Pop the cork on spring with KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé

By Liane M. Roth

Pop the cork on a bottle or two of KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé or Sweet Rosé featuring spring’s seasonal flavors and add a touch of gold to any occasion while toasting family and friends near and far.

Whether casual or elegant, simple or lavish, from weekend brunches to Sunday suppers, family festivities or thank-goodness-it’s-finally-Friday-gatherings, sparkling wines from KORBEL provide a splash of pizzazz to make every moment special.

Deliciously delicate and crisp, KORBEL Brut Rosé offers bright flavors of strawberry, cherry and melon, with a medium-dry, slightly sweet style that makes it one of the most versatile varietals for any meal. Food pairings such as baked ham, roasted lamb, smoked meats and cheeses, make this sparkler shine at celebrations.

KORBEL Sweet Rosé, made from a complex selection of both red and white grape varietals offers bright fruit flavors and hints of raspberry and vanilla to add a sweet finish to decadent offerings including cakes and puddings. This ambrosial varietal complements lighter dishes such as brunch fare or mid-afternoon nibbles including fruit platters, finger sandwiches, luscious pastries and other tasty treats.

No longer just for weekends, add a burst of fresh juice to either KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé or Sweet Rosé and serve up a unique twist on the classic mimosa, a great way to usher in warm weather, blue skies and spring festivities.

Set out bottles of chilled KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé, stemless glasses, fresh fruits and a variety of juices so guests can create their own mimosa masterpieces. Pineapple, pomegranate, guava, blood orange, or simply orange juice are just some of the choices to create delightful flavor sensations with each serving. Chunks of pineapple, guava or kiwi, frozen raspberries or stemmed strawberries provide the finishing touch to these sparkling wine sensations.

Save some time with Drizly.com, which partners with local retailers and offers doorstep delivery. Visit the website, select KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé and number of bottles, enter your address and you’ll have KORBEL California Champagne at your door in about an hour. 

Celebrate spring with KORBEL California Champagne Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé, the freshest seasonal flavors, laughter and golden opportunities to gather as longer days and starry nights are calling. 


F. Korbel & Bros., Guerneville, Sonoma County, CA. Producers of fine California mèthode champenoise champagnes for 139 years. KORBEL is a registered trademark. ©2021 F. Korbel & Bros. All rights reserved.

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