How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup

There are moments when you receive emails from different unknown resources. Most often, these emails are from unknown companies that ask for people’s personal details. So, it is always safer to use reverse email lookup on their email addresses before you send them your details.

Part 1: What Is a Reverse Email Lookup?

A reverse email lookup is an online tool that helps to find information about people with the help of their email addresses. These email address lookup services find the public information of the target person and help to find out his identity. These applications are used to trace harassers that continuously mail people and disturb them.

Reverse email search applications are interlinked with database directories and public search engines that help to find public records of target people. The provided data by lookup applications include the target’s criminal history, identity details, phone numbers, social media accounts, and employment history.

Part 2: How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup Online?

There are many reverse email lookup apps available that find information about people by their email addresses. Here, the best tool for email address lookup is explained, along with its beneficial features.

2.1 The Best Tool for Email Address Lookup – CocoFinder

CocoFinder is the reverse lookup tool that provides details and information about people through their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses. This software is commonly used among 1 million users spread around 190+ countries. The application is also reviewed by top news magazines including PCWorld, Forbes, 9To5Mac, TechTimes, and TechWorld, etc.

CocoFinder helps to find information on target by his email address. The information includes social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, alternative email addresses, phone numbers, employment history, and educational institutes of the target person. It contains a vast database that makes it an easy job to fetch the background information of anyone without any uncertainty.

2.2 How to Run an Email Lookup for Free?

This part shall assert its focus on the step-by-step operation of CocoFinder for discovering factual and detailed information related to the target.

Step 1: The email address lookup service can be accessed from CocoFinder’s webpage. The user needs to reach out to the website and tap on the ‘Email Lookup’ tab on the search bar across the homepage.

Step 2: Provide the complete and authentic email address of the target individual that is to be looked up across the service. Proceed on clicking the ‘Start Search’ button and allow the platform to take a few minutes to provide complete results to the user.

Step 3: Multiple profiles will be accessed and displayed by the platform that contains the provided information. Locate the relevant profile and find out the assorted data for fulfilling your requirements.

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2.3 Why Should You Choose CocoFinder?

The application provides many other benefits to its user base. Here, the beneficial features are explained due to which people consider choosing CocoFinder. And with CocoFinder, you can look up more information about someone.

  • No Data Tracking

CocoFinder provides authentic information to users by ensuring their data safety. The application does not save any information on its online servers, and no employee of CocoFinder is allowed to access the target’s information. The email reverse lookup deletes the data after the user views it. Moreover, the identity of the user is also not revealed.

  • Data Accuracy

CocoFinder makes sure that the displayed data is accurate and logical. It does not provide made-up or false information. For example, some applications provide the made-up and false criminal history of people, which makes severe misunderstandings. However, the platform assures to provide genuine and verified information.

  • Transparency

The application is very straightforward and transparent with its policies and regulations. It does not allow anyone to misuse the provided information to screen people from jobs. Even the criminal history of any employee cannot be used at his workplace to screen him from the job.

  • Easy-to-use Interface

CocoFinder has an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible for everyone to use the application and find information about their target persons. It provides access to all kinds of lookup features such as reverse phone lookup, address lookup, and background check, etc. You are just required to access the website to utilize these services.

CocoFinder Official Website:

Part 3: Why Should You Run the Reverse Email Lookup and Email Search?

Here, the top 4 reasons are listed why you need to run an email lookup service on your target person.

  • Verify the Identity of the Online Seller/Buyer: Before buying from or selling to someone in an online business, it is important to check their information via reverse email lookup service.
  • Marketing Purposes: For the sales team and marketers, it is significant to first check their validity by adding their email address on the email lookup.
  • Confirming the Identity of an Online Friend: One cannot bear risks in online friendships. It is significant to first check the factual information of your online friend.
  • Finding your Old Friend: Reverse email lookup can be used to find old lost friends by adding their email addresses in the search bar.

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Part 4: Alternative Ways to do Email Lookup

CocoFinder is a good solution to find someone with the help of their email address. However, there are other alternative methods that can be used to find the email address of people without any trouble.

4.1 Find Email Address Quickly – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As LinkedIn is a standard social platform for professionals, there are a massive amount of works and relationships in this platform. The site has both free and paid versions. The paid version of LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a more professional and advanced sales management tool.

LinkedIn hides the name of the company and person in the standard search. However, in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the tool displays the name of the person and the company’s name. It allows fetching a prospect’s data altogether without requiring to visit all of his profiles separately.

For instance, a person named John is registered with a company named CocoFinder. With the help of a Sales Navigator, both of the names will be visible. So his email address will be 

4.2 Run a Free Email Lookup Easily – Twitter

Twitter’s advanced searches allow people to do customized searches to reach the destination. It requires you to know the Twitter address of the specific person. You can find the tweets posted by a specific person by using keywords.

It often happens that people share their email address with their followers on their Twitter account. However, to save the tweet from bots, @ is not used. Instead, a dash, underscore, or dot can be used by the target. Your job is to find the tweet of your target person by searching for some keywords that might have been used in the tweet.

These words can be:

  1. Email Address
  2. Find Me
  3. Contact Me
  4. My Account

You need to abide by the following steps to find someone’s email address:

  1. Search on Twitter by using the above-mentioned words. For doing the search specifically for that account, add parenthesis at the end of the keyword.
  2. Now, type the word “From” and write the person’s username on Twitter.


The article concludes with a detailed analysis of what an email lookup application is. Following this, CocoFinder is explained along with its benefits, useful features, and steps on finding someone with his email address. The article also explains alternative methods, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Twitter. These approaches can be used to find the email addresses of people on a higher level.

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