Photo Stick & PhotoStick Mobile Reviews: MUST Read Before Buying Is It the Best Way to Store Photos?

Do you wish you had a safer place to keep all of your photos than on your computer? Would you like to easily find files that you have lost, like precious photos and treasured videos that seem lost inside your PC forever? 

These are common problems, and in this day and age where so many people are taking pictures, a lot of the pictures are being stored haphazardly. Some of them get lost in the shuffle or stored in the wrong folders, never to be found again. Others end up being accidentally deleted and lost forever. 

So, what’s the solution? Photo stick offers a way to take photos from your computer and store them on a separate drive, one that is small, portable and easy to transport. But does it do the job well and does it offer anything that similar flash drives and storage devices don’t? This review will answer those questions for you and tell you what you need to know to determine if Photostick is the right option for you. 

What Is the Photo Stick?

So, what is this solution for storing and preserving photos? It is called The Photo Stick, and it is a lot like a portable flash drive. It’s small and lightweight and designed to hold a variety of file formats.

It’s not your typical flash drive, however. What makes the Photo Stick kind of special is that it will find files for you, even if they aren’t stored in your main photo or video folders. They could be hidden anywhere in the computer, and this storage device is designed to locate them for you and then transfer them from the computer onto itself.

The Photostick is also designed to be very fast, sorting and finding files quickly and saving you the trouble of having to find them on your own. It does much of the work for you, operating mostly automatically and not really requiring much input from you. It is made to store thousands of photos at once, so it works as a great second storage method, clearing up space for you and making free storage space on the computer. If you find that your computer is running out of space, then it might be a good solution for you. 

It also offers safe storage, as the Photostick isn’t susceptible to power surges, computer viruses, hackers and other problems that could affect your computer. Any one of those issues could cause your data to be lost, erasing your computer’s memory and destroying your precious pictures forever. There would be no way to get them back, and that’s why Photo Stick might be a good solution if you worry about these kinds of things. 

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How Does the Photo Stick Work?

The tech inside the photostick is very sophisticated. It’s not just your average flash drive or storage unit. It manages to do more than just transfer or store photos, because it also finds photos for you.

When you plug this device into your computer, it gets to work quickly, first sending you a notification that it is plugged in and ready to be used. Just click the button that pops up to get started. From there, the device will start finding your photos for you.

You don’t have to go looking through folders and placing photos directly into the storage unit. All of that is done for you automatically, which is a major time saver. The Photostick is able to sort photos and transfer them fast, sending over thousands of photos in a matter of minutes. 

So, the process is as simple as plugging it in and then clicking a couple of buttons to get it started. The rest of the process is automatic, and once the files are transferred, you can take the device out and take it with you. It also gives you the option to transfer files to a new computer or other device, if you want to. This is portable storage, and it’s very convenient and compatible with a lot of different devices. 

Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick

You’ve gotten a brief overview of the Photo Stick so far, and now I want to get into some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this item. You will see some of these in various Photo Stick reviews, but I want to give you as thorough of a list as possible.


  • Simple to use- Just plugs in and gets to work
  • Nothing else to buy- You only need to make this one purchase for safe, smart photo storage, with no subscription plan or cloud storage fee to pay
  • Affordable pricing- It’s not an expensive product by any means, especially compared to the competition
  • Secure storage- Keeps your photos safe from power outages, viruses and other hazards
  • Finds photos for you- You don’t have to go looking for them, as they are all found and sorted automatically
  • Finds lost photos- Even better, Photostick will locate photos that are not in the right place, ones that you might not have been able to find on your own and may have given up on
  • Great compatibility- Compatible with most types of computers
  • Works with most file types- Can locate and transfer most common kinds of video and image files
  • Removes duplicates- Does not bother to transfer over copies of files


  • May miss some files occasionally
  • Some files have to be transferred manually

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Photo Stick Customers Reviews

Lots of people have opinions on ThePhotoStick. There are reviews from experts like us and then consumer reviews as well from people who have used the product and who wanted to tell people about their experience. Both are valuable, and in the research we did for this review, we came across a large number of customer reviews. The overwhelming majority of them were positive, and we what to share some impressions of those here for you. 

Over on eBay, user raybuggs said that the device was very good. On Amazon, user Cyril B. Reshetiloff said that the product was great at getting rid of duplicate files, removing tons of extra files she didn’t need. She was impressed with how secure and safe her files were.

Another user on Amazon, Pat Chisolm, said that once she followed the onscreen instructions for the photostick and got it set up, it had copied more than 3,000 photos in about 10 minutes.

People seem to be amazed at not just how secure their photos are but also how fast the product works to find and transfer files and how well it gets rid of duplicates for them. 

You’ll find some negative reviews as well, and a lot of them tend to point out that the device doesn’t work for them. That’s possibly because they might not be using the device correctly and following the instructions. They may also be using the photostick on a device that isn’t compatible or using it with fields that are not compatible. The photostick won’t transfer every file automatically. Some of them need to be transferred manually or the settings have to be changed on thephotostick to find them automatically and transfer them. 

Overall though, most every Photostick review is positive, and people have very nice things to say about how well it works and the great value it provides them. 

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Should You Buy ThePhotoStick?

This is the question you need to be asking about the Photostick. You will want to look at a few different factors, like the value that PhotoStick offers, the price points and how affordable it will be for you, and whether it is compatible with your computer. You may already have a flash drive and be perfectly happy wit that. In that case, you might not even need a Photo Stick. 

If you are in the market for a flash drive or storage device for your photos, then you need to consider which product is the best one for you. The Photo Stick offers excellent storage safety, securing thousands of photos in such a way as to keep them protected from being erased, hacked or stolen. It is extremely difficult for someone to access your stored photos if they are saved on a portable storage unit like the Photo Stick. 

If you are running out of storage space, then the Photo Stick can be very helpful, giving you a way to store your photos remotely and safely and even move files from one computer to another.

If you like to have your photos available to take with you on the go and don’t have much space on your phone, then this can be an excellent solution. You don’t have to take up valuable memory on your smartphone with pics if you just store your photos on the PhotoStick instead. It’s just as portable as your phone too!

This is also a good buy for anyone who wants remote storage for photos but doesn’t want all the problems that come with storing photos in the cloud. Cloud storage might be convenient, but it can be expensive. It can cost a monthly fee or an annual fee, depending on which service you use. You probably won’t get a lot of storage space there either. The other downside to using the cloud for your photo storage is that your photos might be compromised. Cloud storage is known for being easily compromised, and if you don’t want your photos being stolen or used by someone else, then you should store them securely on a device like the Photo Stick. 

What Is the Photostick Mobile and How It Works?

There is another kind of photostick that you should know about. It’s the Photostick Mobile and it works much the same as the regular Photostick. The difference is that it is compatible with mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This works with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and more. 

This is the Photostick for iPhone that you might have heard about, giving you a lot more storage space on your phone by allowing you to transfer files from the phone onto the memory stick. It works very fast and offers tons of storage space, holding thousands of photos at once.

Just like with the PC version of the Photostick, the Photostick mobile version will find files for you, even if they aren’t stored where they ought to be. Those files you thought were lost and that you have trouble finding can all be sorted and located and then transferred onto the photostick. You can then transfer them onto another phone if you like. This is a great way to keep those safe while you are switching phones. 

If you are looking to do mobile backups, then the mobile Photostick is the best option, but for backing up files on PCs and laptops, you need to use the regular Photostick.

Does the Photo Stick Work Fast?

This is actually one of the speediest photo savers you will find, and the Photostick has been known to find and transfer thousands of files in matter of minutes. So, even if you have 2,000 photos on your computer that you want to store on the memory stick, it isn’t going to take a long time. Other similar devices may take half an hour or so, but Photostick is much faster. 

Everything the photostick does is fast- from finding photos, sorting them to be transferred and sending them to the Photostick. Don’t expect to have to spend your whole day sending photos ever to the memory stick, even if you have thousands of them. It works incredibly fast and gets the job done quicker than a lot of similar storage units. 

How Many Photos Can You Retrieve and Save With Thephotostick?

There are a couple different versions of the photostick. You can get a simple 8GB Photostick and store up to 3,500 photos at once. If you need more storage space than that, though, then you can go for the 64GB one, which holds as many as 30,000 photos. For even more storage space, try the 128GB one, which holds an impressive 60,000 photos.

You should bear in mind that these numbers are just estimates. We’re basing the numbers of the average size of photo files, and some files are larger. If you are transferring videos, those take up a lot more memory and space, so you won’t be able to fit nearly as many of them. 

At any rate, you have different options, and you can choose from three different sizes to accommodate your storage needs. 

Which one of the photostick options should you get? That depends on how many photos you have to transfer over and save. You can always go with the smaller one if you are just transferring photos from one computer to another and don’t plan to save too many photos at once. If you take photos regularly as a hobby or as your job, then you probably want one of the larger Photo Sticks to ensure that all of your photos are kept safe. The largest one, the 128GB Photostick, will likely have enough space to meet your needs for years to come. You can always buy multiple Photo Sticks too, and that can be cost effective, as you get a good deal for buying more than one at a time.

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Where Can You Use It?

You might be curious as to where you could use the Photo Stick, and it is made to be used practically anywhere. This is a very durable product that can withstand changes in temperature in different conditions. It is also compatible with a number of different devices and can be used freely between various computers and devices.

You can use it at home, to store personal photos and videos on, and if you work from home, you can take those files and bring them to work, transferring them to the computer at the office when necessary.

Because the Photostick is very portable and small, it is convenient for use at school, and you can insert it into the school computer and then take the same photos and videos on the device to your home and access them there as well. It is very simple to use the Photostick in numerous computers throughout the course of the week, and there is no limit to where you can use it and how it benefits you for photo and video storage. 

What Files Can the Photo Stick Find?

The focus of the Photostick is on images- both photographs and videos. So, it can store, access, transfer and find all kinds of image and video files.

It finds JPEG files easiest, but you can also use it to locate MOV, MPEG4, PNG, TIF, KDC and many others. It is set to locate only certain kinds of files, the ones that are most common. You can change the settings, however, and have it search for other kinds of files, if you like. This allows it to automatically find and then transfer the files onto itself as it accesses your computer.

One thing to not about The Photo Stick is that it is not able to find or transfer Word documents and other files that are outside its design settings. It focuses on image and video files, and it can find and transfer the majority of those. Be sure to check which kind of file you are wanting to transfer before you buy the Photo Stick. You want to be sure you are getting a product that will work for you.

How to Run ThePhotoStick?

This is such an easy memory stick to run. The best photo stick you can buy is one that is simple and made for anyone to use, whether they have a lot of tech knowledge or not. 

All that you have to do is plug it into your device and wait for a notification from the computer or laptop that the Photostick has been inserted. You may need to look for the device on your computer by accessing the “Removable Device” section, but you should only need to do that if the PhotoStick was left plugged in from the last time you used the computer.

Once it has been inserted, just follow the onscreen prompts to use it. There should be a “Go” button for you to click, and from there the device will pretty much find everything on its own. Like we said before, you may want to adjust settings to have the Photostick look for file formats that it doesn’t usually look for.

It will sort all the files for you, transferring only individual files and no copies of those same files. It also finds files that are organized and stored in the wrong places, so you don’t have to go looking for those.

Once the device has finished transferring, you can take the Photostick out. You may need to access the “safely remove device” option on your computer first, though, just to ensure you don’t lose any data.

Does ThePhotoStick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

The software that the photostick uses is all on the device itself and does not need to be downloaded onto your computer. It does not put any software on your device. It can transfer files to your device,  but never implants software there. Everything needed to run the Photostick is included and no other files or apps need to be downloaded from the internet. You don’t even need an internet connection to use it. 

Does the Photo Stick Work with Your Device ?

The Photostick is made to work with most kinds of laptops and PCs. It works with Mac and Windows operating systems, and it will require a device with a USB port for you to plug it in. As we said earlier, no internet connection required. 

Will it work with your particular OS and your specific computer? Here are some specs you need to be aware of if you have questions about compatibility. 

For Windows computers, the Photostick will work with anything that is runs Windows 7, 8, or 10, as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

As for Mac computers, the Photostick will work on any Mac computer that runs 10.6 or higher.

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What Is the Price of Photostick?

The Photostick price will depend on which of the version you go with. The 8GB is the cheapest because it gives you the least amount of storage. It only costs $34.99 for one, and you can save some money and get a good deal if you buy a few of them at the same time. 

If you want to upgrade to the 64GB version, then that will cost you $49.99. Remember, that gives you storage for up to 30,000 photos as compared to the 8GB’s 3,500 photos.

For the maximum storage space, you can choose the 128GB version that offers space for up to 60,000 photos. This one will cost $79.99 for one.

The manufacturer often has deals on its Photo stick that you can take advantage of, and you can get these for cheaper by buying several at a time. Photostick makes a great gift for friends or family members, and you may want more than one for yourself to store different kinds of files or to use for different purposes. Some people have one for school and one for work. 

Final Verdict

After a lot of research and testing on the Photostick, we have decided to recommend it as a great option for people trying to store their photos and keep them secure. It is a lot more secure than the cloud or than storing them on a PC hard drive. The Photostick is also kept safe from hackers and computer viruses, so you never have to worry about losing the photos.

If you want to be sure that your photos will be safe no matter what, whether there is a flood, a thunderstorm, a power surge or anything else that could affect delicate electronics, then you need to consider the Photostick for keeping your photos protected. It can store your videos as well, and it is considered one of the most dependable safe storage options around. On top of that, it’s completely portable and works with most types of computers, laptops and PCs.

You likely won’t find a more convenient and simpler photo storage option, particularly one that finds the photos for you instead of having you look for them yourself. That’s a superb function and one that doesn’t require an internet connection or a software download. 

The Photostick reviews are all very positive, and most consumers seem to be very happy with their purchase and how well the Photostick works for them. We recommend that you give the Photostick a try. It’s affordably priced and easy to use, so its’s a good choice for practically anyone who wants safe and reliable photo storage. 

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