Categories: Sponsored NFT Powered By Cardano Blockchain Is Gaining Momentum in 2022

Advertisment NFT project entered into the record book when it made its swashbuckling debut in 2022 in style. With the launch of Pavia NFT, it became the first metaverse powered by the Cardano blockchain.

The community members are likely to get a whole lot of features, including reduced transaction fees and a host of other gifts and rewards, which will be offered to them in due course of time.

The most noticeable aspect of NFT is its eco-friendly proof of stake. hogged the limelight for the first time in October 2021, when it proceeded with its first sale of land NFT parcels. Considering such an overwhelming response from the members, it again launched the second sale of land parcels in November 2021, and the response was fantastic. It was so over subscribed that over $7,000,000 of refunds had to be made by the Pavia Corp team. has a strong community of over 8,700 unique NFT landowners. Right now it is more decentralised than Decentraland, which works on the principle of equality. Every NFT holder has equal participation and voting rights.

According to the latest market prediction, owing to a continuous surge in the membership of NFT-based communities, Metaverse is likely to reach $800-billion by 2024. Over 50% of the revenue will be generated from NFT games and in-game purchases using NFT or cryptocoins.

Cardano Blockchain got its name from the famous Italian mathematician, Gerolamo Cardano. The blockchain launched as a viable alternative to various in-game NFTs that we see these days.

The community believes in adding real value to the lives of its members and NFT enthusiasts. However, you have to believe in its concept as the community is expanding its membership base to various parts of the globe powered by fast and secure Cardano blockchain technology. is the most decentralized NFT in the metaverse. Here, every landholder will have equal say about any important decision of the project, though Pavia Improvement Proposals (PIPs). It also wants to offer an outstanding in-game Pavia experience to users that are likely to disrupt the NFT gaming scenario forever.

Meanwhile, the community is already working on the $Pavia token, which is set to be the native token of the metaverse. Using $Pavia, users can buy land, estate, and various other in-game objects and digital assets based on the Cardano blockchain.

Last month, around 500,000,000 $Pavia tokens were issued for free to NFT owners via an airdrop. The community also plans to go ahead with its final land sale proceeds by Q1 2022. Pavia members will also get access to multiple devices-compatible avatars, which they can create for themselves on readyplayerme. NFT metaverse is soon going to be the number one spot for crypto enthusiasts and tech-savvy people who want to be a part of its ever-growing community. You can get all the latest updates and announcements about the Pavia community online on metaverse itself. 

As of now, the metaverse is still in its evolutionary stage. You can expect a lot of new development and upgrades in the coming days and weeks. But even then it has already carved a niche for itself among tech enthusiasts, overtaking the popularity that Decentraland (Mana coin) has been enjoying in recent times.

The community is working throughout the day to simplify any new updates and information for its users. Pavia app is also upgrading its platform to improve inter parcel messaging. You can get all the latest updates from the community online on Discord.

There’s no doubt that $Pavia will see a constant surge in its value soon. It is also set to become the most preferred digital asset for processing digital transactions in the CNFT marketplace should Cardano native assets start to be accepted. Members and landowners who are already in possession of $Pavia should retain the same as their values are likely to accelerate a lot more in the future. You can go to for more information and news updates.


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