Psychic Source Review: Is a Legitimate Service?

This review is about Psychic Source, which claims to be the future of online psychic readings, and a place where all your life possibilities may be revealed. 

Psychic Source attempts to bring together the world’s best psychics into one platform, giving you nothing less than accurate psychic reading services. From the whole website arrangement coupled with an easy-to-use user interface, psychic source looked promising as I set out to start my review. One thing that stood out immediately was the pricing.

Lower Prices than Other Sites I Reviewed

One thing that sets Psychic Source apart is the $1 per minute rate that many psychics on the site charge.  Compare this to Kasamba, which offers 3 free minutes but after that most psychics will charge you $2 to $15 a minute, with $3.50 being the average.
If you are looking to get a longer reading, then Psychic Source will be the obvious choice and could mean spending half what you’ll spend on other sites in the long run.

One thing i also loved is they accept paypal payments, so that I have an extra layer of security when paying.

Brief Overview of Psychic Source

PsychicSource has been controlling the Northern American psychic services reading market since 1989, serving over a million customers since then till now. With over 200,000 visitors monthly, the website has maintained its reputation in the industry by working with experienced psychic readers.

The Services

Psychic Source provides its customers with services that range from horoscope, astrology reading, tarot card reading, love and relationship reading, spiritual reading, and specific predictions. The goal of these chat readings is to help the person’s dreams come true. There are membership rewards available to get psychic services through a phone reading or live online chat for a lower price than the original. A promotion of 3 minutes free is added on top of subscriptions made.

Review of the Psychic Source User Interface

The website has a simple user interface. On arriving to the homepage, it presents a well-arranged menu category on the header with sections like “New Customers”, “Our Psychics”, “Horoscopes”, and “About Psychic Readings”, which it’s meant to take you straight those sections as the name tags had stipulated.

While on the site it’s hard to get lost. A psychic is easy to find thanks to the customized filtered search section where you can easily look for a provider. You can use Subject & Expertise, Specialties, or Reading Style to narrow the search to finding the psychics that fits your needs. The website makes it possible for users to Call, Chat, or Video Chat with their chosen psychic to commence with each session.

Articles and Media Section

Psychic Source understands that the majority of individuals have little or no knowledge of psychic practice, so they have written some extensive blog articles about this subject. These publications will help get individuals who are interested in learning how a psychic reading works acquainted with an average knowledge. There is also the media section where registered customers and first-time visitors can always get updated on the latest happenings on the site. The “Article and Media” section can be seen on the “More” drop-down menu.

Features and Categories

There are many important features that include:

• Our Psychics

This is one of the categories located on the menu section of the website. This is where you get to meet all the psychics on the site.

• Customer Care

This is where you get to reach out to psychic source technical support team in case something goes wrong while on the platform. And we must add that this customer care section is quite responsive to our experience so far.

Privacy Policy has a transparent user-friendly Privacy Policies. This is where your safety on the site is reassured. It clearly states that customer’s information like Email, Address, Name, Billing Address, Telephone Number, and Credit Card Information are very well secured while on the site.


It will only be fair to mention that Psychic Source is incredibly innovative. This is exemplified in its chat, phone, and video call options. Some sites do have the latter one available.

Additionally, on the innovative characteristics is an App version developed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Users can also choose to the website via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and twitter handles.


It’s fair to say that Psychic Source has one of the lowest pricing rates in the industry. You can get a reading from as low as $1/min. Special price packages are available like:

• $30 for 30 mins

• $20 for 20 mins

• $10 for 10 mins

3 mins free mins

Other pricing includes:

• 15 minutes at $2/min

• 10 minutes at $3/min

• 20 minutes at $1/min

• 10 minutes at $2/min

• 6 minutes at $3/min

Finally a Psychic Site that Accepts Paypal

Psychic Source operates only two payment systems: Credit or Debit Card and PayPal.  I love the fact that they offer paypal, hopefully they will add more options soon like bitcoin for even more security.

Multiple Language Options

Psychic source is a global platform, and due to its dominance of the North American market, they operate in two languages: English and Spanish. To locate this feature just move to the right side of the footer, click, and activate your language.

Final Remarks of our Psychic Source Review

In ancient times, people travel to far towns and cities to seek oracles in-person for spiritual guidance. Today, technology has made it a lot easier to perform the same action at the comfort of your room. Now this is the type of innovation psychic source platform has brought us; the ability to seek spiritual counsel from any part of the world with the help of the best psychics on the job.

Visit the Official Psychic Source Website

Life has given us many paths to solve our problems and enjoy our stay here on earth, but unfortunately, humans have lost that path to greed and selfishness as their search for accumulated riches has overridden their sense of modesty.

But some are wise enough to trump the ancient ways of living thus, helping those who have lost their path find happiness again in their different aspects of life: love, finance, knowledge, e.t.c. Today, those few people have gone beyond operating from caves and other secluded places to create a platform online that accommodates anyone who chooses to find their path and live happier while on earth.

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