Relief Factor Review: Benefits, Ingredients, Side Effects & Cheaper Alternatives!

Currently, the market for all-natural dietary supplements is booming. This is especially true of the pain relief portion of this industry, as millions look for alternatives to habit-forming opioid pain pills.

One of the most recent trending supplements is Relief Factor, a popular joint supplement that claims to relieve joint pain and battle inflammation. A simple Google search of “Relief Factor” drums up a plethora of positive review articles regarding the supplement, but does it really work?

We found it difficult to find any reviews from actual users, which typically raises a red flag and certainly piques our curiosity. The product also lacks any real scientific studies. So, naturally, we decided to see for ourselves whether or not Relief Factor brings any relief at all.

In this Relief Factor review, we’re going to look at this joint supplement in more detail. Specifically, we’re going to look at the Relief Factor ingredients, side effects, pricing and more to see if this is really the best joint supplement on the market right now.

#1 Relief Factor Alternative: Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro is our current top rated joint supplement and the best alternative to Relief Factor on the market right now. This joint supplement combines 8 highly effective, clinically proven ingredients which together fight joint pain, protect your joints from injury, and increase flexibility as you get older.

Physio Flex Pro is designed to provide complete joint support. Its ultra-pure, 100% natural ingredients work together to strengthen cartilage, ligaments and connective tissues, reduce inflammation caused by impacts and age, and help keep your joints lubricated and functioning properly over the long-term.

This joint supplement is actively recommended by physiotherapists in clinical practice today. it can reduce joint discomfort while offering lasting protection against wear and tear.

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What Is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is an anti-inflammatory supplement that claims to provide relief to some of the most common body pain with only four natural ingredients. The maker (Seth Talbott) claims that a 15 year development period went into Relief Factor, using clinical evidence supported by expert physicians who specialize in joint pain and inflammation (no scientific evidence or studies back any of the claims made about Relief Factor).

On the Relief Factor homepage, a handful of testimonials with 50-somethings and senior-age clients boasting that they experienced relief within days. While this remains to be seen, it’s clear who Relief Factor’s target audience is.

Many Relief Factor ads describe it as one of the best supplements for joint pain. Obviously, Relief Factor is sending a clear message that individuals who suffer from the extreme pain of arthritis have found their solution, but we’re not so sure.  

Relief Factor Ingredients

Relief Factor contains only four all-natural ingredients. Is this enough to provide the solid pain relief this product claims? Let’s take a look at the active ingredients in Relief Factor.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Okay, Omega 3 does have a reputation for its anti-inflammatory properties. The two Omega-3 fatty acids found in Relief Factor are Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). In previous studies, results have shown that these two Omega 3s can slow down the body’s production of inflammatory genes. This changes the body’s natural response to inflammation, which can lower pain levels. 


This Chinese herb has been used for hundreds of years for inflammatory pain relief. The active compound found within Epimedium is called Icariin – certain studies have produced results that show Icariin can be effective at combatting arthritis pain. However, other studies have found no real effect from taking epimedium for joint pain.

Japanese Fleeceflower

The Japanese Fleece Fower contains a compound called Resveratrol that promotes healthy blood flow. Naturally, increased flow through the blood vessels can reduce the presence of inflammation. Additionally, research has shown that Resveratrol also shields the joints and can take the edge away from muscle pain, and has neuropathic pain relief effects. One question we need to ask here though is, why not just use pure resveratrol? Many high quality supplements use this ingredient and none waste so much space on flower powder!


Turmeric has long been considered one of the most effective “all-in-one” natural ingredients, serving a number of purposes and working on multiple body systems. Most notably, turmeric is taken for its inflammatory properties and as an effective antioxidant. This root can even help heart disease and slow down bacterial infections. Certain studies have suggested that the properties of curcumin may be more potent than prescription arthritis medication when it comes to an inflammatory response. 

Unlike many supplements, Relief Factor has a very short list of ingredients. Normally this is a positive characteristic, as it’s usually a good indicator of fewer side effects. Does Relief Factor follow this trend?

Relief Factor Side Effects

Is Relief Factor safe to take? What are the potential side effects? 

There aren’t any significant risks of adverse side effects; however, there are a few things you need to watch out for.

Mild side effects include nosebleeds, loose stool, and dizziness or lightheadedness. Additionally, the supplements that make up Relief Factor contain a substantial amount of fish oil.

Because of this fish oil content, users who have sensitive stomachs may experience more intense side effects. However, Relief Factor overall seems to be safe to take – during our trial, we experienced little to no side effects.

So, what’s the bottom line on Relief Factor when it comes to joint supplements? Is it something worth trying, or should you pass this up and write it off as a pretender?  

Is Relief Factor Snake Oil?

Does Relief Factor live up to the promises the manufacturers make? Or is this another snake oil product disguised as a solution looking to sell you a dream?

We wouldn’t go so far as to call Relief Factor snake oil because it does contain products known to help with joint pain. However, the modest ingredient list simply doesn’t have enough power behind it to sell us on the fact that Relief Factor is for real.

There’s a reason the dosing is so high (four pills per day), as supplements like these do work better the longer they’re taken. However, in the case of Relief Factor, something tells us it would take a lot, over a long period, to experience minimal pain relief.

Our opinion of Relief Factor is even more concrete when you consider the pricing.

How Much Does Relief Factor Cost Per Month?

When you compare the cost of the ingredients in Relief Factor when purchased separately, it’s clear that the biggest factor isn’t relief; it’s the price. Subscriptions are $79 per month, but only on a recurring basis.

If you want a one-off monthly batch, a bottle is going to run you $93. That’s an incredibly steep price, which doesn’t even include shipping and handling. 

The manufacturers do advertise a three-week trial known as the “3-Week Quick Start Order” for an introductory price of $19. However, the manufacturers make it clear that this is “a trial period to find your perfect dose,” insinuating that the full effects aren’t experienced until the ongoing subscription is purchased.

Somehow, one of the senior-aged users of Relief Factor pictured on the front page claimed the supplement took his pain away in one day – overnight, actually.

You can only purchase Relief Factor on their website, and there are probably two reasons for this. The first one is their pricing structure, which is designed to hook customers into a subscription program and keep charging them.

The second reason is that there’s free reign for customers to post feedback on third-party distributors’ websites. We’ve got a hunch that many of the customers wouldn’t give Relief Factor the most favorable write-ups.

But hey, we could be wrong.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Relief Factor?

Yes, there are absolutely cheaper and more effective alternatives to Relief Factor on the market right now. While the ‘Quick Start’ trial offers some value for money, the ultiate $79.99 price tag for Relief Factor is steep for what is really some turmeric and resveratrol mixed with a low quality omega 3 supplement.

A cheaper and more potent alternative to Relief Factor would be Physio Flex Pro. A single bottle of Physio Flex Pro costs just $53.33 when you buy the 3-bottle deal, and there’s no surprise monthly subscription like there is with Relief Factor!

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Relief Factor Review Conclusion: Is It Good for Joint Pain?

After giving this supplement a fair shot, we’d have to say that Relief Factor overpromises and underdelivers.

What We Like

  • All natural combination of ingredients
  • Key ingredients in Relief Factor do reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune system – that’s a positive
  • There is no wheat or gluten in any of the supplements contained in Relief Factor
  • Makers do provide a 3-Week QuickStart Order (3-Week Trial)

What We Don’t Like

  • The dosing recommendations of two packets per day is high
  • Relief Factor is over-priced. After the trial period, you’ll pay $79 per month if you purchase the subscription
  • Much cheaper alternatives exist that provide a much higher level of relief
  • Some of the ingredients have not been properly proven to reduce joint pain
  • Uses fleeceflower instead of just using pure resveratrol
  • Fish oil ingredients means it’s not vegan friendly
  • Doesn’t deliver the joint pain relief it promises

On paper, this joint pain supplement looks like it would be incredibly effective at battling inflammation—a lineup of four products that all have a history of relieving inflammatory joint pain seems attractive. However, things the juice isn’t worth the squeeze when only two out of the four products are consistently effective.  

Turmeric and Omega 3 hold their own when it comes to battling joint pain and relieving inflammation. However, their counterparts don’t seem to hold up their end of the bargain. You can easily find quality alternatives to Relief Factor. 

At the end of the day, there are just too many things that rub us wrong about Relief Factor. The price structure is too bait-and-switch-like for us – and some of their overall marketing and sales tactics just don’t sit right.

Most importantly, the product just doesn’t drive the results that it claims, and in the end, you’re left wondering what you spent your money on. When it comes to joint health supplements, Relief Factor is a no for us. 

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