Lola 2 Mars°: an Astronomical Leap in Remote Escape Room Experiences

As an industry leader in high-tech escape rooms, Reason has done it again. Lola 2 Mars° is a follow-up to Lola in Space°, the world’s first remote team escape. Teams of five to nine players can dial into the Mars Colony via tele-conference and direct Lola, a real-life human avatar, to interact with her surroundings and survive the mission. 

Not too long ago, Lola saw a job opening for Mars. Without fear or too much experience she bravely took on the challenge of a space mining engineer. Upon her arrival, she noticed the colony had been hit by a series of dust storms and the station power went offline. Not only is she unable to fulfill her new role, but she is actually in mortal danger. Lola only has a one-hour long transmission window to get the station running and begin her work as a mining engineer.

This fun and interactive game sets the stage for some major team bonding. Players feel as though they are transported to a Mars mining colony thanks to Reason’s innovative use of the heads-up display, also referred to as HUD. This is the first time a technology like this is incorporated in an escape room setting. The HUD feature allows players to feel contextually immersed, by providing on-screen, real-time information as players navigate through the mission. Players have more control and are able to make informed decisions when met with challenges, opening the door to more thoughtful discussion among teammates. From solving puzzles to debating moral questions, players must work as a team to get through this challenging Mars adventure.

3D Illustration. Mars colony. Expedition on alien planet. Life on Mars.

In addition to being a fun team bonding experience, Lola 2 Mars addresses very relevant modern events. Many consider Mars colonization to be the new frontier, and this experience throws players right into the mix. Our fearless leader Elon Musk envisions human settlements on Mars by 2028. Humanity is at a crossroads and the space race is on! Countries and private companies alike have started to prepare for whatever land grab is yet to come, which creates both hope and moral questions. The incorporation of some of these dilemmas is what makes Lola 2 Mars thought-provoking. The game sets the scene for what a Mars settlement may look like, giving us a glimpse into what the fortunes may hold for future Mars settlers. 

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