Meet Defense Lawyer of El Chapo: Master of Cross-Examination

While commuting to the courthouse of Brooklyn from Westchester County, Jeffrey Lichtman, currently defending the case of El Chapo (Joaquín Guzmán Loera), was feeling frustrated, sick and angry. Lichtman, New Jersey-born defense lawyer is busy in the narco-trafficking case in America. He is one of those barristers who are famous as a mouthpiece. Jeffrey Lichtman worked with Eduardo Balarezo and William Purpura, his fellow lawyers, on this case.

With government introducing dozens of a cooperating witness for testifying against Guzman to decrease multi-decade sentences. The triad of advocates decided to divide their load. They were fortunate that none of the Lichtman’s rats had been called yet. The silence of mouthpiece can be a killer stunt. The Professional License Defense Lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, had caused an international sensation with the opening statement of defense.

The state was publicizing the case of El Chapo extravagantly as a crucial big fish. El Chapo is a Mexican drug lord, and Forbes ranked him as one of the influential people across the world from 2009 – 2011. They considered him the most feared, dangerous and ruthless man on the earth. As per Lichtman, it was a complete myth.

At the onset of procedure, in early November, the story was different. Chapo became the part of headlines with his daring escapes from prison with maximum-security. He had a record of running tons of shipments of cocaine in the United States. He is alleged for causing social misery and wholesale death in different machismo wars. While explaining facts, the Lichtman told the respected court that EI Chapo is wrongly regarded as the Sinaloa Cartel. Ismael Zambada “EI Mayo” was the real boss. He was facing an indictment of government.

Facts of Chapo Trial

The trial of Chapo was a vital section of a colossal cover-up. As per Lichtman, this case required you to throw out lots of rumors spread by the behavior of the governments in Mexico, Central and South American, and the United States. The defense would prove that the case has chances of bribery. The higher level of the government officials can conspire for horrible crimes that law enforcement agents of America may be crooked. These comments and the accusations that “millions of dollars are paid to the former and current presidents of Mexico” played their role to setback a gasket among the prosecutors of the Attorney’s office in the United States.

Intimating, the theory of Lichtman about the cape might be ripped from the headings of the Alex Jones Show, the state pursued to strike the entire statement of the mouthpiece from the records. Particularly Brian Cogan “federal judge” disallowed this process. Reproved Lichtman said, he went far afield of circumstantial or direct proof, adding that an attorney had offered a promissory note for the case. The chaos went global when President of Mexico “Enrique Pena Nieto” with his predecessor “Felipe Calderon” dispensed angry denials calling allegations of Lichtman, such as defamatory, reckless and utterly false.

For a professional license defense lawyer, Lichtman, the worldwide conspiracy was a classified orthodox: complicated to accomplish but can’t be impossible. The reason was his somersaulting to the jury — the representatives from the working class of Brooklyn are conquering the box. Establishing an atmosphere of doubt was enough. A drooped jury was identical to a victory. In Guzman’s case, the victory was a guaranteed ticket to “Hall of Fame” mouthpiece.

Jeffrey Lichtman knows calculus, and in this game, he is playing in a salt-and-pepper mode. He is successful in maintaining the appearance of handsome boychik. He belongs to the breed of mob lawyers of the big city. He earned this status legitimately by apprenticing himself to most respected names of the field: the James La Rossa (late) and Gerald Shargel (recently retired).

Mob Lawyering

The gentleman “Shargel” is famous for mob lawyering. The hurly-burly La Rossa, the subject of New York 1977 Magazine profile by the title of Denis Hamill “The Robotic Mouth of White-Collar Crime” will be linked to mouthpiece jurisprudence. La Rossa worked as a personal attorney for the rulers of Gambino family “Big Paul Castellano” for a long duration. In 1985, the Big Paulie shot dead before a steakhouse “the Sparks.” John Gotti was accused as an orchestrator of this crime, and he hired Shargel to avoid jail.

Lichtman commented that Gerry Shargel was a true gentleman. Shargel spent almost seven years while working for the universally respected counsel. With time, Lichtman realized that he was similar to Jimmy. Jimmy was a fearless, nasty, sarcastic, and rebellious and spark plug type man who said that he is not responsible for proving the innocence of his clients. He tried to stop the trial from proving their guilt.

Lichtman had occupied a perverse delight in cross-examining cooperators of government, such as the curious squad presented in the case of Chapo. These prosecutions include frantic and fearful Miguel Martinez “El Gordo,” droll patron Jesus Garcia Zambada “El Rey” (brother of El Mayo, Ismael Zambada) who claimed that the Chapo made three attempts to kill him. He also claimed that the vampiric El Chupeta (Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia) recipient for four face-lifts tried to change his identity.

Capabilities of Lichtman

Handling these types of cases is an art because you had to pay attention to the direct examination of the government. The basic script was crafted through several rehearsals in different centralized lock-ups over a few months or years. The story of government for the jury was fixed in stones. The defense is responsible for scrutinizing through the endless piles of profoundly redacted material. As per Lichtman, the precious needles hidden in the haystack are needed for this case. The appalling the traitor could be designated to gaze in comparison to a defendant, even a person like El Chapo.

Lichtman observed Jorge Milton Cifuentes Villa from Colombo. The 52-year old Jorge provided his loyalty to his blood “the Iconic clan, Cifuentes Villa” instead of no cartel. The charismatic siblings of Jorge Milton composed the clan. His fraternal “Fernando aka Pacho, brother Hildebrando aka Alex, nephew Jaime Alberto Roll and sisters Lucia and Dolly. Pacho was murdered in 2007. The Cifuentes Villas operated as one independent entity, sold top-grade Colombian cocaine. A major narco operation involves Sinaloa Cartel of El Chapo for decades. Before his arrest (2012) in Venezuela, Jorge Milton assessed he was personally involved in smuggling and smuggled more than 200 tons of cocaine into the United States.

Although, as revealed by the con intended to buy 7 million hectares of the rainforest of Amazonian to create a sanctuary without carbon for a region with indigenous people. The collected money went to Cifuentes-Villa clan’s companies. He was famous as a top-class con man with endless sophistication and resources. The nickname “don Simon” was a tribute to Simon Templar. In a TV series of 1960’s “The Saint,” the Simon Templar played Roger Moore.

Lichtman was charged in this tacky web. Mr. Cifuentes could be a potential choice to open all crosses. He has to give answers for his crimes since childhood. Considering this situation, the bespectacled, balding Jorge Milton, attired in prison fatigues, raised his doubts.

They are actually following an epic game of rate and cat. With lobbying of Lichtman, a volley of haymakers “George Foreman-style,” they were successfully dodged like a secretive Ali. Counsel asked if he had kidnapped his grandmother, Jorge Milton signaled and said that these things are common in each family. When Lichtman started to thump a witness with different questions about his tax position, Cifuentes jeered at so frail a charge and say “guilty” by lifting his hand.

Lichtman Can’t Accept Defeat

The situation didn’t deter Lichtman because it was tough to weaken the moral credibility of any witness who had admitted his attempt to murder crime with an arepa (cyanide-laced) and supplying weapons to death squads of the right wing. His score was high with death saga of Cifuentes’s partner “Humberto Ojeda.” In the 1990s, the Jorge Milton was living in the McAllen, Texas, under his fake names, Ojeda and Jorge made a suspected $100 million dealing of cocaine in a month through the Sinaloa Cartel.

These activities were stopped in 1997 because the Ojeda was shot dead in Mexico in his vehicle. The young child of the dealer was in his car at this time, and he witnessed the death of her father. Fuming, Cifuentes later discovered that partner of El Chapo; the aforesaid El Mayo “Ismael Zambada” was accountable, apparently because Ojeda tried to build a mansion bigger than his. Jorge Milton was consistently working with Sinaloa Cartel.

Lichtman pounced at Cifuentes by saying that he is responsible for killing his partner, a person you respected as a brother, and you were still willing for drug dealings with him. Cifuentes accepted these things with a weak “correct sir.” Cifuentes admitted that he did this because of his greed. The Jury loved the way Lichtman used to rattle Jorge Milton. Lichtman used an old trick of his mentor Jimmy La Rossa.

Though it was a complicated case, the mouthpiece of Neward did his job with perfection. Indeed, El Chapo, disconnected earlier, was engaged on the legal pad. Finally, the government called Lichtman as the most feared man on this planet.

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