Prepaway Six Sigma Lean Certification in a Nutshell

Are you someone who is planning to make their career in Quality Management in various industries such as technology, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical and much more, you might know the value of the lean six sigma certification. Six Sigma Lean certification is a certification given to the people who want to manage the companies and have all the qualifications to do so. certifications are the proof of your skills that you will be showing your employers who will be interviewing you for the jobs. Six Sigma Lean certification is a new kind of business management approach for performance improvement in a company. With this two very important specialism; Lean and Six Sigma are brought together.

There are numerous applications of Six Sigma Lean certification. Lean is mainly focused on the speed, increasing efficiency and Six Sigma focuses on the removal of errors and effectiveness. Both of these are very important for the business management. There is a lot of confusion amongst the people regarding Six Sigmacertifications and Six Sigma Lean certification. In this article we will talk about Six Sigma Lean certification and how it is useful for the users. Additionally, we will also find out the difference between Six Sigma Lean certification and Six Sigma certifications. We will also discuss how you can get Six Sigma Lean certification and how is it better for your career in various business fields Click here.

The Aim of Six Sigma Lean Certification

The aim of Six Sigma Lean certification is to certify the candidate with some skills and abilities that are required in a business. These abilities are:

● Working effectively with the process members and working in a team to provide a supportive environment for Lean Six Sigma.
● Analysis and refining of the processes and improvement of the efficiency and removal of all the waste using the Lean methods.
● Reduction of process variation, improve consistency and quality.
● Improve the performance and give better results in lesser time for the lean six sigma projects.
● Add value to the customers, shareholders and employees by enhancing the profits and cutting the waste and process variations in different ways.

These are the major aims. However, the aim of the professionals can differ with the kind of Six Sigma Lean certification you have. Below we will find the kinds of Six Sigma Lean certification that you can apply for.

Types of Six Sigma Lean Certification

There are numerous kinds of Six Sigma Lean certification that depend on the organization that you are taking them from. However, there are three or four major types. These include:

● The Green Belt;
● The Yellow Belt;
● The Black Belt.

In some cases you will also find the orange belt. Each of these belts has their own value and is suitable for their own kind of professions. Mostly, the order is from Green to Black belt, however in some companies, the candidate can directly also apply for the black belt.

The Green Six Sigma Lean certification does not have any prerequisites and the exam will consist of 100 MCQs that you will need to complete in 3 hours and score at least 385/500 to qualify.

There are no prerequisites for Six Sigma Lean Black Belt certification as well and the candidates will have to answer 150 questions in 4 hours.

This is the pattern of exam in most of the cases. However, the exact can be only known from the respective websites.

Difference Between Six Sigma Lean Certification and Six Sigma Certification

There is not a lot of difference between Six Sigma Lean certification and Six Sigmacertifications. One of the biggest differences is that Six Sigmacertification requires the candidate to have 3 or more years of prior work experience and does not allow the candidate to sit for the exam if they have not worked in the field before. However, with Six Sigma Lean certification, you can give this exam even without the experience. All you need to do is study and gain all the knowledge that is required to pass the examinations. Another difference is the Master Certificate that can only be obtained in Six Sigma and is not a Six Sigma Lean certification.

Hence if you are someone without experience and want to still have a green, yellow or black belt, Six Sigma Lean certification is the best for you.

The Advantages of Six Sigma Lean Certification

There are numerous advantages of all Six Sigma Lean certification. One of the advantages is that these certificates will give you an edge over the others in your company. Hence you will be selected for most of the tasks and projects. You will also be referred in the interviews and will have many more job opportunities. There is also a chance for you to get a salary hike. In comparison to the other people without Six Sigma Lean certification, the certified individuals have a better payout. Additionally, since these certifications are valid all around the world and are accepted in almost all the industries, you have a lot of different job opportunities that you can apply for.


In the article, we saw that Six Sigma Lean certification can be really helpful in making your career into something that you might have expected for a long time. You can select a level for yourself and study for the certification exam and qualify for the certification. Both Six Sigma Lean certification and Six Sigmacertifications are accepted worldwide. You will have no problem in looking for a job for yourself or getting a salary hike and much more. All you need to be careful about is that fact that some of the study material for the exams available online can be a scam and might cheat you for your money. Take the study material from registered publishers and websites. Additionally, apply for the exam only at the most known organizations so that your certificate is valid for a really long time and is accepted worldwide. With some precautions and dedication, you can become Six Sigma Lean Certified and have a great career ahead.

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