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Pack Your Bags And Grab Your Surfboard Because The Ultimate Surfing Experience Awaits You In Costa Rica


Would you like to attend a surf school that’s situated in tropical paradise? How about one that prioritizes sustainability and supporting local communities? If you answered yes to the above questions, Safari Surf School in Costa Rica is calling your name!

Bright blue waves, white sandy beaches, and salty surfboards comprise the recipe for a perfect day in Costa Rica, and Safari Surf School is at the center of it all. Founded in 1999 by life-long surf fanatic Tim Marsh, more than two decades have passed since the first time he awoke to the sound of howler monkeys oo-ing and aah-ing atop of trees in the picturesque country, and thought to himself, man this is paradise.

Situated in a Blue Zone, one of only five divine places across the world where people are known to live extraordinarily long and healthy lives, Safari Surf School mixes passion, fun, culture, and adrenaline all into one, to create an unforgettable experience that has guests coming back for more.

Imagine starting your day with a morning surf session taught by a local instructor on a gorgeous three-mile sand beach. After the session, a delicious gourmet breakfast refuels your body. Then, it’s time to embark on a jungle adventure to explore, choosing between a world-renowned zip line, horseback tour, or even an amazing waterfall hike. Then, you head back to the resort for your afternoon surf lesson, and before you know it, it’s time for dinner where you can trek back into town, or indulge in the exotic flavors the Olas Verdes Hotel has to offer.

Safari Surf is the first STOKE certified surf program in the world. Its sustainability initiatives, many efforts to positively impact local communities, pledge to weave in aspects of local culture into their programs, and ability to cater to all surf levels, has set the benchmark for what adventure tourism companies should strive to be.

The best part is, Safari Surf only hires and trains local people to lead their classes, which gives native Costa Ricans an opportunity to share their breadth of knowledge with visitors from all over the world. “If you travel to another country to learn how to surf, it’s probably because you want to immerse yourself in the culture and history of that country, so what better way to do that than to learn a skill from someone who lives there,” Marsh says.

He is dedicated to facilitating sustainable development in Costa Rica as well, which is why in 2015 when his team was constructing the Olas Verdes Hotel, 90% of the trees were left as is, so as to not disrupt the natural flora and fauna of the area. Additionally, the resort is solar powered and LEED certified. Surfboards that are no longer needed are even turned into art. With all of these things coming together, Safari Surf is a company that cares about its eco-footprint and the impact it makes on the local community.

“I want to enrich the lives of the local people, because they’re enriching my life,” he says. They’re allowing me to run a business, and to bring benefits to my family, so all I can do is give back to them,” he continues. One of the many ways Marsh gives back to the local community is through his partnership with charity organizations such as Pack for a Purpose.

Pack for a Purpose allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the community they are traveling to, by inviting them to save space in their suitcase and bring along supplies that support projects in need, such as children going to school. The value for that is priceless.

When you go to Safari Surf School, not only do you get to learn how to surf in a paradise, immerse yourself in the culture, history, and art, make a positive impact in the community, but you also get to connect and create memories with so many other individuals.

“We’re bringing people together,” Marsh says. “People with all of these different backgrounds get to share the same experiences, and you know, Costa Rica in itself has such a cool vibe” he continues. “Everyone comes together for this once in a lifetime experience that you’ll always remember. There’s been a ton of people over the years that have gotten back to me and said, ‘Safari Surf in Costa Rica has changed my life.’

You see, it’s one thing to ride the waves at a lake or ocean near you, but to go ahead and do it in a tropical paradise is incomparable. Costa Rica is a surfer’s wonderland, and Safari Surf is the cherry on top. Although many people go to Safari Surf School to learn how to ride the waves, they often leave with a whole new perspective on life that travels with them all the way back home.

Individuals experience “pura vida,” meaning pure life, as they embark on the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local environment, culture, and history, in an unforgettable way. To learn more about the experiences Safari Surf School has to offer, visit their website today!


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