Reason transforms team-building with innovative remote escape room experiences

It’s now the end of June. Months since you’ve seen your team in person or did something fun and exciting together. Sure, virtual team happy hours and Zoom trivia meetups are fun, but there has to be more right? You bet. Here is what prominent Silicon Valley companies, such as Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, and Square are doing with their teams – Reason


Shifting Trends
Successful companies recognize remote team building is an essential part of any distributed organization. In a world where in-person interaction is no longer an assumed aspect of the work environment, virtual interactions must step up and evolve. Reason’s approach to remote team building is compelling because its experiences not only act as an alternative for in-person interaction, they also improve a team’s ability to problem solve in a remote environment. Reason’s immersive games challenge the mind, demand team cooperation, and inspire creativity. They help team members step away from the daily routine, work more cohesively as a unit, and bond with one another. 

Lola in Spaceº for Small Teams:

If you have a team of less than 10, check out Lola in Spaceº, the world’s first remote team escape experience from Reason. You and your colleagues are Mission Control for a tourist visiting Space, Lola, who is trapped in the supply module on the International Space Station. Your team will need to dial into the International Space Station via video conference and work through a series of station malfunctions to help Lola plan her escape – is your team up to the challenge?

Moonshotº for Large Teams

If you have a large team, say anywhere from 10-100 members? Check out Moonshotº, the massive remote escape game from Reason that was trending on Product Hunt last month.  Incorporating a virtual assistant, remote controllable props, live host over video conference, and puzzles in the real world & the digital world, it’s the most advanced remote team escape experience in the industry. Players are grouped into teams and must work together in a race against time to launch a successful rescue mission to save an astronaut who is stuck on the Moon.

Looking Ahead
Founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team in San Francisco, Reason’s mission is to humanize our relationship with technology and each other. In an ever-evolving world where teams are becoming more distributed every day, team building is crucial now more than ever. Whether remote or IRL events, expect to experience cutting edge technologies and unique challenges that bring teams closer together. 

But what if you fail? “We care about every single participant’s experience,” says Lily, Operations Manager from Reason.” and we make sure that every person has a great time, every time.” 

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