Percolator Bongs: Pros and Cons

The evolution of the water bong has grown since its invention dating way back past the 1100 CE. There were many water bong discoveries throughout Ethiopia, Scythia, and China well before the introduction of the percolator bongs in the late 1900’s. With glass bongs not making a popular appearance until the late 1970’s, other water bongs with percolators were not introduced for some time. Now in present times, there are many types like tree percolator bongs, inline percolator bongs and more. So what are the pros and cons of percolator bongs and why is this important to know? Seriously, what is the purpose of a percolator bong and why is it necessary to own one? With all of the percolator bongs for sale out there, you’ll want to decipher which type of cheap percolator bongs are best for your needs. Let’s go!

Percolator bongs

First things first, the biggest question to answer is: what are percolator bongs? These are none other than water pipes or water bongs that offer more filtration than the average setup. Water bongs have truly evolved since the beginning of its time, and the entire concept of a percolator bong is to be an upgrade to the typical bong setup that does not offer much filtration beyond a simple ash catcher (if there is one).

Perc bongs are just a different type of bong that creates more diffusion for a great bong hit. Percolator bongs help the reduction of backsplash, cools the hot smoke right before inhale, and offers heavy filtration and diffusion. There are different types of percolators within bongs, like:

Diffused downstem

One of the more simple percs around, it is definitely more basic than other percolators but does its job of creating bubbles with the slits on the side of a horizontal tube or within another form of a percolator. For instance, diffused downstems can be combined with other percolators for extra filtration. Diffused downstems do not take up a lot of room which make them an easy addition (to any bong) and is an excellent introductory percolator if you are new to this world and wanting to dabble.

Tree perc

Tree percolators look exactly like tree branches where vertical tubes with slits (similar to a downstem) connect through the center tube. Tree percs look like little arms and really produce a smoke show! Tree percolators are fun to watch and usually front and center in the middle of a bong chamber so there is no mistaking what percolator you are working with.

Inline perc

Inline percolator bongs look like a horizontal tube that has many slits for filtration. Inline percolator bongs are great because they do not sacrifice air flow nor do they take up a lot of space in the bong’s water chamber. Inline percs are usually made within thick glass bongs so the percolator disperses properly without compromising the other parts of a bong.

Honeycomb perc

A honeycomb percolator looks just like a honeycomb with many holes within a small disk, sometimes multiple disks stacked together. This type of percolator is great within bongs and dab rigs because it provides not only filtration but a cooling system as well. With stacked honeycomb percs there’s no telling how much filtration you’ll get because once it starts it won’t stop!

Showerhead percs

Usually connected to the main part of the chamber, a showerhead percolator literally looks like a showerhead so you can only imagine the amount of filtration and diffusion it provides! How a showerhead percolator works is that it provides excellent filtration and a lot of it without looking like it is working overtime. Showerhead percs create a lot of bubbles which make for a great show!

Matrix perc

Matrix percolators offer both vertical and horizontal slits which helps the smoke circulate in all directions. Usually in a cylindrical shape, matrix percolators are usually located at the bottom base of a bong. Matrix percs create a ton of filtration and diffusion making it a popular option, and since it is located at the bottom of the bong it shoots smoke up and throughout the chamber which makes for a really nice smoking experience. 

Coil perc

This type of perc can sometimes be made of glycerin and even be removed to freeze and cool your hits down. Coil percs are very cool because they look a lot different than other percs while also being removable. Coil percs are great for percolator bongs in the summer to provide that extra coolness factor and who doesn’t want to take apart their bong and freeze it on a hot day?

Ice catcher

An ice catcher can be considered a great bong attachment and is being mentioned because ice catchers help to cool and smooth out bong hits. While it might not traditionally be called the word percolator it is still very important to the makeup of a percolator bong and the way each hit becomes diffused and cooled down for easy inhale.

Pros of a percolator bong

Now that you have an idea of what percolator bongs are, what are the benefits of a perc bong? The best percolator bongs offer cooler smoke and a smooth smoking experience without the need of purchasing additional bong accessories. So why do stoners enjoy this smoking experience more than with a regular bong? Here are the percolator pros that every stoner should know about.

Extra Filtration

The whole point of a percolator bong is to provide extreme diffusion and filtration, making it the biggest reason to use it over regular bongs. You rarely ever hear that there are too many percolators so why not use a bong that gives cool filtration and diffusion in every hit? While there are many smoking accessories out there on the market, even basic percolators offer maximum filtration

Better smoking experience

Many users state that the smooth smoke provided by a matrix percolator or honeycomb percolators offer a much better smoking experience than the average water pipe. To each their own when smoking and toking but percolator bongs are a step up from the average smoke setup which is why they are in a league of their own.

More intense high

Have you ever taken bong hits with percolator attachments and instantly feel like you are more high than with a normal bong? It is probably not all in your head, because percolator bongs allow you to take bigger and longer bong hits than the average water bong. The extra filtration and diffusion allows for nothing but a fat smoke cloud that should be inhaled immediately!

Clears out toxins

Adding onto the filtration benefit, did you know that the best percolator bong also helps to clear out toxic chemicals that can be found in bong hits? Some percolator attachment features include an ash catcher as part of the bong so there is a ton of filtration before the smoke even hits the percolator part of the bong. Water bongs with a percolator allows you to smoke responsibly!

Cooler hits

In addition to diffusion, percolator bongs also give cooler hits depending on which percolator you’re utilizing. As mentioned before, coil percolators are the best for providing cooler hits since some can be made with glycerin and removed to place in the freezer for a quicker cool down. This mimics the act of putting ice cubes into your bong, except it is a much cleaner and smoother setup that will leave you and your friends impressed and unable to smoke out of anything else. The quality is unmatched!

Cons of a percolator bong

There are some aspects of a percolator bong that can become a downside of owning the best perc bongs, but this can be overcome easily by using the bong percolator regularly and handling with care. Here are some percolator cons that every stoner should be aware of, these are not a deal breaker but some parts of owning a perc bong you should be aware of.


Sometimes, percolator bongs can cost a pretty penny and this can prevent many stoners from being able to own and enjoy one. There are cheap percolator bongs out there that do not perform low budget either, but the price point can be a con and a pain for those that need a budget friendly option.

Marijuana smoke

While diffusion and filtration are major pros of owning a percolator bong, you should be warned that some might argue the amount of THC that gets lost in the filtration process. Because of how heavily the smoke is filtered, some THC content might get lost along with the toxins and chemicals that are cleared through the diffusion process.

Too many percolators

Is there such a thing as too many percolators? When smoking and taking bong rips from a percolator bong, it is important to note that it can become increasingly difficult to inhale a hit if there are more percolators working in unison together. As you can imagine, smoke passes through only after being filtered, so the more percs to filter through the more difficult it will be to inhale. Naturally, once you know this there are workarounds to getting the best hit out of a bong you can, but fair warning the more percolators you are dealing with the harder it might be to take a simple bong rip.


Sometimes it takes time to set up a percolator bong, especially when dealing with a bong that has multiple percolators to tend to. It might take more time than dealing with a more simple bong, because sometimes percolator bongs need a specific amount of water or steps to set up that are not required from other bongs. Although it might take a few more steps to get a percolator bong up and running, it is more than worth it considering the amount of fully filtered hits you’ll be consuming.


The cleaning part of a percolator bong is probably the biggest con of all, since no one likes to clean difficult bongs it is expected for this to be a major setback. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to avoid having to deal with a messy perc bong. What happens sometimes is that because each perc attachment is handling the diffusion and filtration, the resin might build up in the small crannies that make it not so cute to look at. Since no one likes to smoke out of a dirty bong, be sure to clean your percolator bong regularly so that the buildup doesn’t become overwhelming. Cleaning your bong at least once a week is a good rule of thumb for proper hygiene and just overall maintaining the longevity of a bong.

Percolator bongs for sale

Now that there is no confusion amongst percolator bongs, what they are and what kind of percolator bongs exist, should you buy one for yourself? While simple and straightforward water bongs are fully functional and work well, percolator bongs are a step up from the average bong setup and offer a smoking experience that is unprecedented once you get your ideal setup in motion.

Remember, when looking at a water bong with percolators you must search for the type of percolator that best suits you. Between tree percolator bongs, inline percolator bongs, and more, you might have your hands full with choices but is that not a good thing? The rise in popularity amongst these types of bongs are because of its creative innovation and how different they are from typical bongs and pipes. Percolators offer a much better experience overall because the filtration and diffusion that goes on is hard to find in another setup. Check out the best percolator bongs for sale to see which one is the best choice and gets to go home with you! On top of percolator bongs there are an endless amount of accessories for bongs like bong bowls and attachments to add to cart as well. Open the door to the limitless options of percolator bongs and expand your stoner experiences like you have never before.

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