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Mads Kristensen on How Sportsmanship Can Transform Lives


Mads Kristensen is a professional boxer who understands life is more significant than sports—born and raised in Viborg, Denmark. His interest in the fighting world started at the age of 14, and he is now 39. Not only is he a pro boxer but a business owner as well. Mads founded one of the biggest tattoo chains called Tattoo Fashion. With four locations across Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. To give an idea of how well he is doing, Tattoo Fashion is the only chain of tattoo shops sponsored by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, one of the biggest tattoo suppliers globally.

Currently residing in Flensburg, Mads is ranked number 18 as part of the top influencers in the area. While Mads is a robust, confident beast in the ring, his stern and athletic exterior is only a piece of the person he truly is. Outside of the ring, we get to see a side of Mads that will even inspire those who do not watch boxing.

By living an intentional life, Mads can create and construct the life he wants to live. His versatile lifestyle has led him to diversify his life experiences and utilize his past to help build others up and lead by example.

His greatest lesson as a fighter has been that every person should instill a spirit of sportsmanship within themselves. Good sportsmanship is not just a term used for individuals who play sports; it is more of a philosophy and lifestyle. Good sportsmanship helps build character, teaches the value of honor, discipline, respect, resilience, and kindness. A good sportsman understands the importance of positive interactions and can identify opportunities within a given environment. It sharpens perspective and chisels your personality. More than anything, sportsmanship teaches you how to manage any setbacks and maintain humility in the face of success and failure.

When it comes to success for Mads, he feels that you must have a will to win, push yourself past limitations and never give up when the going gets tough. According to Mads, particular qualities are essential to being a great leader. They are “HONESTY, HUMBLENESS, and COMMUNICATION.” Mads credits his immense success to his perseverance to always push forward and be a man of his word every day.

On social media, Mads constantly engages with his fans and followers, leading by example. Instagram and Facebook are his go-to platforms, and the people love him there. In the physical world off-screen, Mads likes to volunteer for welfare and charity programs, extending help to anyone in or outside of his community who may need it.

In the future, Mads aims to grow his brand Tattoo Fashion and expand while touching numerous people’s lives in the process. As his discipline transfers from one endeavor to the next, we know this is not the last time we hear from Mads Kristensen, and we wish him nothing but success.

You can follow Mads Kristensen on his Instagram, @madskristensenofficial


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