OshenWatch Review: The Internet’s Latest Hot Product

Lately, every corner of the internet has been abuzz with talk of the OshenWatch. It’s both stylish and functional and OshenWatch reviews found gracing the pages of many sites and blogs have dubbed it “the hottest product of the year”.

But, why has the OshenWatch smartwatch made such a splash among fitness fanatics and retail therapy addicts? Research suggests there are plenty of good reasons for this. All it takes is a quick glance at this fashionable device and consumers seem to fall in love.

What Is OshenWatch?

OshenWatch is the all-powerful digital watch that lets users stay connected while they burn off those calories.                                                                                                                           

Rivalling the Apple Watch, this device lets wearers access their music, calls, text messages and more — all while monitoring their heart rate, blood pressure, steps, running distance, and calories burned.

Everything that fitness lovers want and need is packed into this one, sleek gadget. 

OshenWatch Facts and Specs

The majority of OshenWatch reviews include opinions such as “I was looking for a watch that I didn’t have to worry about… OshenWatch was perfect for me”, but they tend to ignore the facts and figures. However, the only way to truly figure out why this gadget has been creating so much excitement across the fitness space is to look at the real specifications that others have been disregarding. 

So, why has this product made such a ruckus? 

1.    No Batteries Needed

The OshenWatch digital watch requires zero batteries. In the box, a micro-USB cable is included so buyers can just plug it in and be on their way.

The developers of the high-spec OshenWatch have specified that users can achieve 96 hours of use on just one charge. This could, in fact, be the main cause of the internet’s infatuation with this product.

2.    Super Accessible

These days, almost every device connects to either an Android or Apple phone, but not both. However, the OshenWatch fitness band has broken this mould by ensuring accessibility for any smartphone user. 

It easily syncs between various devices for a seamless OshenWatch experience regardless of the operating system. Its own interface is also incredibly universal to ensure anyone can operate the gadget.

3.    Business and Casual

The overall look of the OshenWatch suits the office, gym and even the club so users don’t have to worry about changing it up. Work hard, play hard appears to be the motto for this hot product.

4.    Ingenious Design

The brains behind the OshenWatch have ensured inclusivity in their interface. Not only have they included multiple strap options — metal in black or silver and leather in brown or black — but the interface is large and brightly coloured. This allows any consumer to understand and use all its functionalities with ease.

5.    Connectivity

Consumers value connectivity over almost everything else these days. OshenWatch has seriously tapped into this 21st-century fact. They have incorporated many phone features such as music access, text messaging and phone calls into a single wearable device.

Bluetooth connectivity is as powerful as ever. OshenWatch seems to use this better than other smartwatch developers. 

 6.    Vital Monitoring Features

It’s pretty clear that OshenWatch has amazing capabilities across the board. However, the aspect that is most appealing to the fitness junkies who have written plenty of OshenWatch reviews is its monitoring abilities.

With this handy little gadget heart rate monitoring, calorie and step counting, distance logging, and blood pressure checking are all possible.

Consumers are stating that “it made getting into shape fun” and “my OshenWatch helped me improve my conditioning”. All this considered, it is proving to be a promising choice for the number one fitness product of the year spot. Bright futures are definitely on the not so distant horizon for the makers of this device.

Quick-Glance Specs

●        Tough aluminium exterior

●        Tempered glass face

●        Leather strap option includes brown or black colour choices

●        Metal strap option includes black or grey colour choices

●        1.3-inch display

●        HD retina display

●        Sleek

●        Very versatile

●        Waterproof up to a certain depth

What Functionalities Does OshenWatch Have?

There are multiple uses for this device but the greatest one is, without a doubt, the health monitoring capabilities. Heart rate, sleep, steps, burned calories and more equate to figuring out users’ overall health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?

For those who purchased OshenWatch, it gives wearers every fitness functionality they could dream of and more.

The Quick-Glance Functionalities

●        Sleep monitoring (including sleep stages)

●        Heart rate monitoring

●        Calorie counter

●        Stopwatch

●        Alarm clock

●        Time

●        Step counter

●        ECG

●        Running distance

●        Text messaging

●        Calls

●        Music access

What Are the Pros and Cons of the OshenWatch?

As obvious as it may be for buyers who have read the plethora of OshenWatch reviews dotted across the web, there are countless advantages to owning the device.

But what about the cons? Listed here are the pros and cons of purchasing the OshenWatch device

OshenWatch: The Quick-Glance Pros and Cons


●        Great gift for friends and family

●        Easy heart rate monitoring

●        Simple way to calculate calories burned

●        Sleek, modern design

●        Various strap options (metal and leather)

●        Ingenious interface promoting ease of use for any demographic

●        Pleasant way to monitor fitness progress and conditioning

●        Access calls, messaging and music without checking a smartphone

●        Colourful, high-definition display

●        Sturdy construction (tempered glass and durable aluminium)

●        Waterproof so there’s no need to worry about taking it off


●        Can only be bought online

●        Stock supply is dwindling

OshenWatch: The Final Verdict

Buyers have been raving about this product on every social media feed and blog platform known to man. Is this for a good reason? Yes. Will it allow people to adapt quickly and easily to a healthier lifestyle? Yes. Does the OshenWatch truly do everything consumers are saying? Yes. It does it all while offering a no-fuss, money-back guarantee.

The internet has rightly dubbed this as a newsworthy, win-win product purchase. The 100% satisfaction promise coupled with a guaranteed full refund should this not be achieved is just the cherry on this sleek, fashionable cake.

This smartwatch can be found only at the official OshenWatch website.

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