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Lensa Providing The Ultimate Talent Hiring Guide in 2021


Despite the post-covid19 job market simmering with opportunities, jobseekers are finding it hard to identify the ones with the most potential. Even employers are hardly getting acquainted with the right organizational talent, in spite of conducting several rounds of screening interviews. While some might consider these issues to be highly complex, solving them actually requires a proactive strategy- the one where the right talent meets the relevant opportunity.

The State of Existing Job-Search Platform

Arguably, 2021 has already been one of the busiest years for global job search platforms. With unemployment rates at an all-time high, job seekers are trying their level best to project the aligned skills, precisely to make an impression in this competitive environment. However, recruitments are anything but straightforward and several job-search platforms hardly project an aspiring employee in a requisite manner, so as to increase the chances of getting inducted.

Instead, job-search has become a reactive arena where jobseekers keep pruning and adding their skills to show up on the searches made by the employers. What transpires is continuous rejection.

How Proactivity Can help?

The first step towards landing the perfect job needs to be taken by the jobseeker itself.

According to Lensa CEO Gergo Vari, “85 percent of job seekers worldwide underestimate or misunderstand their professional strengths, so they fill their resumes with irrelevant, often sub-par skills.”

Therefore, a majority of static job-search interfaces only show the half-cooked capabilities of an aspiring employee. This lack of intuition is a major deterrent when it comes to cracking relevant jobs.

The only way out of this rut is for the jobseekers to realize their best possible skills and apply for the appropriate jobs. Moreover, the job market in 2021 is more like a vast sea with possibilities for every applicant. However, the trick is to be proactive and assess the relevance of your resume; precisely to get through to an organization that is actually seeking your expertise.

The Role of Technology in Paving the Career Path

Artificial Intelligence, if implemented correctly, has the potential to streamline the career options for job seekers. The concept pitched forth by Lensa is what makes sense in 2021 and even beyond, as it capitalizes on the innate behavior and response of an individual to complex scenarios. The Lensa platform doesn’t restrict itself to standard job searches as it pans its focus onto the jobseekers.

The approach taken by Lensa amalgamates the complexities of Machine Learning and Natural Language processing with the concept of Predictive analytics. This process deeply analyzes the job seekers’ attributes and helps them exhume the best set of skills that might not have been projected earlier.

“Lensa’s interactive approach helps individuals identify their core talents, which is the key to unlocking the types of organizational roles that best match their personalities and work styles,” says Lensa CEO Gergo Vari.

To sum it up, Lensa is all about helping job seekers unearth their true potential, which is best used by employers to determine talent that actually matters.

The Lensa Work Module

Unlike some of the more intricate and overwhelming technological inclusions, Lensa brings forth a ‘Workstyle Game’ that aims at making problem-solving fun, productive, and exceedingly rewarding. As per Lensa’s work module, each second of the 8-minute long game takes close to 400 factors into account. Every aspect of the interactive game subjects the jobseeker to several complicated scenarios and his or her way out determines the nature of the expertise.

The game isn’t about completing but offering a platform to the job seekers for coming face-to-face with their actual strengths, USPs, and talents, regardless of the situation.

How Employers can benefit?

In 2021, time is of the essence of the recruiters. As employers do not have time to sift through static resumes for finding the right candidate, Lensa’s ‘Job Match’ platform comes forth as the biggest resource at the disposal. With Lensa determining the exact jobseeker skills, an extension to the Workstyle Game matches each skill to the exact job, thereby helping employers identify the right talent, in a heartbeat.

This flexibility cuts the downtime issues and even helps employers save money and resources relevant to interviews and screening sessions.

Bottom-Line (About Lensa)

Undoubtedly, Lensa is the next big thing in the job-searching and recruitment community. With the technological insights pertaining to the ‘Workstyle Game’ is a good measure of the jobseeker skills and talents, it is expected to be the only guide to hiring talent in 2021 and beyond, provided the employers realize its true potential, at the earliest.


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