Newulife Somaderm HGH gel review: Best Homeopathic hgh gel secretagogues and legal HGH sprays

What are the best homeopathic hgh gel secretagogues and legal real HGH spray products for men and women?

Quick summary: While it’s true that NewuLife Somaderm HGH gel is FDA registered, but the reality is that the supplements industry is almost wholly responsible for self-regulation. This means this product is NOT reviewed by the FDA prior to public release, and the FDA doesn’t keep a database of ‘registered’ supplements. An overwhelming number of positive reviews floating around on the internet & YouTube claim that this is the best anti-aging HGH gel in the market today, however a lot of them are posted by the sellers/multi-level marketers of NewuLife. There are few unbiased reviews, overall, a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Currently, based on user reviews and various other factors, we recommend Genf20 Plus over this Somaderm gel. If you are looking for anti-aging, more endurance and energy etc. we recommend Genf20 Plus. For bodybuilders and athletes, we recommend HyperGH 14x.

If you are specifically looking for homeopathic HGH, we recommend’s 30000 nano spray as the best homeopathic HGH in the market (contains not only real homeopathic HGH, but also combines the six most potent Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers all into one oral spray! ).’s 30x spray is also a cheaper alternative to Newulife Somaderm homeopathic HGH gel.

For more information on how to choose HGH anti-aging products for men & women, we recommend reading this article on Cambridgewellbeing.


Human growth hormone (HGH) is naturally synthesized by the pituitary gland. The role of growth hormone is to promote cell reproduction, which results in the development of muscles and bones among others.  

New U Life’s Homeopathic SOMADERM Gel quickly became a hot HGH product after its launch, and is the ONLY transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone (HGH) product available without a prescription.

But, does it really live up to the hype?

Overall, transdermal HGH gels like Somaderm, Dermatropin etc. miss some crucial ingredients to enhance HGH levels comprehensively and there are better HGH products (pills and sprays) like Genf20 Plus (for anti-aging) and HyperGH 14x (for bodybuilding).

However, Cambridgewellbeing also claims that the efficiency of homeopathic HGH products can’t be just brushed aside even though FTC is considering requiring that all homeopathic products sold in the US come with a disclaimer on their packaging that there is NOT enough clinical evidence that they work.

Homeopathy defies rules of conventional medicine, however, just like in real-life, people are getting benefits from homeopathic medicines, a Homeopathic HGH product like Newulife Somaderm may work for some people.

Dr. Frank King explains the key to homeopathy’s great success is finding the right HGH formulas for each individual patient. Currently, we recommend’s 30000 nano spray as the best homeopathic HGH in the market.

Pros & Cons of NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel


  • Although the product had many positive responses (But a lot of them came from NewuLife members retailing this product).
  • Some consumers reported they had experienced positive health impacts of these medicines, weight loss, more energy, overall well-being etc. which caused some specialists to change their stance on homeopathy. 


  • The gel really has Under-dosed ingredients, it’s so because of the 30X dilution concept.
  • Many other Human Growth Hormone products & sprays are available in the market with a more comprehensive components profile including GABA, Alpha GPC etc.
  • The product is highly-priced and expensive than other Homeopathic HGH products & medicines
  • Research theories like “Water Memory” behind why homeopathic HGH medicine might work for anti-aging is greatly critiqued in the scientific community.
  • There are negative reviews, and few experts believe that the product has more hype than effectiveness.
  • Human growth Hormone gels are also not supported or encouraged by the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists.


Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 6X, Thyroidinum (Bovine) 8X, HGH 30X.

The HGH 30X makes us ponder upon the effectiveness of the HGH when it’s being diluted at 30X.

What does HGH 30X mean?

The letter “X” indicates a 1 to 10 dilution. As per above example the human growth hormone ingredient was succussed and diluted 30 times using a 1 to 10 dilution.

The procedure involves shaking the active components multiple times & then diluting them each time by gradually decreasing their concentration level.

The dilution process begins at 1X, meaning the solution will contain 1 part in 10, and the range will be up to 30 times i.e.; ( 1 part in 10^ 30).

The dilution would affect the Concentration of these active components as follows:

When the solution is at its 3X, it would be considered as 1 part of the 10^3 solution. When this same solution approaches its 6X, it would be sufficient, being approximately the amount of fluoride in the drinking water. At such levels, it becomes quite “legal” to sell real HGH in gel or drops.

The Concentration of the active secretagogues would very much be affected until it reaches 24X, and the chances for the presence of any active members would be only 50%.

The International Journal of Pharmacotherapy suggests that the real problem with the homeopathic solutions is that, “the largest dilution possible that still contains at least one molecule of the original substance is 12C.” 

And non-homeopathic experts claim that “even among smaller dilutions that do contain some molecules of the original substance, aren’t found to be effective enough to produce the desired effects required in the human body. In the end, you might be investing in an over-expensive gel, spray, or cream that might or might not have HGH in it.”

However, propositions of homeopathic “water memory” theory state that the substance retains its properties and becomes even stronger of a secretagogue with dilution.

Somaderm vs Dermatropin

Dermatropin comes with a Somatropin 12X dilution while Somaderm comes with a 30X dilution. Less is more in homeopathy. So, Somaderm HGH gel’s 30x is more dilute, but also more potent and therefore deeper-acting than 12X. The benefit of 12X is that it requires less precision in selection and can be ideal for light, repeatable dosing.

How to use NewULife Somaderm HGH Gel?

Although different gels have different precautions and methods of application, most of these HGH gels have the instructions to apply the product only topically. Moreover, it is recommended to apply the gel to the regions of increased blood flow where the blood vessels are in higher number, for example, underarm, wrist, etc., so that the absorption rates could be significantly improved and, in this way, the drug would be more effective.

However, it is highly recommended for the consumers to keep changing the place of application so that it would not cause over usage or hyper-consumption of the product on any part of the dermis.

It is recommended to use the HGH gel regularly. Expecting & lactating women should consult their physician before using.

Final note about HGH Gels & Homeopathic HGH products

There are many homeopathic formulations aimed at boosting HGH levels in the market, including popular options on marketplaces such as Amazon and other ecommerce platforms and OTC, like High-Tech Somatomax ($45), Pure Solutions Pure IGF-ultimate, Life Choice Homeopathic HGH+, Liddell Homeopathic Vital High Immune ($32), Sytropin, HPTP Pituitary Drops ($21), Vital II Hormone Free Spray ($28), Always Young, HGH Extreme spray, Joe Rogan’s HGH and Clinical Strength Secretagogue Gold – Orange ($45), to name just a few.

As advertised on the New U Life website, though, Somaderm Gel was the only legal topical/transdermal HGH gel available for sale without prescription.

However, there is Dermatropin, another HGH gel, that claims to provide similar health benefits of Somaderm and Somatropin. Some of them include promoting radiant, wrinkle-free, and younger-looking skin. It also promises to provide effects like improving immunity and enhancing muscular health and helping in fat loss.

These two HGH gels are marked as OTC medicine & can be bought legally (having real HGH) without any specific prescription.

The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for balanced health & wellness throughout life; any decline in the levels of this hormone can cause effects such as on the musculature, bone growth, psychic balance, glycemic levels etc.

The consumption of the Human Growth Hormone gels might aid in relieving these problems, but they’re not believed to be promising enough. Also, the methods of its application might not be favourable to provide the desired effects.

Besides caution is still advised, and considering a specialist’s opinion before choosing any Human Growth Hormone treatments is a must.

Many HGH products & supplements have also promised to improve overall health status by enhancing and balancing the hormone levels inside the body. Most HGH supplements aren’t that effective because our body has designed such mechanisms to resist any change in normal homeostasis.

And the minimal effect of many middle-ranged supplements (with only 1 or 2 ingredients) isn’t just practical enough to produce the desired results. The much-preferred HGH supplements are the ones that are multi-ingredients based like Nugenix GH Boost etc., with their unique effects & working mechanism to enhance GH levels.

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