Love Psychics: 6 Best Psychic Love Reading Websites

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The ability to know one’s future is very enticing, especially when your questions or doubts revolve around one of the most fascinating parts of human life—love and relationships. This is exactly why love psychics are in such high demand these days.

But how to choose a psychic who will give you the most accurate reading and not just tell you the things they tell everyone? This is what we are here for! We will guide you through the most popular and reputable psychic reading sites and give you all the information you need for a satisfying experience.

Best online psychic love reading websites

  • Keen: Best for experienced relationship psychics
  • Kasamba: Wide variety of online psychic services
  • AskNow: One of the longest-running psychic reading websites
  • Nebula: Relatively new platform but already very promising
  • California Psychics: Endless range of psychics, techniques, and styles
  • Oranum: Multiple ways to interact with psychic reading experts

Comparison: Best love and relationship psychic reading sites

Here’s what the most popular psychic websites look like at a glance.

Site Starting price Max price Introductory offer Available channels Number of psychics online
Keen $1.99 $20.99 3 free minutes Chat, phone 70
Kasamba $1.69 $25.49 3 free minutes Chat, phone, email 70
AskNow $4.99 $13.99 First session for $1 per minute Chat, phone 30
All readings cost 30 credits per minute
100 free credits Chat 50
California Psychics $4 $10 First session for $1 per minute Chat, phone 30
Oranum $0.39 $9.99 10,000 free credits Chat, phone, mail, video 100

Now let’s take a closer look at the top online psychic reading websites and what they have to offer to their users.


  • Special offer: 3 minutes for free
  • Founded in: 1999
  • Experts online: 70+
  • Visitors (monthly): 1.6 million
  • Number of Sitejabber/Trustpilot reviews: 188/346
  • Rating: 3/5

Founded over two decades ago, Keen has been providing phone and online psychic readings for thousands of thankful customers ever since. Despite being one of the oldest online psychic reading sites, Keen continues to grow and improve both its services and its design, so you can always look forward to an enjoyable love psychic reading experience.

Pricing and discounts

On, online psychic reading services are charged by the minute, and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for love and relationship psychic readings or past life readings—the price mostly depends on the experience and popularity of the Keen psychics.

This is also a site where you can get a free psychic love reading from any Keen psychics for up to 3 minutes when you’re a new member. The bonus 3 minutes are available both for psychic readings online and via chat, and they give you a pretty good idea of whether you should continue with a paid psychic reading session with the same medium.


  • Free psychic readings for 3 minutes

Sure, 3 minutes may not seem like a lot, but they allow you to evaluate the psychic’s approach, attitude to the client, and simply whether you have a good rapport, which is essential for a successful psychic reading experience.

  • Endless range of services

Love psychic readings are one of the specialties of Keen psychics, but it’s far from the only psychic readings online you can get there. From astrology and online tarot readings to angel readings and pet psychics, there’s really no limit.

  • Lots of free content

While browsing the site and deciding which of the many online psychics you want to talk to, you can enjoy tons of free horoscopes and articles published by Keen psychics on every topic imaginable, from auras to affirmations.


  • Only phone and chat readings available

For many of those who seek psychic reading online, chat or phone psychic readings will be more than enough. However, video psychic readings can help you and the psychic establish a stronger connection, so we hope that Keen will add this service sooner or later.

  • Experienced psychics are expensive

There are only a handful of psychic mediums on you can book for $1.99 per minute. Most psychics charge upwards of $4.99, and since accurate psychic readings are typically not a 5-minute job, you need to control how much you are spending.

Let’s hear it from the clients

Having spent over two decades as the leading psychic reading platform, it’s not surprising that has plenty of reviews and testimonials both from current and former users. The site has hundreds of reviews on popular review platforms Sitejabber and Trustpilot, with an average rating of 3/5 and 3.9/5, respectively.

Most positive reviews talk about the accurate psychic readings they received on and how helpful the customer support has been. Negative reviews usually concern individual online psychic reading experiences and sometimes feature complaints about the lack of refund, which is not something the platform promises anyway.

Another thing users love about Keen is how many online psychic reading services this site provides. Besides relationship psychic reading experts, there are psychics who provide questions on life, career, finance, spiritual guidance, do tarot readings, otherworld connections, and even Mayan astrology readings. So you’ll never be strapped for activities on this site.


  • Special offer: Free 3 minutes
  • Founded in: 1999
  • Experts online: 70+
  • Visitors (monthly): 540,000
  • Number of Trustpilot reviews: 687
  • Rating: 4.2

Kasamba belongs to the oldest-running sites that provide various types of readings. Despite being around for more than two decades, Kasamba has enjoyed a steady level of popularity and has constantly been upgrading both its variety of services and the website’s design. Kasamba provides psychic reading not just via live chat but also via phone and even has an option to get an email reading from any psychic.

Pricing and discounts

Kasamba is one of the many psychic reading websites that work on a pay-per-minute basis. There is no standard fee on this site—each reader has their own price per minute that is calculated based on their experience, rating, and other factors. Most psychic readers on this site charge from $1.69 to $25.49 per minute, and email readings typically cost $175.

As a first-time customer, you can get 3 minutes of phone or chat readings for free. When you book your first paid session, you can also enjoy up to 50% off the total price, depending on the length of the session and the psychic’s individual rate.


  • Free psychic reading for 3 minutes

Of course, you cannot get a comprehensive psychic reading in 3 minutes, but 3 minutes is more than enough to decide whether you enjoy the psychic’s demeanor and whether you want to pay for a full session.

  • Wide range of communication options

While most users prefer to get psychic readings online via chat, they are not the only option. Sometimes you want a more personable experience and may choose to talk to Kasamba’s experts by phone, and sometimes you don’t have the time for a full session and want to get your reading via email instead.

  • Free content available

When you are in the mood to just browse or are waiting for your favorite psychic to be free again, you can check the free content available on Kasamba. It includes horoscopes, love forecasts, and even zodiac compatibility guides.


  • Limited customer support has a detailed FAQ section where you can find answers to the most common questions users may have. But other than that, you can only contact the support via email—no phone or live chat support is available.

  • Not a lot of details in the profiles

While you can get a pretty good idea of the psychic’s backgrounds from their profile, the amount of information there is lower than the amount of information you can find on other psychic sites.

Let’s hear it from the clients

You can find a lot of testimonials about individual mediums on the Kasamba website in each medium’s profile, but there are also plenty of reviews of the site as a whole on the internet. For example, on a well-known review platform Trustpilot, Kasamba has an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5. The users are generally happy about the accuracy of the readings and the customer care but sometimes complain about insufficient customer satisfaction policies.

Kasamba is famous for its love psychics, but there are plenty of other things you can do while you’re there. Kasamba experts can provide you guidance by using fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, tarot, aura readings, crystal readings, and rune casting.


AskNow has a pretty respectable age for an online psychic reading platform of 17+ years. Since the start, it has helped thousands of people get accurate readings and find answers to the questions that have been bothering them for years. Love psychic readings online on AskNow are available via phone and chat, and if a particular psychic is away at the moment, you can schedule a callback.

Pricing and discounts

As it’s the case with many psychic sites, you are going to be paying for your psychic reading sessions on AskNow by the minute. The cost of talking to the psychic advisors depends on their status on the site. Prices range from $4.99 per minute for a top-rated psychic to $13 and more for a master advisor.

There is also an introductory offer: you can get your first psychic reading session for just $1 per minute provided that you pay for 20 or 30 minutes at once. With this offer, you will also get 4 minutes of free psychic reading from an elite or master advisor.


  • Free online psychic readings for new members

As a new customer, you can get your first online psychic reading session for as little as $1 per minute and also enjoy 5 minutes of free psychic readings with some of the site’s best online psychics.

  • Free articles and videos

In addition to paid psychic reading services, AskNow also offers a lot of free content you can enjoy even as a non-member. From videos on how to have the best love psychic reading to articles detailing different aspects of spiritual life, this site has it all.

  • Very detailed psychic profiles

Picking the best psychic reading expert for your first-ever session is a responsible task, and AskNow makes it easy to choose right. Each profile has a description of the services provided by the psychic, the costs, a personally written introduction, and reviews left by other members.


  • Only chat and phone psychic reading

AskNow is not a site where you can email a renowned psychic about your love life or do it through a video chat. Phone and chat psychics are the only form of communication available on this site.

  • Only iOS app available

We definitely appreciate the fact that AskNow lets you talk to your psychic advisor via an attractive and functional mobile app, but the fact that the app is only available to iPhone users and not Android owners seems like an oversight to us.

Let’s hear it from the clients

Over many years of providing psychic readings, AskNow has accumulated enough reviews not just on its own site, but also on popular review sites. At first glance, the rating of AskNow on these popular platforms doesn’t look too impressive, with an average rating of 1.5/5 on Sitejabber and 2.1/5 on Trustpilot. However, we need to keep in mind that users on these sites are not usually rating the whole online psychic reading platforms and are rather sharing their opinion about a particular psychic reader.

AskNow is a site that can do much more for you than just physics readings on love. There are experts who will provide psychic readings on money and finance, career, and past life. There are also tarot readings, astrologists, numerologists, dream analysts, and spiritual guides. So even after you resolve the questions about your love life, there is plenty you can do on AskNow.


Nebula is one of the newcomers in the psychic medium industry, but it has already been repeatedly praised for having talented psychic experts who provide some of the best psychic readings you can find online. One of the standout things about Nebula is that it not only features established online love psychics but also gives the spotlight to new but bright mediums, so you will always find a fresh face or two when you visit the site.

Pricing and discounts

The most important thing to know about the pricing system on Nebula is that all online psychic readers charge the same amount of money for their services. Each minute of online psychic reading costs 30 credits there.

Unlike many of the best relationship psychic sites, Nebula works on a credit basis. As a new member, you get 100 credits to spend on communicating with psychic readers—they will give you exactly 3 minutes of online chat. Once these 100 credits run out, you can get another 100 for a one-time price of $2.99.

There are also several subscription plans available on the site. These will unlock even more possibilities for you and will give you an opportunity to get psychic love readings whenever and wherever you want.


  • Special offer for new members

When you first sign up to Nebula, you don’t have to immediately pay money to get fortune telling or love reading. You can use your free 3 minutes to evaluate the psychic you’ve chosen and decide whether you want to continue.

  • Highly detailed profiles

The psychic profiles on Nebula are super detailed and give you a complete picture of who the best love psychic on this site is. The profile contains the psychic’s experience, specialties, how many consultations they’ve done on the site, and an average rating plus the latest reviews.

  • Free horoscope

After your reading session or while you are still deciding which love psychic to choose, you can visit the horoscope section. It provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes and is completely free.


  • No live video readings

The only way to talk to the Nebula experts is to live chat with them. There are no phone psychics there either. Sure, chat may be the most convenient way to do it, but we are used to seeing more variety on a psychic reading site.

  • The number of psychics varies during the day

It looks like most Nebula psychics are located in the same time zone, so there are not always that many psychics to choose from. And there is no option to schedule a chat with a psychic who is currently away.

Let’s hear it from the clients

Having been in the love psychic industry for a much shorter time than most psychic websites, Nebula has not accumulated a lot of online reviews. The ones we could find were rather divisive. Users typically praise the contemporary design and affordable spiritual readings, while the negative reviews often mention unsatisfying reading experiences. However, it’s vital to remember that such a sensitive subject will always have people who didn’t have their expectations met.

Nebula offers a wide range of services besides psychic love readings online. Its experts deal with both common online psychic services like tarot reading, numerology, and past life reading, and rare and unique services like runes, pendulum, and shamanic healing.

California Psychics

  • Special offer: Readings starting at $1 per minute
  • Founded in: 1995
  • Experts online: 30+
  • Visitors (monthly): 2 million
  • Number of Sitejabber/Trustpilot review: 1/162
  • Rating: 5/5, 2.2/5

Launched almost three decades ago, California Psychics is probably the oldest psychic reading site that still exists today. However, you can never tell that it’s almost 30 years old by the look of it—it’s a perfectly modern and user-friendly website. On California Psychics, you can talk to the experts via chat or call them on the phone.

Pricing and discounts

If you are looking for free psychic readings, you won’t find any on California Psychics. However, there is a trial version for new members, which allows you to get your first reading session for $1, $2, or $4 per minute, depending on the psychic’s level within the system. This offer is valid for sessions of 20 minutes.

After your first session, you can go for any available psychic that may charge from $1 to $15 per minute, depending on the experience, rating, and qualifications. There is also a system of rewards on CaliforniaPsychics that allows you to earn a cashback and get other perks for members.


  • Trial version for new members

Although there are no free minutes offered by CaliforniaPsychics, getting a reading for $1 per minute is a pretty good deal since it allows you to see if the psychic is as good as they consider themselves to be.

  • Mobile apps available

If you’re a person who relies on your smartphone for everything, you can download the free CaliforniaPsychics app for Android or iOS and enjoy effective communication with a psychic expert on the go.

  • Free articles and horoscopes

Not everything on California Psychics is paid for! There is a blog, which is rich in content and regularly updated, and a free daily horoscope that you can read on the site or get straight to your email.


  • Relatively few psychics available

Compared to sites that have upwards of 70 mediums online at any time, California Psychics, with its 30 or so available experts, is somewhat falling behind in terms of variety.

  • Unclear customer satisfaction policies

While many reviews mention the existing customer satisfaction policy of CaliforniaPsychics, there is no section on the site dedicated to it, so you cannot find out the details unless you contact the support.

Let’s hear it from the clients

Unsurprisingly, CaliforniaPsychics has plenty of online reviews, including on popular testimonials platforms like Sitejabber and Trustpilot. The positive reviews typically concern individual psychics, so they can be a good place to find your next favorite medium. The negative reviews usually have to do with disappointing sessions (for any reason) and insufficient refund policies.

CaliforniaPsychics has a wide range of psychics that use every technique and tool you can think of. From love, life path, career, and past life readings to clairvoyants, remote viewing and channeling experts, pendulum psychics, or rune readers, there is always someone to give you exciting insights.


  • Special offer: 10,000 credits for new users
  • Founded in: 2013
  • Experts online: 100+
  • Visitors (monthly): 2.5 million
  • Number of Sitejabber/Trustpilot reviews: 69/18
  • Rating: 2/5

Launched a little less than a decade ago, Oranum quickly achieved recognition as one of the best psychic reading sites. It’s also one of the most interactive psychic websites we’ve come across so far: there are so many ways for you to interact with your favorite expert, both free and paid, that it’s not uncommon for Oranum users to develop a strong connection to their psychics.

Pricing and discounts

Oranum is one of the few psychic websites that work on a credit basis. As a new member, you get 10,000 credits for free, which is equivalent to $9.99. You can spend these credits on the several available paid features of the site, including messages and calls to psychics, as well as interacting with them during their live broadcasts.

Naturally, $9.99 in free credits won’t get you far. Once you run out of them, you can choose one of the available credit packages that range from $33.99 to $111.99. You can then spend the credits the way you did with the free credits and even give virtual gifts to live broadcasters as a form of gratitude.


  • Bonus credits for new users

While you won’t be able to get a comprehensive reading with your 10,000 free credits, you will be able to watch plenty of live broadcasts, interact with the experts, and explore the site in different ways.

  • Video reading available

Most Oranum experts don’t just provide chat or phone readings—they also conduct live broadcasts that are available to anyone to watch for free, and if you enjoy the psychic’s vibe, you can instantly book them for a one-on-one session

  • Tons of free content

The psychics of Oranum are obviously trying very hard to connect with their followers, which is why you can expect every psychic to regularly provide free videos and other forms of content.


  • Complicated pricing system

With no standard rates and even no prices for readings published openly in psychic profiles, it can be hard to know how much a session or another paid option is going to cost you.

  • No reviews in profiles

Oranum does not have a system of reviews and ratings, meaning you cannot know for sure what other members think about the particular psychic.

Let’s hear it from the clients

Even though there are no psychic reviews on the Oranum website, there are plenty of those on independent review platforms. With a rating of 2 out of 5 on Sitejabber and Trustpilot, Oranum falls into the middle bracket of psychic websites. Users frequently complain about readings that did not live up to their expectations, but many reviewers also point out that the service has improved in recent years after the site owners changed.

Oranum offers many of the psychic services you will typically find on these sites, such as tarot readings, astrology readings, fortune telling, and dream analysis, as well as unique services such as sound baths and pet psychics.

What is a psychic love reading?

A psychic love reading is an act of contacting a psychic for love questions. In other words, you will communicate with a person who has psychic abilities and can answer questions about past, present, or future relationships. In general, psychics are considered beneficial to those who need guidance.

A good time to contact a psychic is when you have doubts, want clarity on the current situation, need help making a big decision, or want to know what the future is holding for you in the romantic department.

How to choose your love psychic?

So how to choose a psychic who will give you the most accurate reading and leave you happy with the experience? Here are the 5 things to consider when you’re making the pick:

  • Experience and qualifications. The psychic needs to be experienced enough and have a rich background in the industry.
  • Specialty. Even the most seasoned psychic cannot be good at everything. They need to have a specialty, some technique, or a life sphere they shine at.
  • Customer reviews. Make sure to look both for individual reviews of the psychic and for reviews of the platform overall.
  • Free services. Before you feel ready to commit to a paid session, you need to be able to know if you and the psychic can connect with a short free reading session.
  • Customer support. Last but not least, you need to know for a fact that if the experience leaves you dissatisfied, you have someone to resolve the issue in your favor.

Tools and techniques used by love psychics

There are more types of psychic readings than you can imagine, and the range of tools and techniques psychics may use can be astonishing. However, you don’t always need the complete variety to get the answers you seek. Here are the top 10 methods that are particularly popular among psychics:

  1. Tarot reading—analyzing a tarot spread.
  2. Aura reading—getting insights from the state of your aura.
  3. Crystal ball reading—answering questions through the energy of a crystal ball.
  4. Numerology—determining your future from the important numbers in your life.
  5. Astrology—using your signs to predict your future.
  6. Palmistry—reading the lines in your palm to get the answers.
  7. Pendulum—analyzing the swings of a pendulum to point to the right answer.
  8. Mediumship—connecting to the spirits who provide guidance.
  9. Clairvoyance—assessing the situation through a series of visions.
  10. Telepathy—reading your mind to provide you with the answers.


How and what to ask psychic questions about love?

Getting ready for your first reading experience and asking yourself, “What to ask a fortune teller about my love life?” Here are the top 5 questions to start with:

  1. Where is my current relationship going?
  2. Can my current relationship be healed?
  3. What to look for in my next partner?
  4. When will I meet the right person?
  5. What is preventing me from having a perfect love life?

What can a real love psychic tell me?

A real love psychic can tell you pretty much anything about your love life, including the state of your current relationship, the features of your next partner and relationship, and which steps you need to take to have things go the way you want them to.

Can psychics be wrong about relationships?

Yes, a good psychic can see into the future and especially the present, but they cannot control people’s minds. So it’s possible that your current or future partner will change their mind about stuff and there is going to be a different outcome.

Can a love psychic tell if someone loves you?

Absolutely, and they can use a variety of techniques for that. Some psychics may request a specific item for reading, such as the person’s photograph or a piece of handwriting, while others can tell simply by looking at your aura.

Can online psychic love reading be as effective as offline?

Of course! Online psychic reading is designed to not just mimic offline sessions but to make them even more comfortable and efficient. Moreover, online readings are often more private and more affordable than offline ones.

How can you prepare for a psychic reading?

The best thing you can do, other than choosing your ideal psychic and communication method, is to prepare a list of questions in advance. That way, your conversation will have a structure, and you will not get carried away in the process.

How much do online love readings cost?

Typically, you will pay for love readings by the minute, and one minute can cost anywhere from $1 to $20 and up. An average reading session is between 20 and 30 minutes long, so once you know your psychic’s rate, you can calculate the price.

Which reading format should I choose for love readings?

That depends on what you are comfortable with. Chat readings are perfect if you like to ask follow-up questions; cheap psychic phone readings are a good fit if you need to hear a person’s voice to connect to them; video readings work great for developing a closer connection; and email readings are a solution for those who are permanently busy.

How to get a free love reading?

Free psychic readings are something that most psychic reading sites offer to new members. To take advantage of your free 3 or 5 minutes, simply create an account and choose the psychic you want to communicate with.

Final thoughts

A successful love reading experience is a combination of several factors: your reasonable expectations, your clearly formulated request, your positive outlook, and the right psychic reading site for your needs. Hopefully, our guide has helped you know where to have a good session and how to make sure it’s an absolute success.

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