Luwucifer: A Leap into the Unknown

San Francisco residents could follow in his footsteps to achieve new heights.

Anyone looking for fame nowadays has multiple options to do so if they are determined enough. If you are willing to put in the time and effort on your social media channels, you could well earn thousands of fans, become famous, and kick start your career. Thousands of Instagram influencers have managed to do this already and are making lucrative investment deals for their time… but the tide is turning.

Luwucifer is at the heart of it all – in the newest, most significant, most internationally successful social media app: TikTok. The app is so big that Trump tried to blame it on the Chinese and banned it in America. 

Why? Because TikTok has weight. It has Gen Z at its heart. Gen Z will travel across the world in boats powered by renewable energy to confront corrupt politicians only to get hysterical over a spilled pumpkin spice latte. Gen Z has power and given a year or two, that power will turn into buying power.

Who’s Luwucifer? 

Luwucifer is one of the most recent TikTokers to become a sensation. With only a handful of videos, he set out to show the world his driving skills through the video app. What came next was an overnight explosion of popularity. Fans all over the world tuned in to see him… or rather, they tuned in to see his hands.

Luwucifer is a handful of recent influencers to spring from TikTok, whose faces we never see. There is no planned reveal; there is no real showmanship. All he does is take videos of his hands driving his car. His Insta feed is filled with snaps of his hands, his Etsy store brimming with signed photographs. He also started his own streetwear and darkwear brand called SHDW Studio.

But beneath all the multiple marketing channels that this has provided for him, we wanted to get to the bottom of the hype. What on earth is going on here? How can anyone become an internationally renowned star with fans in every country – by only using their hands?

What Women Want Sells

Luwucifer, CorpseHusband (who also has a voice but only shows his hands), and their contemporaries all have the same thing in common. It is only ever their hands, their suited bodies, their haircuts, and their arms that are shown on screen. They have no problem showing off their street and dark-wear styles, but they never reveal their full face. 

Luwucifer has been set on the path to fame and is banking his small fortune of fans on the fact that a face reveal would ruin him. The mystery, the borderline fetish the modern woman has without knowing a romantic partner’s identity, the desire to know someone only by a single body part… It is a strange world. Still, this romance of the hands doesn’t take anything away from it.

If you can find a niche like he has if you can add an air of mystery to it, if you can avoid revealing yourself till the last possible moment – do it. If we have learned anything from TikTok, it might just make you an overnight superstar.

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