Private Paradise: An Exclusive Family Resort in The Colorful Caribbean

On the very safe and pristine island of Cozumel, Mexico you will find a resort like no other! Private Paradise is not so much a villa but a private wonderland with theme park attractions that was specifically designed for private groups of all ages.

While most luxury resorts cater to adults, award-winning designer John Giovanni Cacciutti ensured that no one missed out on fun, especially for families that bring their kids along.

Set along a quiet seaside road, Private Paradise Villa offers safe haven for group vacations with guests of all ages. The gated property ensures safety and privacy and since it is located on the leeward side of the island, guests enjoy amazing sunsets and are not bothered by seaweed that blows onto east facing resorts from Cancun to the Riviera Maya and Tulum.

To accommodate both adults and children, a healthy mix of amenities provides the best of both worlds. For more seclusion, couple guests can opt to stay Penthouse suite of the Sunrise tower building with its Top-Of-The-World Jacuzzi Lounge and for those who desire a total-tan, there is even a private area for nude sunbathing while gazing over the kaleidoscope of blues in the Cozumel Marine Park.

In the Sunset building you will find premiere one and two-bedroom oceanfront suites and “Camp Coz” – a multi-level Disney inspired play fort with a toddler party kitchen, fireman’s pole and bunk beds.

The centerpiece of the resort that parents and children alike enjoy is the Penthouse Plummet, a 4-story tall water slide with sound and light show that is unlike any other you have ever been on. Starting on the fourth floor the ride of your life begins with a steep drop followed by rapid turns that glue bodies to the wall like luge riders on ice. The slide then turns through the villa wall and slingshots guests through the game room, staff kitchen, and over wide-eyed friends seated at the Flyin-Mayan swim-up bar below.

After enjoying the thrills of the 250ft water slide, competitive types can enjoy an intense volleyball game, start a family-friendly game of cornhole, or challenge a mate to a life-size chess game, all within proximity of one another so you can hop from activity to activity.

Below the infinity pool is the splash pool – a shallow pool under the outdoor movie screen ideal for toddlers to splash in or couples to sit their lounge or beach chairs in and get a killer tan while staying cool. There is also a kid’s clubhouse here, making it a perfect zone for moms to sit back in a chaise lounge and watch the kids play while white gloved butlers bring frozen beverages and delectable finger foods on silver platters. Need a Nanny or a playmate for juniors in the pool, not a problem, just ask and they will make it happen.

As the day progresses and you make your way inside the house, you can bet that the fun has only begun. Enter the state-of-the-art HD gaming theater that has it all! Imagine reclining in a leather home theater seat and playing the latest PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch video games on a giant 12′ screen with thunderous Dolby DTS Surround sound. This room is near the Great Room and Shadow theater – like karaoke but also with your dancing silhouette – so while the parents are laughing and having fun, the children are also close nearby.

Private Paradise boasts a stocked swim-up and martini craft cocktail bar and both serve amazing smoothies and frozen virgin drinks with ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate syrup and ice cream.

Each night guests enjoy gourmet meals special crafted to their desires by rotating celebrity chefs who also own restaurants in town. This way the treats are always new and exciting and nothing gets boring or tastes the same by weeks’ end.

A daily entertainment package is also available and highly recommended. It includes actors, acrobats, animal handlers, musicians, a seaside sunset Mayan fire dancing show and an aerial Cirque Du Soleil type show that will astound you.

The family fun continues outside the resort with a plethora of tours and adventurous vehicles and vessels to explore the beautiful island of Cozumel on land and water.

As part of Private Paradise’s All Island Exclusive vacation concept, the resort staff are actually at your disposal to go with you! This means your butler could throw the football and play games with the kids on a secluded beach while you watch and your personal bartender is pouring champagne or shaking up your favorite beverages in the sand and all miles from the resort.

With plenty of safe and clean corners to venture and explore in Cozumel, Private Paradise is home to the ultimate, all-in-one family vacation of a lifetime. The resort contains 9.5 exquisite bedrooms and some also have fold down murphy beds. In total it sleeps up to 22 people. For $1999 per night – in back-to-school season and early December- the entire resort and staff become your very own. because they only lease to one lucky family group at a time.

To discover more visit the Private Paradise website: at and check out @privateparadisecozumel on Instagram, where you get to immerse yourself in all the hype behind this fantastic villa and see where all the magic happens!

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