Pop the cork for National Wine Day with KORBEL California Champagne

By Liane M. Roth

Raise a glass of bubbly KORBEL California Champagne and cheer; National Wine Day, May 25, is almost here! Served alone, as a cocktail or as the base for this year’s trendiest mimosas, KORBEL California Champagne’s line of sparkling wines, create excitement, adventure and joy with every glass.  No matter your favorite, Brut, Extra Dry, Brut Rosé , Sweet Rosé , Brut Organic, Natural’, Blanc de Noirs, Rouge or Prosecco, KORBEL California Champagne has the perfect bottle to toast any occasion.  

KORBEL Brut, a refined sparkling wine with a balanced, medium-dry finish and a hint of sweetness, lends a touch of gold to saltier dishes, while KORBEL Extra Dry, a fresh, off-dry California champagne, is light and luscious, featuring bright citrus, vanilla and spice, a great accompaniment to spicy ethnic cuisines. 

A tasty representation of KORBEL’s fruit-forward “house” style, KORBEL Natural’ is a very dry, delicate California champagne featuring apple notes complemented by sweet flavors of orange, lime and raspberry, a delicious varietal for sushi and other seafoods.

KORBEL Rouge is a colorful sparkling red wine made from Russian River Valley Pinot Noir grapes, with intense aromas and flavors of black cherry, strawberry and plum, complementing heartier dishes such as grilled meats, great for backyard or beachy barbecues.

KORBEL Blanc de Noirs, bursting with berry flavors, is the perfect summer California champagne, featuring Pinot Noir cuvées with exquisite flavors of raspberry and strawberry and a delicate finish, an enticing addition to lighter fare from seasonal fruits to cheese boards.

KORBEL’s Rosés are delicate and crisp sparklers with bright, avors, to pair perfectly with foods from spicy to sweet, whether served with brunch, a mid-afternoon fruity get-together or a romantic evening at home.

KORBEL Prosecco is all about tangy bubbles, laughter and golden moments, with delicate, bright flavors to match the season’s freshest offerings, from prosciutto and melon to local artisanal cheeses, sweet mid-morning brunches, savory meals and, of course, fruity mimosas of every type. For traditional as well as unique mimosa recipes, visit www.korbel.com/mimosas/ and discover an array of flavorful ideas.

Use Drizly.com, which partners with local retailers and offers doorstep delivery, and have your bubby chilled and ready for National Wine Day, or any time that calls for KORBEL California Champagne. Visit Drizly.com, select your KORBEL California Champagne varietal and number of bottles, enter your address and you’ll have KORBEL at your door in about an hour.

While there’s no need for an “official” date to pop the cork on a bottle of KORBEL California Champagne, National Wine Day, May 25, 2021, along with golden celebrations big or small, is a fun occasion to bring out the bubbly and celebrate warm days, happy moments, family, friendships and good times.


F. Korbel & Bros., Guerneville, Sonoma County, CA.
Producers of fine California mèthode champenoise champagnes for 138 years.
KORBEL is a registered trademark. ©2021 F. Korbel & Bros. All rights reserved.

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