Keen Psychics Review: I Tried Love Readings, My Review of Their Best Psychics

Psychics on Keen are required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in their field and pass several tests of ability to be listed on the site.

Today we review, which is one of the largest psychic platforms today and has a huge variety of advisors available.

For this review, I used their free trial to evaluate some of the top rated psychics on the site.

A Brief Overview of Keen

Keen Psychics has been in existence since 1999 and has served over 35 million people as of 2020. Due to the honest commitment by the management of Keen to help seekers get answers to their life challenges, they have assembled a large network of trustworthy advisors.

On their about page, Keen explains that they aim to represent honesty, hope, and commitment, which is also the principle their psychics have been directed to abide by. As for the website design, it remains one of the most seamless in the industry; it has every feature and categories just at the right places ready to lead you to the next page. In general, Keen is indeed a platform on a mission to soul rejuvenation.

Features and Categories on Keen is designed with everybody in mind, so the website was created putting everyone’s computer knowledge into perspective. Keen comes with quite some interesting number of features and categories that ensures that your stay on the site it worth it. Some of them include:


This is where you get to see the list of categories of services the company offers, which we will talk about subsequently on this review. When you select any of the categories, it leads you straight to the section where you find psychics that fits your selected category.


Keen understands the importance of enlightening people on psychic practice, so they have dozens of articles that borders around psychic love advice you psychic advice, tarot advice, spirit advice, and astrology advice.

Search Feature

This feature makes it easier for visitors to look for their favorite psychics online. All you need to do is to type the name on the search section to call him or her up.

Categories on Keen

Keen has psychic services like Psychic Readings, Love & Relationships, Life Questions, Tarot Readers, and Spiritual Readings. Each section has its professional psychics from all walks of life standing by to give you the most accurate psychic readings that give you a reason to live again.

Keen Blog

On, you are not just a customer, you are a member of the family, so they will like carrying everybody along, hence the blog section. The blog contains regular information about the activities of the company and other relevant news from the industry at large.

Horoscopes Category on

This is a popular one. Almost everybody can relate to their horoscope. Horoscopes are attached to every individual’s month of birth. It helps psychics to run an accurate psychic session on you to give you the answer you like challenges you may face in the future and how to prevent and overcome them.

Review of Pricing on Keen Psychics

To exemplify their commitment to making sure that whatever challenges you are passing through do not overwhelm you, has designed the most moderate pricing for all levels of customers seeking to get spiritual fulfillment. This is to say in essence that the pricing is very much affordable, ranging from $1.99/min to $29.99/min. Also, as a customer, you are entitled to get 3 mins (or more) free time as a complimentary gift for your patronage. But this depends on the psychic you chose. The good news is that Keen has dedicated psychics who are committed to giving each customer the value for their money.

Best Psychics on keen

The thing is, keen online psychic readings are picky in selecting their psychics. This is why their psychics are always the best in the field. They come from all different parts of the world and have been in the business for years. The major guideline for becoming one of keen advisors is mostly your experience in the field. Again, all their psychics bilingual and are fluent in the English language too.

Keen Social Media Exposure

In the spirit of keeping you in the know, the company carries everybody along on social media with its activities. You can always like keen psychic reading platform on Facebook @keenpsychics, follow on Twitter @keenPsychic, on Instagram @keenpsychics, or pin on Pinterest @keenpsychics.

Keen and Innovation

The first thing you experience in arriving on this website is convenience and innovation. In evidence, has an App version developed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Their website is also compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms; another way of creating convenience in the industry. Still, on innovative and convince, has created two channels of communication which you can communicate with your chosen psychic namely chats and phone calls.

Final Verdict on Keen

To sum up, Keen stands out as a platform that really cares about giving you a powerful and impactful reading.  I loved how you can always contact their customer care section if you encounter any difficulty assessing any part of the site or you have a complaint to make. They are always very responsive.

I hope you enjoyed this review.  Read more reviews of the best online psychics here.

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