind could turn into a project that James Khuri wants to be remembered for even more than for his constant pioneer work in the distribution industry. One thing is for sure, it will be another Khuri success story. 

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