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The Best Psychic Network

Anytime you’re feeling stuck – whether about your love life, career or communication with someone you lost, one proven way to gain clarity and understanding is finding a reliable psychic. There are many online platforms that provide psychic reading services. Psychic Source is one of the most respected online psychic services that provides a wide variety of specialties at competitive prices.  

In this Psychic Source review, you will learn about how the platform works, the range of services available and what sets it apart from a crowd of competitors.

Psychic Source: What Is It All About?

Founded in 1989, PsychicSource has developed into a vibrant, go-to online platform that connects customers with a vast network of psychics for a broad range of online psychic readings. Psychic Source is trusted by millions of customers in North America and other regions.

Psychic Source is a robust platform that allows you to get real psychic guidance via chat, phone, or video. Whatever service you want, and whichever way you want it delivered, Psychic Source advisors have answers to all your questions. 

Should You Consult with a Psychic?

Before diving deep into what Psychic Source offers, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may need the service of a psychic at one point or the other in your life. The following are just a few reasons why a psychic reading could be the solution to your challenges:

It Helps You To Understand Your Situation And The World Around You

Sometimes, life’s events and situations can be challenging and overwhelming. When it looks like nothing is working around you, seeking psychic advice can brighten up your world and provide clarity to the situation you’re going through. Professional and experienced Psychic Source psychics can intuitively understand your situation and provide insights that help you lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.

It Provides Confirmation and Validation For Decisions

Making certain life decisions such as who to marry or when to let go of someone can be difficult, and even more so without someone to give you guidance and advice. A reading can help you get verification and confirmation about the validity of the decisions you’ve made or are about to make.

It Offers You A Unique Spiritual Insight

Humans exist both as spirit and body. These two components of human existence are interconnected, and both have huge influence on each other. A Psychic Source advisor is more concerned with helping you to understand the roles that certain intangible factors such as your stars, zodiac signs and numbers play in shaping you in real life. After a psychic reading, you will become filled with deeper knowledge and inspirations to spur you into fulfilment.

By and large, psychic readers continuously strive to help their customers find happiness and fulfilment in their relationships, careers, and families. Additionally, they can help you discover your true path in life.

How Does Psychic Source Work?

Create An Account

You need to create an account at the Psychic Source website to get started.  The account creation process is straightforward and FREE. Once your account is ready, you will be asked to choose the topic you want to focus on. You have a variety of options such as love, career, finances, help with finding a lost item or loved one, or a general reading.

After that, you will be asked to state the type of specialty you’re interested in.  Psychic Source provides you with a variety of specialty options, including a clairvoyant, clairaudient, tarot, astrological, animal communicator and more. Each of the specialties has a detailed description under them to guide you in case you are not familiar with the meaning. You can select “No preference” if you don’t have a specific need in mind.

Searching for Psychics On

People are different, and so are their needs. Taking into consideration the differences of their customers’ needs, Psychic Source supports you in your pursuit and attainment of true love, happiness, career success and self-empowerment by connecting you with some of the best psychic readers in the country.

But how do you find the right one for you?

Psychic Source’s Unique “Find a Psychic” Tool

Whether you have experience with psychic readings or are a complete newbie, it is super easy to find the right psychic with proven experience and specialty in your area of need. You can make use of their proprietary “Find a Psychic” tool to find the most suitable psychic reader for you.

Although the tool is primarily designed for first-time visitors, returning Psychic Source customers can also benefit from it. The tool pairs you with the perfect psychic after asking you a series of questions to understand your unique situation.   

You can search according to the type of psychic you’re looking for and their reading style. Depending on your choice, you use either a more direct and to-the-point reading or a more compassionate approach using divination tools such as tarot cards or crystals. Either way, the Psychic Source website has a user-friendly interface and features that make it super easy for you to use.

What Are The Different Types Of Psychic Readings Available On Psychic Source?

Tarot Readings

At Psychic Source, tarot readings are among the most popular types of psychic and clairvoyant readings used for divination or future telling. A tarot reading uses a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols that are a little like the popular 52-card playing deck commonly used in cartomancy – fortune telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards.  

During a personal tarot reading, a reader uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies and trends that can help interpret your present situation as well as predict the future. One of the most popular types of psychic love reading at Psychic Source is a love tarot reading, which focuses on questions of the heart to provide you accurate answers.

Numerology Readings

Numerology is a belief that certain life’s events or experiences can be understood and interpreted based on the numerical values associated with them. If a particular figure has always been your lucky number, then it may have a deeper meaning that only numerology readings can unravel. A Psychic Source numerology reader will use important numbers related to your life, such as your date or birth or numbers associated with your name to uncover hidden patterns and provide insights about your past, present and future.

Angel Card Readings

A Psychic Source angel card reading offers a means of connection between you and the beings that are all around you but that which you do not necessarily sense or perceive in your everyday life. This type of reading is based on the belief that everyone has angels and spirit guides, and that they can be a positive guiding force if you are able to find a way to make a connection with them. Angel card readings seek to help you discover your guiding angel and make connections with them.

What Are The Types Of Psychics You Can Find On Psychic Source?

Love Psychic

How do you know if he is your soul mate or if your ex is coming back? A Psychic Source love psychic can guide you to get answers to most of the complex issues about your love life. Whatever your requests or concerns are, Psychic Source boasts of a large network of experienced love psychics who can guide you into making the right choices in your romantic relationship.


The word clairvoyance means “ability to see clearly.”  Literally, a clairvoyant can be described as a psychic that helps you see clearly through clairvoyant readings. Clairvoyant readings uncover life’s truths and help you see clearly into the future ahead of you. Based on reviews, Psychic Source boasts of some of the best clairvoyants in the psychic space. You can turn to an online psychic clairvoyant read for guidance in various areas of your life such as career, relationship, or finances.


Clairaudience is concerned with the ability to hear “clearly”. Seeking guidance or direction in a specific aspect of your life? Getting reliable to help you receive important messages from the spiritual realm can ease your stress and give you direction.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Psychic Source strives to provide a satisfying, safe, and pleasant experience for all their customers, from the first time they visit the site to the time they get their first reading.  To further ensure their user base is taken care of, they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their readings.  This means that if you are ever unhappy for any reason, just give them a call and they will refund the cost of your last reading, which can be used for any other advisor in the network. 

How Does Psychic Source Compare with Other Online Psychic Reading Sites?

Over the years, Psychic Source has maintained leadership in the online psychic industry with unmatched service delivery that puts customer satisfaction first. They make sure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed even at the lowest prices possible. Also, the site protects every customer’s information and is kept confidential through their strict privacy policy.

The following are other reasons customers love Psychic Source:

  • Easy-to navigate interface
  • The “Find a Psychic” tool makes searches easy and fast
  • Psychics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Over a million quality readings since opening in 1989
  • Get guidance over the phone, chat, or video
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable prices
  • All advisors are thoroughly vetted before being hired
  • Multiple payment options: PayPal, Credit or Debit Card
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – you’re happy or it’s free!

Final Thoughts

As noted earlier, there are many online psychic reading services out there, but this network is the best based on the hundreds of glowing Psychic Source reviews. Whether you’re seeking stability and happiness in your love life or looking for the best insights to help you become successful in your career, Psychic Source has the best resources and psychics to help you achieve your goals. You can start a journey to a happy and fulfilling life today by joining the number one psychic network in the nation. 

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