Real Estate Expert Annetta Powell: From Overcoming Domestic Violence to Becoming a Leading Businesswoman

Annetta Powell wears her past like an ornate brooch. It is antiquated and recalls a darker time, but she proudly displays it. Powell’s 2018 inspirational book is called ‘Indicted to Ignited,’ and the title is so much more than just clever alliteration. Powell is the risen phoenix of real estate, she single-handedly built the real estate empire Infinity Properties Group. After serving a 24-month prison sentence for assisting buyers with down payment money to purchase investment properties, she rebuilt her empire, and it soared even higher than before.

Born and raised in Detroit, Powell purchased her first real estate property for $18,000 USD and turned a profit of $24,000. She has since purchased, renovated, and sold more than 600 properties, totaling $50 Million in real estate sales since 2002. Of her rise within Detroit from nothing to liquidity, Powell says, “To me, Detroit bled money, and I had to get it. It’s a hustler’s gold mine. And that’s what I did. I hustled hard. I sold bricks. But not bricks of dope. The bricks I sold were bricks of real estate.” 

 Her impressive efforts in the world of real estate were almost permanently toppled when she faced the horror of living within a domestic violence situation. But she stands proudly now on the other side of this trauma, showing those who have yet to escape their aggressors that there are endless possibilities for those who overcome hardship. 

This desire to inspire others led Powell to create The Wealth Connect, a network that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build their business and produce wealth with multiple streams of income. Diversifying her income, as Powell advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to do, has led to Powell not just conquering the world of real estate but also expanding into many other areas of profit. Powell now owns five tax franchises known as The Tax Experts and a luxury party bus company.

Whether you are trying to build the structures of profitable properties or simply build up the courage to leave a dangerous situation, Annetta Powell will inspire you to try. 

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