Legitimate Russian Brides: How To Find a Women For Marriage

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Studies show that after the collapse of the USSR, the number of female marriage immigrants from Russia to the US increased dramatically. In 2019, 815 Russians applied for a K-1 visa, also known as a marriage visa, and most of them were women we usually call Russian mail order wives.

The vast majority of Russian brides found their husbands on niche mail order bride sites (which are a bit different from regular global dating sites as they accept only women interested in serious relationships and marriage). So, where to meet Russian mail order bride?

List Of The Best Russian Dating Sites:

  1. Bravodate
  2. Amourfactory
  3. Jollyromance
  4. UkraineBride4you
  5. SingleSlavic
  6. KissRussianBeauty


What if you want to find a single Russian woman but aren’t an experienced online dater? You need to find a website that 1) has a lot of Russian women motivated to find a boyfriend or a life partner 2) is super user-friendly 3) has all the features that a good international dating site is supposed to have. And BravoDate is the option you should сonsider if you are new to online dating because it meets all these requirements.

New members can get bonuses that allow them to test the best premium features like messaging, watching live video shows, watching videos, etc. Those who are satisfied with the quality of services can purchase more credits (there are some generous discounts) and keep interacting with Slavic women. If you want to interact with a girl you like outside the platform, you can request her contact details, too.

Pros Cons
Great design, interface, works well for beginners
Two types of search Messaging, emails, and gift delivery Detailed profiles
No mobile application (the site is mobile-optimized though)
Watching profile videos is not free


AmourFactory is one of the newest yet already popular legitimate International dating sites. What makes it stand out? First, men from western countries (access is restricted in some other regions) can create accounts easily and get instant access to Russian ladies’ profiles and, of course, the features without paying a cent. Second, the number of Russian women for dating is overwhelming, and more importantly, most profiles on the site are validated.

Ladies upload professional photos (public and private ones), videos and share information on men they are looking for. Men can use search, including advanced search, to find ideal matches and contact them by sending winks, having text chat, attaching files, etc. If your relationship with one of the foreign ladies is getting serious, you can also send a contact detail request or even a meeting request, if you want to go to this country to meet your girlfriend.

Pros Cons
Great design, interface, works well for beginners
Two types of search Messaging, emails, and gift delivery Detailed profiles
No mobile application (the site is mobile-optimized though)
Watching profile videos is not free


If you want to find a Russian girl for dating, JollyRomance is likely to be the place where you’ll meet her. The platform accepts all the male members from western countries (of course, if they provide valid information and complete their profiles), but the registration process is a bit more complicated for Russian ladies. They need to prove their identity, provide photos and videos (uploading videos is optional but many women do it to get more attention from men), and describe their expectations in detail.

All new and regular members have access to plenty of free features like browsing profiles, both basic and advanced search, however, male members need to buy credits to be able to use premium features like chat, emails, video shows (see a member in real-time), watching and sending videos. If you have already met your dream girl and are ready to meet her in Russia, you can send a meeting request and finally go on a real date with your girlfriend.

Pros Cons
Many free features Discounts for new members
Opportunity to watch live shows
High response rate
No video chat
No mobile app


If you are in search of Russian girls for marriage, you can find hundreds of them on UkraineBride4You. Though the name of the site suggests that it has female members from Ukraine, it actually accepts women from such countries as Russia, Belarus, and some other Eastern European countries. Why choose this site? First of all, it is a large platform with tons of communication tools. The variety of services provided to users is one of the leaders in this market.

Members can interact with real Russian brides in live text chat, via long emails, in video chat, and even make calls, scheduled or instant ones. This is a premium site that uses the credit system—users can purchase credits and spend them on any services they want to use. Though credits are not cheap, the platform also offers vouchers, bonuses, and discounts for new and regular members.

Pros Cons
Good loyalty program
Nearly all Russian ladies have very detailed profiles
Opportunity to “say hi” for free24/7 support
Video chat is pretty expensive
Not all ladies are available to calls/video chat


The more Russian brides, the better. This is the credo of SingleSlavic—one of the most popular and the largest dating websites with Russian ladies, Ukrainian mail order brides, and girls from other Slavic countries. Still, it doesn’t mean that they accept all female members from Eastern Europe immediately, without checking the information they provide. After you create an account and click Search, you can browse the Russian brides’ profiles; you may notice that they are super detailed.

All ladies need to prove their identity, upload photos, and answer tons of questions before their request is accepted. There are also tons of great communication tools to use to contact Russian ladies, from phone calls to text chat and video chat. The SingleSlavic website has been the leader in this market segment since 1998, and no wonder—it does connect men to women both looking for marriage and provides them with everything they need not only to make a contact but also to get really close online.

Pros Cons
Creating an account is super easy for men
Russian singles’ profiles are verified
Lots of communication tools from text chat to phone calls
No monthly membership
The best services cost more credits than basic ones


Are Russian mail order brides real? Yes, they are, but you need to choose a really good niche website to meet them, and KissRussianBeauty falls under this category. It has about 40% foreign women and more than 60% male members, respectively, but in fact, all men can get a lot of attention from ladies in this community if they spend half an hour completing their profiles and uploading at least a few photos.

There are tons of ways to interact with ladies, and unlike many other sites, KissRussianBeauty also has CamShare—the tool that allows you to hear, see, and talk to another member in real-time. Simply put, it’s a video chat. On top of that, you can call women in Russia, send real and virtual gifts, and more. Basic communication tools like messaging are also available. Currently, it’s one of the best international dating sites with Slavic girls on the market overall.

Pros Cons
CamShare feature and phonecalls available
Russian brides who look like top models
Advanced search with tons of filters is available for free
Free chat and cam vouchers for new members
There are 20% more men on the site
The number of free features is limited

How to meet Russian women?

You can meet Russian girls on niche dating sites. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to do it properly:

  1. Analyze the market, create the list of the platforms with the largest number of Russian brides for marriage
  2. Learn more about the costs and features, pay attention to hidden costs and availability of basic communication tools
  3. Make sure that mail order brides on a Russian dating site are real
  4. Create an account, complete your profile to get more attention
  5. Use search to find the best matches
  6. Use various communication tools to get closer to a Slavic woman you like
  7. Set up a date in Russia and meet your online girlfriend in real life

If you want to save time, get a wife, and avoid Russian bride scam, feel free to choose any of the sites that we’ve already described.

Russian mail order brides cost

Can you mail order Russian bride? Are there Russian wives to buy? No and no—we described how the system actually works above, and it has nothing to do with purchasing someone online—it’s all about dating. How much does dating Russian women cost then?

Cost of mail order bride services

International marriage agencies and global platforms don’t sell international brides. Mail order brides service has nothing to do with human trafficking – it’s just about finding a life partner online. Still, dating ladies on such sites is not free. The thing is the majority of good niche dating platforms (like Russian or Ukrainian dating websites) with local women are premium platforms, which means that a user needs to buy a membership plan and/or credits. The cost of membership plans varies from $10 to $100 per month, while the costs of credits, as well as the cost of services provided on the site, can be very, very different.

The services can be cheaper and the credits can cost more, for example, 20 credits at Bravodate may cost $2.99, and 1 minute in live chat will cost you 2 credits. Or two credits at UkraineBride4you may cost you $3.99 and the cost of live chat will be 1 credit for 10 minutes.

If you decide to join a really good niche site, you are likely to spend up to $1000 on online dating in total.

Cost of meeting Russian brides in person

What about other prices? Let’s imagine you’ve fallen for a woman from Moscow—the capital of Russia that is the most expensive and most popular tourist/dating destination and decided to meet your lady in real life and plan your 2-week trip to the city.

Here’s how much you can expect to spend:

  • The tickets (New York–Moscow)—$1,260
  • Accommodation—$420 standard room for one
  • Food—$195 for one, $390, and more for two
  • Transportation—$80 and more for one, depending on your preferences (this is the cost of the cheapest way)
  • Entertainment—$420 for two

The total cost of a bride from this country is around $2,400 and more.

The final price, again, can change depending on the way you travel.

Buying a Russian wife would be illegal. You can’t just choose a woman from a catalog, and all the platforms that promise you that you’ll be able to buy Russian wife are illegal (and you won’t get her anyway as they will definitely turn out to be frauds).

Are Russian brides legal?

Now you know how to get a Russian bride, but is this legal? Yes, online dating is perfectly legal, and you can marry someone you met on the web, but the extremely important thing to сonsider is that your bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa, and she won’t be able to get it if you have never met in person. We’ll describe the process of taking a Russian woman to the US in more detail below.

How to marry a Russian mail order bride?

So, let’s say you’ve already found your ideal Russian mail order bride. You’re in love and plan your wedding ceremony, but how exactly can a Russian lady (after all, she’s just a Russian girl, a foreign citizen in the eyes of law) enter the US to marry you? Here are the most important things you should know:

  • You need to file a Petition for Alien Fiance(e), provide a copy of your passport and birth certificate.
  • You need to confirm that you and your future spouse will really get married within 90 days of her arrival. This is a must, and, of course, you’ll need to prove that your marriage is not for the only purpose of her immigration to the United States.
  • You’ll need to provide evidence that your relationship is real, so we don’t recommend deleting your photos, videos, throwing away the tickets, and deleting your messages—you may need all this to marry your bride.
  • There’ll be an interview, too. You both will be asked a lot of questions (sometimes unexpected ones), so if you’ve just met a Russian girl and don’t know her well enough (and vice versa), applying for this visa is a bad idea. There is a big chance that you won’t pass this test.
  • If everything goes right, your Russian mail order bride gets a visa, comes to the US and you get married within the required term, she’ll be able to apply for permanent resident status.

What about the costs? In most cases, future husbands cover the expenses, so how much are you going to spend on your perfect woman? The filing fee is 535 dollars, and the visa application processing fee is 265 dollars.

There are also medical expenses (you can’t enter the US without a medical exam), and they vary. In most cases, a western man who takes his bride to the country pays about 900-1000 dollars.

Are Russian mail brides real?

That’s another important question to discuss. It’s no secret that many men who’d like to find a foreign wife don’t join dating sites just because they think that most profiles on such platforms will be fake ones. Unfortunately, that happens.

It’s crucially important to find the right platform. Russian brides are real women—there are Russian dating sites and agencies that are looking for single ladies in Russia who’d like to date foreigners.

They ask them to provide photos, videos, answer hundreds of questions, and only after that, they let girls create their accounts. The trickiest part is to distinguish a safe dating platform from a poor-quality one, but it’s absolutely possible.

How to avoid Russian bride scam?

How to meet Russian women and not get scammed? Some effective tips for your service:

  • Always test the website before paying for membership/credits.
  • Try to find out how good moderation is. Are there empty profiles? Do you receive a lot of spam? If you do, that’s not the best place to meet a real match.
  • Pay a lot of attention to women’s profiles. Are they verified? How many photos do most women have? Do they wear different clothes? Do they have videos?
  • Read the messages sent to you carefully, try to understand if they sound like messages generated by bots.
  • Use different communication tools including live chat, video chat, call services.
  • If someone asks you for money, that’s a red sign—never send anything to a woman, no matter how “close” you are.

Basically, that’s all about finding a good website. Don’t trust ads blindly and don’t rely on your luck—joining the first random platform you see on Google search results is a bad idea. Success in finding a perfect match in another country depends on the service provider and your dating strategy, of course.

Do Russian women make good wives?

In fact, some studies show that marriages arranged through dating services have an even lower divorce rate than the nation and that over 80% of such mixed marriages last for years. So basically, yes, there is a big chance that your marriage to one of the Russian wives will work.

These women are cooking, cleaning, caring for children not only because they have to but because it’s perfectly normal for a woman to do all those things in Russia. Most ladies also reconcile all these responsibilities with careers, which is usually not a problem for their husbands or themselves because that is a common situation for Russians, too.

Russian brides know how to compromise and in most cases, if one of the spouses in a mixed marriage has certain expectations, they discuss them and do not let conflict take place.

And there is one important tip—advanced matchmaking services on most good niche dating platforms allow foreign citizens to find ideal mail order brides who match all their criteria. On top sites members can also use professional translation services to ruin that language barrier. Using this service properly increases the chance of finding a wife significantly.

Why choose Russian mail order bride?

As we have noted previously, a lot of Russian women migrate to the US to become wives of their foreign husbands yearly. The interesting question, however, is why many American men (and other western men) keep paying for the dating services provided by international marriage agencies and online platforms to get an opportunity to meet them? Why do they marry Russian mail order brides?

The most common reasons are as follows.


Russian women start thinking about a family at an early age, and they are 100% serious about it. Being family-oriented is a norm, and not having a family is still a big problem for most of them because it was always сonsidered the main source of happiness.

Adherence to old traditions

They don’t mind playing those good old gender roles if men keep playing their roles, too. The “breadwinner-and-the-queen-of-hearth” family model is still acceptable and even the most common one in Russia.

The beauty of Russian brides

We bet you heard how beautiful Russian women are. That’s not just another stereotype—there are tens of thousands of young and incredibly attractive single women in the Russian Federation. Yes, many Russian mail order brides are wearing high heels even if they go to a local store, and that distinguishes them from most western women. And thousands of men believe that’s amazing.

A Russian woman cares about self-development

These women are stronger, smarter, and more ambitious than most people think. In different countries and societies, regular women from this country are portrayed as careless and looking for benefactors. Well, that’s another stereotype. If you go to Russia, you’ll be surprised to find out how many local women are CEOs, businesswomen, great specialists, motivated to grow both professionally and personally.

Russian mail order brides’ motivation

Russian brides really want to meet men in other countries instead of looking for a husband in their own country. Many of them believe that Russian men are less educated, not as well-mannered, and not as successful as foreign men, especially the western ones. No, it’s not only about finding men who know how to earn money, not at all. It’s about finding a foreign man who’d have particular, “manly” and therefore “sexy” personality traits.

Basically, these are the main reasons why American men keep choosing Russian mail order wives.

If you want to find a Russian woman and win her heart, we definitely recommend you learn as much as possible about Russian culture, the background and the history of the country, family values of local women, the ways the serious relationship is usually started in Russia, things these girls like and don’t like about western men, language barrier (most girls who use the services provided by marriage agencies and global platforms speak English, but still), and read success stories to know what to expect.

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