MyPsychic App – Free Psychic Reading App for Accurate Readings

While psychic readings are incredibly popular worldwide, legit psychics offer services that are sometimes too expensive. Luckily, online psychic platforms have made readings more accessible and budget-friendly. Without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can receive an in-depth free psychic reading within a couple of minutes with the MyPsychic  App

Although psychic reading websites are pretty convenient to use, they might not be that practical for individuals willing to consult psychics via their smartphones. If you are among those, various mobile apps offer psychic readings and related services for an affordable price. 

MyPsychic App is among the reliable psychic platforms that provide accurate readings and you can ask your first question completely for free.  To learn more about the MyPsychic app, keep reading!

How Does MyPsychic App Work?

Although MyPsychic has an official website, you need to download the app on your Android or iOS device to connect to a psychic. The official website can only be used for learning more about the services and tips on getting started on the app. On, you will also find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions, terms of use, and privacy policy. 

If you have decided to chat with one of the MyPsychic App advisors, you should first download the app. Next, you will need to create a free account and you are all set. While most psychic platforms ask you to add payment information, the MyPsychic app allows you to ask your first question for free without even providing billing details. 

To find the right psychic, you just need to check the list of either top-rated advisors or psychics that are new to the platform. After selecting the one you like the most, you can ask your free question and wait for the response. Typically, you will receive a reading within 24 hours. If you enjoyed your free reading, you can continue chatting with the psychic and this is when you will need to provide payment information. 

Overall, the MyPsychic app is a user-friendly platform and you should not have any problems with receiving desired services. Just download the app and follow the on-screen instructions. 

What Does MyPsychic App Offer?

The MyPsychic app offers psychic readings by gifted psychic advisors specializing in various occult practices. Since there is no live chat option, you ask a single question at a time and wait for the psychic to provide an in-depth reading. 

Popular reading topics on MyPsychic App include:

  • Love 
  • Self
  • Life
  • Education
  • Career
  • Work
  • Money
  • Business

While these are some of the specific categories, you can receive guidance about general topics as well. Since the topics listed above are incredibly popular, the app offers some question ideas you can explore before asking a question. So, if you are not sure about what to ask, these questions will definitely inspire you. 

The advisors on MyPsychic App specialize in a large variety of reading practices. Some of the techniques are listed below:

  • General Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Reading
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Leaf Reading
  • Past Life Reading
  • Deceased Communication
  • Energy Healing
  • Angel Reading

The wide variety of reading tools makes it easier for users to find matching psychics. By checking advisors’ profiles and bios, you can learn everything you need to know about the tools and methods they use for readings. 

MyPsychic App Pricing

While most psychic platforms ask you to pay for the minutes you spend consulting a specific psychic, MyPsychic App offers readings for a fixed price. You ask one question at a time and pay for the number of questions accordingly. 

As a new user, you are allowed to ask your first question for free. You can choose any psychic from the list and ask for psychic guidance. However, further readings are paid and cost only $9.99 per question. Along with being affordable, fixed prices make it easier for you to control your expenses. You only pay $9.99 and you do not have to worry about the minutes spent in a conversation.  

How Can I Receive a Free Reading on MyPsychic App?

All you need to do to receive a free reading on the MyPsychic app is to create an account and select the right advisor for you. Next, you just click the button “ASK ME A QUESTION” and ask your first question for free. The cool thing is that the app does not ask for payment details unless you have decided to get additional paid readings. In any case, you will receive your free/paid reading within 24 hours. In my case, it only took the psychic less than 1 hour to provide a comprehensive reading. 

Is MyPsychic App an Accurate Psychic Reading Platform?

The MyPsychic app features truly gifted psychic advisors with years of experience providing quality readings. Besides being professional readers, psychics on the app are extremely warm-hearted and they do their best to provide reliable guidance. 

To check the credibility of the platform, I decided to ask a free question to one of the psychics from the list. In about 30 minutes, I received an incredibly accurate reading describing everything in great detail. I was pretty amazed by how specific the psychic was about the physical characteristics of the person of interest. I was shocked when I read the message since she mentioned details she could not have known. The psychic even predicted timelines that also seem to be legit. 

To receive a personalized reading, do not forget to fill in your birth profile. This information helps the psychics derive precise readings that you can trust. If you do not provide birth details, advisors might not be able to offer accurate personal predictions. 

In a nutshell, MyPsychic App is a trustworthy psychic platform with several genuine psychics. Although you might have to wait up to 24 hours to receive your reading, it is still worth it! It’s also been featured as one of the top free psychic reading apps  On the sf examiner and the number 1 free psychic reading app on Psychic Reviews

The Pros and Cons of MyPsychic App

To help you find the right psychic platform and make the right choice, this section will list some of the pros and cons of using the MyPsychic app. After checking the lists below, you should be able to determine whether MyPsychic fits your needs and if this is the platform you have been looking for. 

The pros of the MyPsychic app include:

  • The app is 100% free to download;
  • Registration is also free;
  • User-friendly platform;
  • Gifted psychic advisors;
  • Your first reading is free;
  • Affordable readings for only $9.99 per question;
  • Payments via in-app purchases;
  • Inspirational question ideas.

The cons of the MyPsychic app include:

  • No filtering and sorting options;
  • No live chat features.

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